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Gentlemen (and Ladies), 
I want to know if something is wrong with me.  I always preferred the animes with extreme amounts of violence and sex.  I started to re-watch Tokyo Tribes 2, and still find it hilarious when that young kid gets anally raped and murdered by that fat crime lord in the first episode.  It's slightly erotic, yet highly satisfying to see how awesome the show is. 
I enjoy the extreme torture porn borderline plot.   For some reason more anime need to do this, and High School of the Dead reaches it at that point at times...but sadly falls short in some areas. 
But man, I need some more torture stuff, and I need to find more anime with more insane anal rape like in Tokyo Tribes 2.   
Anyone else find shows like this awesome, or am I one of the few...and the reason the shows don't last?  Anyone got recommendations for this week?
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Gentlemen (and Ladies), 
This is my second weekly blog on Anime Vice, the first being some random ramblings, but I decided to dub the weeklies as NCP.  Just my thoughts on Anime (or Animu) for you guys to read and know how I feel about this medium and whatnot. 
Okay, what's on my mind today? 
Air Gear.  Goddamnit was it a kick ass show.   
That's not what this blog is about...it's about anime.  Not Air Gear. 
I haven't watched any anime all week, I stopped Bleach, never liked Narutard.   
Get me into some anime...that's this week's topic! 
Get Kaos into some anime! 
My likes: 
  • Violence, Sex, Rape, Langauge, Comedy, and Depth
My Dislikes 
  • Loli, Fanservice, and Narutard
Favorite Animes 
  • Tokyo Tribes 2, Air Gear, Bleach (first 2 arcs), High School Girls (got a fetish for HS uniforms), and Cool Devies
With those knowns, find me an anime to watch this week and I'll review it for Sunday!
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They told me what happened to her wasn't my fault, and that vengeance doesn't factor into this.  They told me our cause was freedom, and they'd be waiting for me. 
I'm here, drinking...thinking I could've saved her.  I remember the battle, all the blood and tears, I lost a lot of friends that day.   We were Marines, fighting not for our nation but for a free and liberated society.  I committed a lot of crimes, I'm no hero.  I loved her, we were there to fight for freedom and democracy.   
I can't wait anymore, the days are too long.  These 5 days will be the longest of my life, I need to realize that things can change.   
I left her to die, I could've gone back to save her.  Now she's on the other side, and I might just have to kill her myself.  I helped create what she became.  I need to end it. 
Because the one thing I know is that some things are worth fighting for. 
But seriously, who else is ready for Starcraft II?  Anyone here pick up the manga about it?  There's just something about that game, nah...may I say the series that just has magic.  Think about it, this like if they made a sequel to Cool Devices, or Akira.  To help push the story forward.   
What other anime, manga, or games would you guys like to see after a 12 year break?   
I for one, am still waiting for a new Air Gear.  :D 
07.27.10 - Finish the Fight.
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 Gentlemen (and Ladies), 
KaosAngel here from Giant Bomb...yes, the KaosAngel.  I signed up, and then realized I must've made an account here ages ago...first time logging in.  I hope I can come here and spice things up, and hopefully get people to post more. 
I dunno what to talk about, so I'll talk about being back traced...which I think has happened to me.   Now what is "back traced" to you anime fans?  Honestly, I dunno...it's just a new lingo I came up with today.  But hot damn, is it a kick ass phrase.  Back Traced. 
Say it with me AnimeVicers...Back Traced.  I was fucking Back Traced. 
I don't know much about anime, rarely watched any when I lived in Japan and quit watching most anime in the early 2000s.  I do love me some hentai though.  La Blue Girl, Bible Black, and some Sailor Moon one with Dragon Ball.  But damn, is Bible Black hot or what?   
Hrm...what else to write about?  This is off-topic, so you guys tell me...what can we write about in the off-topic forum in this here land of sinful anime?   
Anyways, what is on my mind is Starcraft II, dunno if you guys like that game but I'm hella excited.  I kinda want SC2 to be out now, I'm going insane waiting for it.   
I guess that's all. 
Oh, I forgot to mention... 
....I just reported all of you to the cyberpolice.  >:]    
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