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Star trek online is really slow and the combat feels clunky. Will not try again.
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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Kuro_San said:

@Fehafare: Well you'll be in the Imported Heroes Plot line but in the wrong side of the law

@kashif1: Yes, in fact I was about to send and NPC that works for the goverment to hire the Taiki crew

@Lobos_Del_Rayo:@kashif1: Posted

Can I have a physical description of the R&D department

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Kuro_San: Would Lan Fan have to be a registered meta human since it can be argued that her cybernetics are medical prosthetics.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuro_San: Alright I can have some fun with that, but this is still easily Carmilla's fight. I think I'll avoid killing Cross so that you can use her later.

@Absolute_Justice said:

@Kuro_San: She is one bad ass chick XD

So we got:

  • Carmilla vs Demon Hunter Cross
  • Crow and Gen vs the Weapon Warfare Brothers (Btw which one would you to fight Ikima or Ozu)
  • Sarah and Lan Fan vs two more Hunters

I am missing anyone?

The hunters were easily killed, I just wanted to establish how those two fight when Sarah isn't in one of her rage modes.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

Posted, I love just how insane this has gotten.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka

“I can’t you because I’m an outlaw now but I can help those two. That vamp and Carmilla revealed themselves but the audience doesn’t realize you are with them. You and Sarah get out of here and meet us outside if I help them it won’t just be another crime that I committed; Most Wanted Crow helps two supernaturals including a vampire. I’ll deal with the audience and get them out of here. Now go you two I got this.”

Lan Fan smiled, “Alright I understand, thank you Crow. Lets go Sarah.”


“Oh Lan Fan next time you see Jack tell him an old friend said hi.” Lan Fan nodded, smiling wider, almost laughing at how joyfully refreshing it was to be around a proper hero.

Those feeling were replaced by surprise when Crow static charged himself away. “Damn,” she commented.

“Lan Fan,” Sarah began, “is this really okay? It will be a massacre down there.”

“They’re scum anyway,” Lan Fan said dismissively, “Now come on lets get out of here.” They ran out of the private booth and into the hall, two vampire hunters were waiting for them.

They were part of an ancient order with long and proud traditions of keeping the world safe from beasts of the night, these days that just meant they were extremists for hire who wore black trench coats with way too many crosses. Neither Lan Fan nor Sarah knew which one, they tended to blend together after a while. “We say where that witch jumped from, you’re friends of hers aren’t you?” said the one on the right, raising his crossbow. “Go back to hell you foul beasts!”

He fired, Lan Fan caught the bolt with her robotic left arm. She ducked, Sarah fired two quick bursts over Lan Fan with her assault rifle, both hunters fell.

Meanwhile Carmilla was getting seriously annoyed, she had warned these idiots hadn’t she? And now some of them were blocking her way out, “‘ey what did I say, GET OUT OF MY WAY!” Carmilla yelled, the men just laughed at her. One of them taking out a large knife.

“You know what I heard about Vampires?” The man said, “You can kill them if you make them bleed enough, so what about you lady? How much can you bleed?” Carmilla rolled her eyes, it was almost cute, she raised her free hand, ready to summon a sword of blood when a bolt of electricity flew past her. It arced from person to person, for a single instant they were all connected in a web of blue electricity, and then they all fell.

“Bazofia don’t you know it rude to not hold a door open for a lady.” Crow said, making a suitably heroic entrance; “Hola senorita it seems I will be your escort this evening just follow me out of here.”

Most other girls would have probably swooned, Carmilla just smiled, “I coulda taken them myself,” she said pretending to be offended, “but thank you cowboy.” Carmilla saw wooden bullets flying towards them, she opened her mouth to warn Crow but he clearly had a handle on it, cutting the bullets in half so that they sailed harmlessly past Carmilla.

Some idiot just had to announce Crows identity, guaranteeing that this would be a complete bloodbath “Stay behind me Carmilla until I tell you to run just keep your vamp friend safe. By the way you owe me for this one I was just trying enjoy a friendly fight.” Carmilla was about to apologize but then and arm that could have masqueraded as a tree blasted Crow into the opposite wall.

Carmilla debated what to do, on the one hand the two newcomers and most people in the stadium for that matter were clearly more interested in Crow’s absurd bounty then the one that a vampire would bring. The best thing for her and Medea would be to just run right now, then again she felt a sense of obligation to Crow which was completely independant from her obligation to Medea, and then there was the fact that most of the people here were annoying and she wanted to disembowel them and then feast on their blood. Quite a confusing mix of feelings.

And then there was the girl charging her with wrist mounted crossbows. She moved her body slightly to the side so that the bolts would pierce her instead of Medea. The second one pierced her heart and she seemed to turn to smoke, Medea started falling but Carnilla reformed and caught her before she hit the ground. She was no longer a witch, this was the woman who had forged her own white plate armor and forced the kings and lord of the realm to acknowledge her, this was Carmilla the Knight. She laughed a deep laugh and pointed the most perfectly made, perfectly balanced sword she had ever found at the demon hunter. “Well lady, care to try your luck against me? Me fighting you while holding this lovely vampiress, a fair handicap.” She held Medea away from the demon hunter with her off hand and deflected two more bolts with her jeweled sword. “Young lady you will have to do better than that,” she boasted. She was baiting the demon hunter, if she got within sword range the fight would essentially be over.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

Here is a post establishing the Taiki company, which I admittedly made to justify the resources and gear that Jack and Lan Fan now have as well as bring in some old npcs that I was rather fond of. Unfortunately college has started and my already crappy posting schedule will get much worse.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (RP)

At one point the limo had been a novelty, now it was routine but if Rowan wanted to insist who was Lan Fan to argue. She slept on the plush seating for the entire ride to the Taiki Tower. The driver awoke her and she went in through the familiar glass doors, the receptionist greeted her and informed her that Jack had already arrived. Typical. The elevator didn't have buttons but as soon as she entered it took her to where she needed to go.

"Hey Rowan," LanFan greeted entering the workroom, waving to her pale, dark haired friend. The room true to its name had many work benches covered in tools and half finished robots. Lan Fan felt something brush against her leg, she looked down to see a half finished robotic cat. The back wall was one large computer screen, covered in schematics and data. The room had two other oddities, one was a cot like device in the back that Lan Fan they referred to as the cradle, the other was the blueish hologram of another friend from Virtous with curly blond hair. "Hello Anya."

"Hey Lan Fan," Anya said excitedly, giving her a holographic hug. That was something she would never get used to. "Here for maintenance?"

"Sorry I don't ever come for a normal visit," Lan Fan replied with more than a little guilt.

"She's just teasing you," Rowan assured with a smile, "We know you're busy." He was tinkering with a miniature helicopter, as a technopath he could hear the sounds the machines he was working on made, the more melodic the sound the better made the machine. He was apparently satisfied, he whistled a tune and the machine rose, the propellers not making a sound.

"Will the full scale version be that silent?". Lan Fan asked.

"It should, my dad'll love this."

"As will the investors and the police." Anya added cynically.

"True, true, but thats not important right now." He shooed away the small metal bird that had made its nest on the cradle and gestured for Lan Fan to lie down. The two of them worked together to strap her into the machine. “Nervous?” he asked.

“Even after doing this for so many years? Yeah,” Lan Fan admitted. “Just put me under already.” Rowan plugged her into the machine and Anya sent a piece of code that knocked her straight out. The first time when they had neglected to do this things had been rather painful.

The two of them began their work, Rowan on the hardware and Anya on the software. Only recently had they begun to have enough of an understanding of Lan Fan’s cybernetics that they felt comfortable making upgrades to her. “Say Rowan?”

“Yes Anya?”

“Does it ever bother you just how much more blood you have to clean out?”

Meanwhile a few floors up Jack was doing experiments of his own, the senior Taiki was watching with intense nervousness. “Jack we are well beyond the point of research, we are taking a stab into the unknown, are you ready for that?”

“A few years ago I would have considered this impossible, but after what I saw in central park I know its possible.” The goal here was to blend technology with magic in a way that had never been accomplished, enchantment was one thing but that tended to break down the more complicated the thing being enchanted was. This was something entirely new, Mr. Taiki was more than happy to partner with Jack in this research, the fact that as a weapons dealer he had a lot to gain from this research was one thing, but to him the knowledge and discoveries they had made together had their own rewards.

The project this time was a simple gun that could shoot fire, it had taken months of trial and error to arrive at this point. Intense research into both the science of synthesizing metals and experiments in different type of magical arrays. But now they had a prototype ready for its first test shot. They stood in a separate room, the gun would be fired remotely.

It exploded spectacularly. “Well thats a result.” Jack commented.

“Indeed... Alright I have the footage of the explosion queued up, this is the last frame we have.” Mr. Taiki said. They spent the rest of the afternoon going through the footage, frame by frame, trying to piece together what happened.

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Off-Topic » What is the standard for being too old or too young?

With the exception of girls your never too old to like something.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Posted. Kuma are you okay with the way this is going?

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka

Medea completely blacked out. She heard neither of Gen’s taunts, nor the sickening crack her head made when it hit the floor. She didn’t feel the slow trickle of blood coming out of her mouth and unlike the last time there would be no drop kick from the ground. She just lay there as the announcer started his ten count.

Up above in the stands Carmilla was trying to figure out who it was that had entered their booth, Lan Fan had used a facial recognition program in order to work it out and Sarah had used her brain. Carmilla walked around the newcomer, “I know who you are, the name’s on the tip of my tongue. “Ah let me think, who do I know that’s this good looking, tall and tanned?” She put her finger on her lip trying to think of someone, “Tiriaq? No wait he was mauled by that starbear... Saqui maybe? Wait no she was a girl.. also dead. Who? Who? Who?” She walked behind him in her business suit, walked back around wearing jeans, a leather duster and a cowboy hat. The change had happened during the single moment where no one could actually see her because she was behind Crow. Lan Fan had forgotten how jarring it was to see her change clothes, demeanor, and personality in the blink of an eye. “I remember now,” she said suddenly gaining an accent to match her clothes. “You’re that cowboy, Crow. Well, give or take a few years in the sun. Now it’s nice to see you again but I gotta do something before we catch up. Girls, you two stay up here until things go to hell.”

The judge had finished his ten count, the bell rung declaring the match over. Carmilla jumped upward, there was a second wherein the bright lights on the ceiling made her hard to see. She landed on the ground wearing the black dress and pointy hat of a witch. Sarah and Lan Fan both groaned in unison, her witch persona was by far her most stable but it was also her most stubborn. “This could get very bad very fast,” Lan Fan warned.

Carmilla crouched down next to Medea, “Well look at the trouble ya got yourself into this time,” she said in an accent that could be best described as Scottish. “First time in a bloody decade that I find you and you go and get your lungs filled with blood. Ah what am I saying, you aint listenin ta me anyway.” She put her hand over Medea’s chest and muttered a few words, suddenly Medea body started convulsing, she started throwing up large amounts of blood. Carmilla seemed unperturbed, even as the blood stained her dress, she held Medea until the convulsions stopped. Medea’s chest began moving, a sign that she was breathing again. “Ah thats much better.”

The rest of the stadium didn’t seem to know how to react, the judge seemed like he was about to open his mouth, Medea gave him a witches stare. As piercing as the stare was physically, its true power was that of spirit. The judge was overwhelmed and essentially forced to keep his mouth shut. “Now you...” she said turning to Gen, she put Medea down and walked up to him, suddenly grabbing his right hand, “What are you doing using something that hurts your arm this much?” The pain began flowing out of Gen and into Carmilla, a basic witch’s trick. “Either tone it down or get better at it before using it again in a serious fight.” The knife wounds on Gen’s shoulder began closing, “And when you see Medea awake be sure to thank her for not cutting your arms clean off.”

She suddenly turned around, her arm shot forward towards a man in the crowd. A knife of blood flew towards him and imbedded itself in his seat millimeters from his neck. “Put that stake away, don’t think I didn’t see you reaching for it.” Carmilla ordered, her voice much harsher, “That goes for the lot of ya, understood?” She picked up Medea and slung her over her shoulder, walking towards the exit.

Up in the stands Lan Fan desperately hoped no would-be vampire hunter would take up her challenge. “Say Crow, would you help us save Medea even though she is pretty much evil?” Lan Fan asked.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka

Of the few that were aware of her presence in one of the private booths, none questioned the masked woman in black leather armor. She had made herself the scourge of the various mafias and criminal orginizations over the last decade, seemingly able to get past any security system and steal any piece of information. She was the ultimate espionage agent. Her identity had yet to be discovered, no one knew who she worked for, there wasn’t even some sort of codename by which people could refer to her as. She was truly nameless and that was just how Lan Fan liked it.

She was watching the fight below with interest, Medea was a difficult person to find. It was easy to figure out where she had been but it was rare to actually be where she was. Lan Fan winced when she saw the knives go into her opponent, Medea had gotten more violent since they last met.

“Hey, nice suit” said a sing song voice behind her, in another time she would have jumped but Lan Fan had long since come to accept the fact that Carmilla and Sarah would always be able to sneak up on her. She turned around, both vampires were completely unchanged, Sarah was even wearing the same suit and had the same automatic weapon slung across her back. For the moment Carmilla had chosen a matching suit. “So that’s her huh, thanks for calling us.”

“Its nothing Carmy,” Lan Fan replied, giving Sarah a hug and Carmilla a handshake. “The fight seems to be over.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Carmilla replied, “Watch closely.” Neither Lan Fan nor Sarah knew what to expect but they trusted Carmilla’s witch’s sight. A second later they realized why, neither woman was easily surprised but both of their jaws dropped when they say the Ghost Jab Hurricane.

“How many punches was that?” Sarah asked once the sonic booms subsided

“I saw around fifty,” Lan Fan answered, more than a little scared.

“Oh it's at least four times that.” Carmilla said, clearly impressed.

“How is she still standing?” Lan Fan asked, Medea hadn’t moved in reaction to the assault.

“Oh she’s using those sandals to keep herself in place. She won’t be for long though, ribs and organs are probably a very interesting soup right now. The first thing we should see is blood from the mouth,” On que Medea started coughing up red blood. “If she were alive well, she’d stop being that way very soon.” Medea’s eyes were unfocused, to call her dazed would be an understatement.

“Miss Carmilla aren’t you going to help her?” Sarah asked, a little disturbed by her sires calm.

“Why would I need to do that?”

Lan Fan wanted to point out the many reasons, the long history the two women had together, the danger Medea was in as an exposed vampire, and the simple fact that Medea was clearly in pain, but she held her peace. Carmilla tended to have some sort of logic behind the more outrageous things she said. The crowd had called the match as over and some people were going to cash in their bets. The referee was waiting for Medea to fall before making it official.

Medea made a quick motion with her hand, scratching Gen on the cheek. Only Carmilla, Sarah and one other vampire who was in the crowd could see the scratch, to them it glowed purple. The scratch was a claim, a declaration that Gen was hers to either protect or prey on and no one elses'. She had no plans to do the latter, she rather liked him. Carmilla began laughing. Then Medea used the last of her strength to do something drastic, she lunged forward, her mouth open, fangs extended, ready to bite Gen's neck.

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RPG » The Country of Shin Nihon (Location Thread Info)

@Kuro_San: There is an npc from the old Virtus Island thread name Rowan, he's a technopath with a rather rich father in an ambigous tech business. Since he and Lan Fan are rather close is it okay if I have him living in Inazuma? Its mostly to give her a reason to be there on her own should I need it.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

It occurs to me that I should be making these posts with my count dracula account.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuma_From_Argentina: And posted, it been a while since I've rped pure martial arts.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka

Medea was impressed, this street boxer was clearly talented. She knew what should happen here, the young underdog boxer should beat the obviously evil vampiress and move forward in his goal to be the best, perhaps redeeming his evil opponents in the process. Thats what the tropes of fiction said should happen, still that was rather unlikely.

She kept up with the combination of punches he unleashed rather easily but she was still glad she had chosen to forgo her spear. She got into a rhythm with her blocks, left, right, left, right and then he feinted. Medea saw the punch coming, she was entirely capable of avoiding it.

The punch hit her square in the forehead, not its intended target but still quite damaging. Medea’s head snapped back and physics, being unsatisfied with that, dictated that she go flying towards the ground. Her head the ground first followed by her back and her legs, had she been a normal human she would have been knocked out or even dead. Medea was not normal, she kicked out, both booted feet aiming for his solar plexus. She was very quickly on her feet again, there was blood streaming down her face but she paid it no mind, however it did serve to make her even more threatening. It was as if the universe was under some conspiracy to make her look more and more cartoonishly evil, black clothing, pale skin and now crimson blood all worked toward that effect. Now all she needed was for someone to figure out that she was actually a vampire and she’d be up to her hair in Blade wannabes. Still she’d worry about that after she shattered this boxer’s hopes and dreams. She decided to change the pace of the fight, she grabbed him and then used her legs to try to knock him off balance, hoping to get him to the ground.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka


The vampire walked onto the stage, she was clearly at ease with the noise and smells that came with illegal fights. She made eye contact with no one, getting into position and waiting for the fight to begin. She sized up her opponent, Gen Shishioh, an amateur clearly, he showed none of the poise of a professional martial artist or mage, however he also hadn’t run after seeing the violence of the last battle so he could not have been an ordinary street thug. She would have to play this cautiously.

She took stock of herself, she had her spear, her knives, and the golden fleece had been sewn into the lining of the black jacket she wore. The hands that held the spear were calloused now, her body more muscular, her reflexes at their peak. All effects of being the count’s slave for the last decade. She wore a bandana over her face to hide her fangs, even in a crowd such as this one vampires were unwelcome and feared, for good reason. She stabbed her spear into the ground, to the crowd it looked as if she was boasting about not needing it but that was not her purpose. She didn’t know how fast her opponent was and if he was fast enough to get inside her guard the spear would be a liability. Throwing off her jacket was a similarly calculated move, the fleece wasn’t much help against blunt attacks like punches and the black sleeveless shirt underneath provided a much greater freedom of movement. She really didn’t mean to look so smugly overconfident, it was just that a combination of several factors made her seem so.

She didn’t bother drawing her knives, if it became necessary she would use them but using weapons against opponents that didn’t have them was generally looked down up, instead she took a basic stance, waiting for the bell to ring.

The second the bell rung she moved, rushing to meet her opponent. She opened with a single exploratory punch, a riskless move. If he wasn’t fast enough to block it or strong enough to take it the fight would be over right there.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuro_San: As far as pure strength goes she's strong enough to lift a car, albeit barely. Her main strengths are her very overpowered weaponry and her reaction time which has been honed over her long life and then sharpened over the last few years as a result of Dracula training her under the guise of giving her very difficult missions. Also she literally cannot die. Her bio is attached to Dracula's, I planned to bring her into this with just her spear.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Is it alright if i post with medea?

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RPG » The Revival of the Vice RPG Universe

@Sonata: Okay that puts a reasonable limit on what I can do with him, works for me.

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RPG » The Revival of the Vice RPG Universe

@Sonata said:

The seven cites of the world are pretty similar, very powerful stronghold with insane tech and magical abilities. Mostly in the Tier 6 and 7 range so I wouldn't recommend anybody start a whole lot of trouble by themselves. The people have vowed to never let a tyrant like Newdeath to easily walk over top of them again. They can be toppled but its going take monster strategies and some great alliances for it to happen.

Just one thing, Dracula is a tier four but he has had a few years to spread vampirism, he has been rather conservative about it since he isn't exactly short on time to implement but it amounts to a lot of manpower.

@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: Manned and unmanned, technological and mystical. You can enter but if you start making a fuzz they are going to fall over you like the fist of an angry god. And if you really get to the point you are a massive pain in the ass not only the Shin Nihon Gunji (army) will go after you but also the Mangetsu elite Numbers Army. If you arent going to make any problems you're free to leave and go, but the moment you want to dig under the surface you're in for a world of pain. (And this is final, think it as a restriction to all players in an mmorpg that cannot enter or be active in certain places, there isnt any, and I mean any way to get around this restriction unless your character is suddenly Fatalis-Class)

The rest of Japan is under surveilance but is much softer than in Inazuma. And most of the criminal activities such as gambling are handled in Japan main land and Korea is the International Relations lobby in the City of Kaminari, twin city to Inazuma. Osaka is the main gambling nexus (even legalizaed) Think it like a Japanese Vegas

Alright, it would be out of character for them to do anything real risky anyway, well Carmilla might... bluh i can afford to get her into trouble at some point.

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