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Star trek online is really slow and the combat feels clunky. Will not try again.
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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Kuro_San: Made a minor edit to their conversation, sorry it took so long, exams hit.

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RPG » How do you picture other characters?

@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: You could use Alita (GUNNM) For Lan Fan post skip

These three in particular work really well, I like the idea. I think I'll stick with those until i finally get around to drawing my own images.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@kashif1: lol really that was just in my head how I been picturing Jack how he will be, look, act etc. I assumed he would be pretty distraught over Crow not joining the UOS and how he pretty much turned to the life of a Wanted Outlaw so he almost hates Crow but still sees him as the friend from 10 years ago.

Jack would want an explanation certainly, but from the reports he's gotten about the whole mess in osaka he'd know that Crow hasn't changed that much in the ways that matter. Besides Jack hasn't been that much of a perfect hero himself

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I'm not entirely sure about the color scheme but the demeanor is nearly perfect. If I get the time I'll make a thread about new york and then we'll see what happens.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: Make a halfway stop, you'll have some interference from Mangetsu XD, like that somebody is watching LAn Fan or that she realizes she is being followed

Posted, there was certainly a half way stop...

Athena is from Dawn of the Black Year, Jack has much more power over the wind then he did before. It's said that a piece of straw in a hurricane can pierce a man straight through, Jack is now capable of that.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (RP)


“Thanks for coming Private Senshi Rank 1, thanks for taking your time to reply to my rushed invitation, would you like to take a seat, we’ll only discuss about the job, a simple delivery job from this place to an Industrial District Building. Nakamura Heavy Industries, near the East Coastline” Lan Fan quietly took the invitation to sit.

You’ll need to take this briefcase before 6 P.M, so are you in? the pay is great…” Lan Fan looked at the briefcase, it was reasonably sized and the Industrial District wasn’t too far, this job was well within her abilities.

Lan Fan nodded and took the briefcase. “It shouldn’t be a problem.” She signed the papers required for her to accept the job and walked out. She walked the first few blocks normally, a few people shrugged at the incongruity of a girl in a grey hoodie carrying an expensive briefcase but otherwise she was ignored. Finally she reached the silver wire.

She tested the wire, it was as usual strong and unyielding. It extended from the ground to the roof of the building, nearly forty stories up. This was the solution the level one private senshis had found to the problem of needing to get around the cities quickly. Her mechanical hand closed around the wire, of course in order to use the wire you had to bring your own ascender, Lan Fan was never without her’s. She ascended to the top of the building.

The whole city was laid out before her, a large, shiny white playground for her to traverse. She ran. She jumped between the building, ran up crane, through construction work and across wires. Her hood flew off, the wind whistled through her hair, the city with its traffic lights and crosswalks lay unaware beneath her as she zipped over it. She laughed as she flew through the city, she ran across another thick wire, easily making it half way. And then she heard a small pop. Both ends of the wire broke simultaneously, her stomach lurched as gravity rudely reminded her that she was a 300 pound cyborg standing 50 storeys in the air. The ground accelerated towards her, she had nothing to grasp onto aside from the briefcase. She closed her eyes.

A force hit her in the side, she felt herself flying towards the building opposite. She desperately grabbed at her savior and to her surprise found herself grabbing leather. He opened her eyes to see the face of Demon Hunter Cross.

Jack: Bargain

“No reporter should be able to afford a place like this,” Medea commented, walking barefoot on a carpet so plush that she felt like it was going to absorb her toes.

“What can I say?” the goddess Athena replied, typing on her laptop and sitting in a bed big enough for 5 people. She was in the form of a thin reporter with with short blond hair and thick glasses that covered her piercing grey eyes. “I’m very good at my job.”

Medea smiled, it had been nearly a year since the two of them had seen each other. As two relics from the same ancient mythology they got along very well. “Most reporters aren’t immortal goddesses,” she pointed out, “thats almost certainly cheating.”

“There is more to journalism then fearlessly walking into the next scoop.” She hit a key and closed her laptop. Athena’s news company, The Owl’s Eye as it was called had become quite a force over the last ten years despite the constant attempts of bigger companies to buy it up. Part of that was because of its ability to get pictures and stories from the most dangerous of places.

Suddenly they both felt a heavy draft, despite all the windows being closed. They turned to see Jack, hovering just outside the now open window. He had long ago stopped needing wings for stunts such as this. “May I enter?” he asked politely. Athena waved him in, he entered and the window closed itself behind him. He bowed to Athena but it was not the bow of worship given to a god, it was instead a polite bow that etiquette dictated be given. He gave a similar bow towards Medea. “Shall I get straight to business then?”

“If you please,” Athena replied, only giving him a nod of acknowledgement instead of standing to shake his hand. Medea watched the powerplays with more than a little worry.

“Which of the other old gods are in this world?”

“Hestia and Demeter of course, they never actually left,” Athena started, “You’re already aware of Ares’s presence in the Americas, correct?”

Jack winced and involuntarily touched his shoulder, that had been a rather nasty surprise. “Continue.”

“Artemis is in Africa right now, campaigning for endangered animals apparently and Hermes visits very often...”

“And Dionysus?”

“We do not talk about Dionysus,” she answered curtly.

“Alright... how long will you keep me in your debt for this information?” Jack asked.

“Until I need you.”

“In that case thank you.” Jack turned towards Medea, “Now as for you...”

“What about me?” Medea said nervously.

“Why did Dracula order you to kill so many made men in New York?” He asked, barely hiding his annoyance. “That city was almost stable, now all the Mafia families are in all out war.”

“I don’t know,” Medea answered defensively, “I have no choice in the matter if you haven't noticed.”

“Fine.” Jack said in annoyed understanding.

“I can tell you for another favor,” Athena interjected.

“Keep it reasonable,” Jack requested.

“More likely than not it will be a long time before I use it,” Athena assured.

“That makes it worse.”

“Very astute of you,” Athena replied, “Anyway he ordered Medea to kill those men specifically to undermine your efforts to keep that city stable.”

Jack was silent for a minute. Then he bowed. “Thank you for the information.” He walked towards the window and reopened it. “I will be spending the foreseeable future in New York, tell the Count that if he orders you after me he will lose his best servant.” He jumped, Medea ran to the window to see where he was going, he had already disappeared.

Friendship Made 500 Feet in the Air

Cross and Lan Fan sat on a ledge fifty stories off the ground. Lan Fan sat with her hood up and her legs hugged to her chest. Cross was drinking, her head was leaned back as she swallowed down what seemed to be more alcohol than the small bottle could possibly contain. She eventually came up for air. “You want some?” she asked offering Lan Fan the bottle.

“I can’t jump around while drunk,” she answered, not looking up at Cross.

Cross put a hand on Lan Fan’s shoulder, “You’re shaking,” she commented. Lan Fan tried to hide her surprise. Cross handed her a bottle, not of alcohol but of water. “Drink it.”

Lan Fan found herself to be very thirsty, she took the bottle with shaking hands and drunk the cold water, not caring that some slid down her face.

Cross very suddenly pulled back Lan Fan’s hood. She saw a glowing purple line along Lan Fan’s cheek. Carmilla’s mark. She traced over the mark with her thumb, Lan Fan shuddered. “Tell me girl, why are you so bloody scared right now?”

Lan Fan very nearly choked on her drink. Once the coughing stopped she answered with a very measured tone. “I did just get very close to dying.”

“Well fuck thats true,” Cross admitted, “But that ain’t the whole story is it?” She took another long sip and continued. “Tell me girl, you scared of vampires?”

Lan Fan hesitated, “My best friend is one,” she pointed out. Cross stared at her, she very quickly cracked. “Yeah...”

“Let me tell you a secret,” Cross said leaning in close. Lan Fan could see her bloodstained teeth, smell the unholy mixture of alcohol and human flesh that was her breath. She whispered out her secret, “I am too.”


“Fucking terrified, and believe me meeting that purple haired bitch didn’t help,” Cross said, rubbing her arm. She smiled. “Don’t believe me?”

“No I do, I think I understand,” Lan Fan said, looking at the demon hunter. She crushed the bottle in her hand and let it fall to the street. “How long have you been in this life?”

“Since I was a baby.” Cross answered. “What about you?”

“My memory only starts 13 years back, been like this since day one.” She held the briefcase that had brought her here. “Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be normal?”

“Yeah, fuck if I know what they think about though.” She took one last long drink before putting the bottle away. “Face it girl, we’re both stuck here.”

“After this could you buy me a drink?” Lan Fan asked, standing up.

“Sure, but first we gotta deal with the bastards broke your rope.” She stood up as well, her fangs extending slightly. “Come and get some you bloody cowards!” she yelled.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@Kuro_San: @kashif1: I'm sorry my post with Crow is taking so long I barely got any writing done during my break and today I start classes again. I hate this I know what I want to write and how to write it now I just got to write it :P

Trust me I know the feeling, take as long as you need.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Kuro_San: Should I write until Lan Fan makes it to Nakamura Heavy Industries or do you want me to stop the post en route?

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

Alright dialogue has been edited to reflect the city being less corrupt then I thought it was.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Kuro_San: Alright I'll keep that in mind when I write any posts involving Cross. I'll also change those lines of dialogue.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: Sorry, but which known criminals are hired by Inazuma? I said it, to any kind of public the city is a beacon of hope, and to be clear, all the Private Senshi are good guys or at the ost really good natured neturals. All the crazy work for Mangetsu.

Is golem an isolated case then?

Edit: I realize what they are supposed to represent, its just that between golem and cross I got the feeling that the city is not completely noble. Not necessarily evil mind you, just willing to turn a blind eye towards the more unsavory aspects of its employees. The idea is that Anya, who stays out of world affairs, judges the city more harshly for this, while Lan Fan who is more of a realist and much more introverted has other concerns.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Jack is currently in plot thread hell, a place where he will stay until i figure out where I want to go with him...

I think I want it to take place after but it has yet to matter in any real way to her character. Anything you'd prefer?

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General Discussion » One Piece world has higher gravity than Earth

Multiple moons does not directly imply a higher gravity, the fact that a planet has a gravitational pull on one object has no effect on the strength with which it pulls on another object. There are other implications of multiple moons though, for example they would greatly effect the tides in strange and frankly unpredictable ways... which explains a lot actually.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (OOC)

@Absolute_Justice said:

Posted :) Hope you enjoy my first post as Miguel.

I certainly did.

Anyway posted with Lan Fan.

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RPG » Welcome to Inazuma City (RP)

“Alright is everything connected?” Anya asked, having already finished installing the software upgrades.

Rowan was reinstalling her right eye, sliding the last of the connections into place using a pair of tweezers and goggles that magnified his vision to insure perfection. “Alright wake her up.”

Anya did so, Lan Fan’s eyes shot open, she screamed in panic and struggled against the restraints keeping her strapped to the cradle. Rowan stood back just incase she managed to break out again, Anya had a pacification program ready. Eventually she calmed down and with deep breaths said, “Thank you, both of you.”

“Not a problem,” Rowan answered, undoing her restraints. “Everything working as it should?”

Lan Fan tested her mechanical limbs and eye, everything moved more smoothly than before. “You guys did an excellent job,” she said with a smile.

Rowan’s phone received a notification, it was from the elevator desk, telling them that someone was coming for Lan Fan. Lan Fan put her usual hooded sweater and gloves back on, Rowan very quickly found something else to work on so he wouldn’t have to talk. Anya rolled her eyes, “Why am I the least socially withdrawn of the three of us?” she complained,

Lan Fan shrugged, acknowledging the irony that Anya, a superhacker lived alone in an island in the pacific, was indeed the one with the best social skills.

The civil servant entered, “I’m looking for the Private Senshi Rank 1 known as Lan Fan, I have a request from the R&D Department of Inazuma City to act as courier for an important package” He held out something for Lan Fan to sign. " If you agree sign here and report to the R&D Department"

She took the pen, she gripped it much too strongly and it exploded on her shirt. She froze, embarrassed at the mistake that forgetting to calibrate her grip had caused. Rowan handed her a steel pen, she quickly signed it, not looking at Ichiro as she did so.

Mercifully Anya took control of the situation. “If that will be all Mr. Jigen, as Lan Fan’s doctor I’ll have to ask you to leave.” She pushed through him in the way that only a hologram could, the unnerving effect that created tended to make people leave quickly. As soon as he left Anya turned around and said, “I don’t like it.”

“Look Anya, I have to do these jobs,” Lan Fan said. “Its what I've been trained for.”

“This city is too dangerous, let someone else handle-”

“Look Anya, there is no one else. ” Lan fan interrupted curtly.

"There is the world famous mage ten floors down," Anya pointed out.

"People get killed when I start thinking like that,'' Lan Fan answered, her eyes making it quite clear that the discussion was over. “Now can we please just calibrate my arm.”

Anya smartly decided to be quiet about her concerns, the quickly calibrated her grip using a special stress ball, Lan Fan changed into something less ink stained and left for the city R&D Department.

“Say Rowan...” Anya started a few minutes after Lan Fan left.


“What made her start to talk like that?”

“Its better not to ask.”

One benefit of having the son of possibly the richest private tech firm as an ally was that Lan Fan rarely had to walk anywhere. A short limo ride took her to the deceptively small, white R&D building. Lan Fan walked through the doors, leaving the slightly cool,crisp, air outside for the warm, dry air of a weapon testing lab. She walked up to the reception desk, trying to ignore the sounds of weapon’s testing leaking through the walls. The receptionist directed her to where she was meant to go. She swiped her id card and entered the office of Allison Hawkins.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: No, I mean it, if you want her you can keep her

You sure about that? I mean she is conceptually really cool and I'm not exactly short on vampires

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@kashif1: Wow Carmilla gone to some dark places XD

This is good the ladies are out of the building Crow is going to cause some chaos now.

hehe, thanks. I took a surprising amount of glee in that post. Now show us what Crow can really do.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: Cool

Yes, but nothing I can ignore or postpone, or even change to another Demon-Huting character of the Private Senshi.

If you want her keep her

My goal with her in this thread is to give her some very contradictory feelings about other vampires by having both of mine treat her very differently. What that means for her as a character and what she'll do after this thread is all up to you.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka

“They say that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing many times and expecting a different result,” Carmilla comment, somehow managing to look lazy while deflecting a stream of silver crossbow bolts. “What say you?”

“Fuck off,” Cross yelled back, her frustration mounting. She was a Private Senshi, a famous demon hunter, how dare this beast mock her in that way. She scream and charged towards Carmilla, seemingly wanting to get around her guard and punch her.

Carmilla raised an eyebrow and brought her sword around to block, Cross changed tactics at the last moment, spinning into a kick aimed at the opening Carmilla created. Carmilla adjusted very quickly, blocking Cross’s boot with the flat of her blade, it was barely an inch from her face. She had no way to counter attack since her other arm was occupied with holding Medea

Cross smiled.

A silver knife shot out from the boot, piercing Carmilla in the eye. Carmilla smiled. “Excellent job my lady,” she congratulated.

Cross was about to open her mouth to respond but a punch in the gut silenced her and sent her flying backward. The knife cracked under the sudden movment, breaking off inside Carmilla’s head. The vampire that threw the punch was just waking up in Carmilla’s arm.

“Medea are you alright?” Carmilla asked, carefully letting her go so that she could stand on her own.

“You have a silver knife in your eye.” Medea replied flatly, standing unsteadily. She held out her hand, the Pelien Spear flew into her hand. The weapon that had seen Achilles through most of the trojan war, forged by Hephaestus himself, made for a very convenient walking stick.

Carmilla shrugged and pulled out the knife with a squelching sound and tossed it in the direction of its owner. “Better?”

“Much. What’s happening?”

“Well-” and then a giant metal ball flew through her, turning her into a bloody smear. The ball imbedded itself in the wall and Medea waited patiently for Carmilla to reform. And reform she did, but not in the armor of a knight. Her usually long hair barely went down to her shoulders and the sleeveless black dress she wore was completely featureless. Her skin had gone incredibly pale, even by the standards set for vampires and her lips were such a deep purple that they almost appeared to be black. Her eyes were dull and lifeless, a cruel smile was on her face. This was Carmilla, once a bride and slave of Count Dracula. “A bunch of fools thought they could take on a vampire.”

“Okay fine... can we get out of here now?” Medea said quickly, she knew what could happen when Carmilla got like this, it was nothing good.

Carmilla walked up to Medea and put her hand on her shoulder, leaning in close to her face. “In a bit deary, first I must teach that little bitch a lesson about hurting my sisters.” She kissed Medea on the forehead, “and then we can catch up alright?” Carmilla said almost gently. Medea tried to form a response but by the time she got her thoughts together Carmilla was already charging at cross.

Cross had gotten her bearings back and in one move flipped up one her feet. “Oh no, no bloodsucking freak is going to get the best of me!” she yelled angrily, charging at Carmilla with both blades at her wrists drawn. The ancient bible in her break pocket glowed and through it she channeled a large flash of holy light at the most critical moment.

Medea tried to rub the white out of her eyes, but it refused to fade any faster. Slowly a blurry shape came into focus, Medea squinted and found herself looking at Carmilla, holding Cross’s arms by their wrists, the knives hadn’t even pierced her. Carmilla smiled squeezed and turned her hands. Cross’s wrists cracked and shatters, she screamed in pain. Carmilla pushed her to the ground and stabbed both of Cross’s hand with her own daggers. She straddled Cross and leaned down to get a good look at her face.

Despite essentially being crucified on the ground, Demon Hunter Cross was still angry and defiant. Carmilla twisted on of the knives, Cross managed not to scream. “Is that a tear I see?” Carmilla asked.

“I swear I will-”

“You’ll what?” Carmilla asked. “Kill me?” She laughed. “Face it girl, you have no power here.” Carmilla traced a finger along her right arm, Cross screamed as her skin split from the crystallization of her own blood. “You’ll nothing, you’re more helpless than a baby. Because unlike with babies I want to hear you cry and scream.” She put both her hands around Cross’s neck and squeezed, the hatred did not leave her Cross’s eyes. “Beg for air, come on, I know it hurts, BEG!

Cross refused, she was fighting against her need for air, against the pain in her stomach, against the broken wrists, against the knives keeping her hands pinned to the ground, against the arm that had split open on itself, and most of all against the vampire on top of her. Cross fought well, her left hand tore itself from the knife that held it and aimed to claw Carmilla’s neck. Carmilla felt the nails dig in and let go of Cross, she pulled the arm out of her neck, holding it almost delicately. “Such spirit,” she said, smiling more, “You’ll make an excellent little pet.” She bit the arm, almost kissing it, Cross felt herself getting lethargic, she fought it of course, but suddenly everything seemed so quiet to her, everything from her hatred to the pain in her body moved further and further away, she fought the sleep that she knew was coming.

“Miss Carmilla?” Sarah asked, unbelieving. Carmilla looked up, her eyes widening and turned to smoke, dissipating away. “Wait, miss... come back... “

Lan Fan shook her head, she had known that letting Sarah drag her back to the arena was a bad idea. She walked over the bloody, half dead body of Cross, it was not at all her problem. Medea was also shaking her head at this particular mess. “You’re Jack’s... something. Lan Fan, correct?” Medea asked holding out her hand.

“Yes thats me,” she replied, shaking it and neglecting to tell what exactly their relationship was. “This is a real mess.” As if to highlight her point Ozu’s made a loud sound as it hit the wall.

“How long has Carmilla kept her... darker side from Sarah?” Medea asked.

“For the entire decade they’ve known each other.” And therein lay the key difference between Lan Fan and Sarah’s perception of Carmilla. “This was going to happen eventually, I’m just glad she was not the victim.”

“She would not do that!” Medea proclaimed.

“Wouldn’t she?”

Medea didn’t answer, they looked at the other big fight happening in the arena. “Should we assist them?”

“Let the heroes have their moment.” Lan Fan answered. “Sarah went looking for Carmilla, I need you help finding them.”

“What about her?” Medea asked, gesturing to Cross.

“What about her?” Lan Fan asked.

“Carmilla hurt her.”

“And that makes her my responsibiltiy?" Lan Fan exclaimed, "I owe you demons nothing, do you understand me? NOTHING!" Medea seemed unperturbed by her sudden outburst, staring at her until she calmed down. "Fine we'll save her, can you heal her?

"I give me five minutes in a spice pantry," the sorceress replied.

"And your self?"

"Good as new."

"And your master"

"... he'll probably wait a while before he calls me." With that the two of them worked together to drag Cross's bloodied body out towards Lan Fan's car.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka (UFO) ooc

@Kuro_San said:

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Posted with the wrong account XD

@kashif1: You can use Cross as an NPC

Posted... are you alright with what I did with/to her?

EDIT: Also is there any future plan you have with her that I should know about?

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