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Star trek online is really slow and the combat feels clunky. Will not try again.
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RPG » Mesa's Mega Awesome Item Shop

@Mesamia: So are these contracts magically binding?

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RPG » Aoi Endo (first attempt to create a character) XD

@othus12: Not bad, I'd say he's level two except his speed is through the roof. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

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RPG » Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

Lan Fan and Sarah walked into the bar, Sarah took off the rather large straw hat and sunglasses she was using to protect her face. "So he won't give you an older id?"

"No, all my squishy bits are more than twenty but I'm still stuck being 17 all the time." Lan Fan replied. She ordered lemonade and a grilled cheese sandwich. "Its like he doesn't trust me."

"He relies on you to be his tech support, of course he trusts you," Sarah said. "Besides your not missing much." She ordered a rare steak and tomato juice.

"Says the girl who gets drunk from the smell." They both laughed and tore into their respective meals.

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RPG » Ebisu

(Alright exams are done, I need to get back into this. Here be a long warmup post because I have not done creative writing in a while.)

Jack stopped for a second, "Yes actually, she wouldn't ever attack Sarah or Lan Fan but she might attack the others. You're the only one here physically stronger than her." Jack opened the door and added, "And if it actually comes to that please be gentle with her."

Jack jumped down two flights of stairs, getting to the wine cellar as quickly as he could. He opened the door at the bottom so quickly that, had the hinges not been reinforced, it would have flown straight off. He ran down the sparse hallway until he found the right door, behind it was thousands of dollars worth of alcohol, some of it was for recreational use but most of it consisted of expensive vintages saved for diplomatic purposes. He opened the door to find the ground covered in broken bottles and puddles of expensive wine. Carmilla sat in the center of the mess, wearing ratty clothing and gulping down a large bottle of vodka.

"Hey Jack."

"You forgot that Sarah feels it when you drink."

"Meh that girl needs to learn how to learn how to hold her liquor." She brought up the bottle for another drink, Jack snatched it away. "Give me that back."

"You're not going to actually get drunk, you can't. Now get up and lets go." Jack turned back towards the door. Under his breath he muttered, "I'm going to have to take an assassination contract to replace all this."

"No. I'm not listening to you anymore." She grabbed another bottle and gulped it down not caring what was in it. She threw and it shattered against the wall next to Jack. "Not until you tell me why you hate me."

She went for another bottle which Jack kicked away. "What makes you think that?"

<You really can't tell?> Miracle interjected. <She just realized that none of your teammate knew she existed.>

<Thank god you’re back. Help.> Jack silently requested.

<The hell am I supposed to say? If you think this is bad wait until she finds out that you’ve been manipulating her and your teammates so that they never met.>



<Not good.> Carmilla was suddenly in front of Jack, her hands were a blur. Jack saw blood on her hands and looked down at his chest. On his armor was a large complicated sigl written in Carmilla’s blood. Jack read two parts of the spell. The second part was a counterspell, the first part was a delay. Jack’s armor vanished, he stepped back to avoid a punch to his face. He did not step back far enough.

<That was rather mean of her.> Miracle said, commenting on the sigil.

Jack sidestepped her next punch and caught her arm. He easily tossed her light frame across the cellar but she managed to land on her feet. Carmilla jumped back into the fight, her flat palm struck Jack’s chest sending him flying into a shelf full of wine.

<Forget the fact that it shuts off most of the weight reducing enchantments on your armor>

Jack felt wine seeping through his cloak and shirt, shattered glass was poking at his back. Carmilla walked to his unmoving body. Jack suddenly raised his hand and a blast of wind shot Carmilla into the wine rack opposite him.

<Delaying the spell just long enough so that you could read it and have time to remove the armor yourself was a little evil. I like her.>

The two of them stood up slowly, brushing pieces of glass off themselves. Carmilla had a small cut on her wrist, it widened and out of it a red knife formed. Jack’s own bronze blade appeared in his hand. They attacked, slashing at each other. Their blades clashed again and again, the rhythm of their strikes steadily increasing. Small superficial wounds appeared on both of their skins and then finally one of them made a big mistake.

Carmilla stepped into the growing puddle of wine and tripped, Jack took the opening. He used his free hand to knock her to the ground, his blade was at her neck. He felt Carmilla’s knife under his ribs, his blood dripped to the floor.

<So then you two, tell me this; what now?>

They both looked at each other, Jack’s knife disappeared, he rolled to the side and laid down next to Carmilla. Jack saw the various slashes on Carmilla’s skin vanish; he reached his hand out to her, she took it. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“For what?” Jack asked.

“For being difficult to take care of.”

“It’s alright.”

“No its not, how many people have I murdered that you had to cover up?” Carmilla asked.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does.”

“About 120 each year.” Jack answered, breathing heavily. “But you stopped once you turned Sarah.”

“That happened a few months ago, you’ve put up with me for centuries.” She noticed the knife in Jack’s gut, “why haven’t you pulled it out and healed it yet?”

<When you hit him directly earlier his rib cage turned to powder and his organs turned to jelly, he used up all of his magic then.>

“Oh thank you.” His eyes were closed, he had probably fallen unconscious. Carmilla put her hand over the knife and it disintegrated, it was after all made of her blood. She placed her hand over the wound and concentrated. First she allowed the pain to flow into her, then she made the wound seal itself. She kept moving, gently touching and closing the various smaller slashes all over his body. She gently touched Jack’s forehead. His eyes opened, in front of his was Carmilla, smiling and dressed in a witch’s habit She helped Jack to his feet, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up, then you can introduce me to your friends.”

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General Discussion » I'm looking for an anime to introduce my friend to the culture...

Cowboy bepop and fma, some of the shows you mentioned are a bit too japanese.

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RPG » I'm retiring

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Good luck with game writing, you pretty much have my dream job. It's been fun man and I hope this is not goodbye.

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General Discussion » Can Genjutsu Work On People Who Don't Have Chakra?

For the sake of battles yeah. Chakra is just a name for energy flow and is sometimes used as an abstraction for the actual energy transfer of the body, if its alive it has chakra

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RPG » Ebisu

@Raseri: @xXZeroXx: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Jack thought about the implications of all of them being here, even if Kurai and Crow were being immature they were formidable warriors. Callis was certainly reliable even with Harumi gone but Jack could not get over the feeling that he had changed. As for Raseri, the mere fact that he was alive was huge. The man's reputation was almost worth more than his skills. Still Jack doubted that resurrection came without some sort of price. He'd ask later. Jack felt another feeling besides cold calculation, he was glad, glad that these allies, these friends, were back.

But first business. "The training and sparring rooms are still there if you guys need them," Jack informed everyone, "your rooms might be a bit dusty but they are as you left them. Please warn me if you want to bring anyone into the base, there are auto defenses on every area besides the lounge areas. This is Sarah and... Where did Carmilla go?"

Sarah suddenly found it hard to balance and felt sick to her stomach. "I think she's in the wine cellar." she said, trying not to throw up.

"Oh god," Jack said suddenly panicked. He ran towards the stair case, the last thing he needed was the resident crazy vampire pretending to be drunk.

"They're both vampires," Lan Fan explained, "Sarah isn't gonna bite but Carmy might, be careful." She helped steady Sarah who was clearly affected by her sire's drinking. "You need to lie down."

"Right." The two of them headed towards the lounge.

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RPG » Ebisu

@Raseri: @xXZeroXx: Carmilla first shook Raseri's hand and then took Kurai's, "Its good to meet both of you, I'm Carmilla, Jack probably mentioned me." She vanished and reappeared, her hand was on her chin, she looked pensive, "Actually now that I think about it he probably didn't, he was always ashamed of me. It's like I'm his embarrassing mother, or the crazy old nanny who lives in the attic and is only visited to give her meals..." She suddenly teleported directly in front of Raseri, hovering 6 inches in the air to make up for the height difference. "Anyvay I'll go get him, you boys just sit tight."

Jack was down in the underground shooting range teaching Carmilla's chevalier, Sarah, the finer points of modern weaponry. "I suggest you get comfortable with this in semi-automatic mode, the m4 is a versatile gun but your rarely going to be in a situation where you'll need full auto."

'I understand."

"Good, I want you to practice shooting those targets, get a feel for the weapon."

"Alright," Sarah replied, readying the weapon, "Miss Carmilla is coming this way."

On queue Carmilla appeared in front of Sarah, nearly startling her into nearly firing her weapon. "Aw, last time I got you to shoot me by accident. Also I like the suit, did Lan Fan make it for you? You should make it a permanent thing."

"Carmy what is it?" Jack asked.

"Two friends of yours whom you've never mentioned me to, Raseri and Kurai."

Jack froze. As far as he had known both men were dead. For the last few months he thought he was alone against Kuro, the count, and the other villains of the world. "They're some old friends, I'd best go meet them." He walked to the elevator, Sarah replaced the safety on her gun and followed.

The two of them reached the top floor where Lan Fan ran to join them, "I saw on the security camera, are they really?" She asked. Jack nodded in confirmation.

The three of them made an odd group, the pale vampire girl in a suit, the cyborg and the white mage. They turned a corner and had visual confirmation that Raseri and Kurai really were back. "Hello," Jack said, "Its good to see the two of you again."

Carmilla chose that moment to rematerialize, "Oh come on Jack where are your manners? Invite them in for a drink, there is plenty of wine in the cellar."

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RPG » Ebisu

Carmilla materialized behind Raseri, wearing a black trench coat and fedora. She had a pipe in her hand. "Good evening sir," she said, taking a puff of smoke. Her face seemed to turn green and she tried to suppress a cough, she threw the pipe backward, it hit the stray cat that occasionally wandered in. "So how can I help you?"

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RPG » Wizarding School Of What The Hell - OOC

I added the events to this into my bio, damn we did some cool things in this one.

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RPG » Wizarding School Of What The Hell - OOC

@Lobos_Del_Rayo:I felt the need to finish this up.

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RPG » Wizarding School Of What The Hell - RPG

“Hey Jack its’s about time you joined the part for a moment I thought you weren’t taking me seriously which is kind of rude don’t you think.” Crow said, gun-wand pointed outward.

"I agree Crow," Jack replied, brandishing his own wand. "Sorry about that." Both of them moved at the same time, the air filled with spells. Jack fired shield spell after shield spell, trying to counter the many types of bullets flying his way. Crow was coming for him, making his own cover as he went, Jack could not afford to keep blocking. "Expeliarmus." Jack cast, the wand flew out of Crows hand, arcing through the air. Jack began firing stunning spells at Crow, the gunslinger simply dodged them. Damn he's fast.

“Hey Jack if this is a dream then I am your worst nightmare. Spells are just like projectiles something that I excel at.” Crow kicked Jack's wand into the air and grabbed him by the shirt. “It’s time to wake you up from this dream Jack!” He slammed his head into Jack's, blood flowed between them into Jack's eyes.

The duel was over.

Jack reached his hand out, snatching his wand from the air and pointed it at both of them, "You're right Crow." Jack said quietly, "It's been fun, playacting here, and it was nice to meet you but this is not where we belong. Excitareto!"

The spell for awakening worked as it should have. Jack found himself in his quarters at Ebisu base. Miracle?

I'm still here.

Good. Jack put on his cloak and walked out.

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General Discussion » Would a comunity podcast be possible?

@DocHaus said:

Possible? Sure. Hell, I've been doing AlphaVictor with a handful of other users on this site for the past year or so. Problem is that <100 people seem to give a shit between the streaming site and itunes, and if I'm lucky two people will bother to comment to me on an episode, and I'm not getting paid anything. In fact, I'm paying a bit of pocket change every month to podbean so they'll host the podcast. Yeah, it's possible. Here's my question to you, kashif: are you going to do a podcast, and are you going to stick around for more than a few episodes before you get sick and tired of the whole thing? Or are you just throwing it out there and hoping someone else does the work for you?

I was unaware that yours exists, still your right, if I want to get this done I'll have to just do it and keep doing it.

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General Discussion » Would a comunity podcast be possible?

It seems like the kind of thing this site could use, especially since we don't have much in the way of staff, what do you guys think?

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RPG » The Nobody's Bio

@Superevil225 said:

A dude!?! I thought he was a she at first. :3 I love it. He's gorgeous!

How does that work exactly? I mean did you find him attractive when you thought he was a she or did his he-ness suddenly make him attractive.

On further reflection I realize I have the same reaction to androgynous girls, why does it work that way?

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RPG » A Letter For The Lost - OOC

@Superevil225:Is it okay if I write my Dawn of The Black Year post under the assumption that my characters live in Ebisu HQ?

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RPG » The Nobody's Bio

Cool, we need more villains here. So he's Marluxia and Genesis combined?

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RPG » How do you picture other characters?


Yup, especially the Assassins Creed 2 one. Jack's a fan of precise theatrical attacks.

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RPG » " I wanna fight" Thread

Lan fan is available for a fight with another tier one character. I want to see if I can write well at that level.

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