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all main kamen riders
all main kamen riders

most of the new age last kamen rider forms
most of the new age last kamen rider forms

With the defeat of  the Crisis Empire Kamen Rider Ichigo decided to make a new power full Rider belt for sake of future justice. After designing and making it and its weapons on a vision of a perfect kamen rider in the future (kamen rider J) He rounded up all his old kamen rider collage's to store 1% of everyone`s power into the belt giving it a copy of their weapons and abilities. Leaving it for a year to boost its power when Ichigo returned to look if its ready he found out that the machine powering it had exploded.
With the red hot glowing belt the only thing unharmed after letting it cool down in a fridge Ichigo tested it powers power.
Only to be shocked that the elements are those none of them fully possessed nor is it the Rider form from the vision as it is a spiked form.
With the new rider system perfected Ichigo left it in a safe place in hope to find a new recruit for the belt some day.
Senade Keiro
Senade Keiro


Keiro Senade a young motorcrosser walks with his girlfriend Sayurika at night down an old dump. 
Because they wanted to proof that the rumors of haunting`s and missing people at that place where wrong.
They stop at a old border booth left at the place after it needed to be expanded.
As they sit quietly on a old bench for a while they start to hear loud noises from a garbage hill.
Keiro :stay here Sayurika chan i will check it out.
He walks to the mount looks up and turns around, 
Keiro: i cant see it from here i guess i need to go around it to see whats there.

Senade Keiro in action
Senade Keiro in action

his usual bike
his usual bike

Then he walks around the mount to see whats there the only to hear a a large boo to his face.
As the school bully and his two friends show up Baka:We followed you here got scared didn't ya? baka.
They laughed at him saying that its all made up and that he was stupid enough to actually come here.
Suddenly they where abruptly stopped by Sayurika`s scream keiro runs to the booth only to find it abandoned.
The three idiots caught up with him Baka quite shocked:was that Sayurika`s voice i thought you where alone?.
Keiro:shut up and help me find her. Baka:okay okay jeez lets split up.

Keiro finds Sayrika between two garbage mounts wraps his arms around her Keiro:hey are you okay?
She points behind him in fear he turns around to see a spider like bipedal monster standing two feet away looking around for victims.
The two run and are being followed by it the monster sends a web flying towards the two.
They trip activating a switch which sends them down a secret cellar holding the belt.

Keiro feels compelled to put it on and it immediately glows up giving Keiro all the memories of the past riders.
Sayurika are you okay?, Keiro shakes his head:I don't kno..... yeah.
Suddenly the spider shows up giving Sayurika a punch to the face knocking her out colt. Keiro:Sayurika chan!!
The spider looks at the belt Spider-Kaijin:that`s what we`ve been looking for give it now!!. Keiro: no never!!
He takes a deep breath hopes for the best and strikes the pose Keiro: KAJI HENSHIN!!.
And armor shows up on the belt transforming him into the last Kamen Rider of the1990`s.
out of pure rage he attacks the spider with his own fiery RiderKick destroying it.
He wakes up Sayurika are you okay? Sayurika shocked: Keiro kun is that you?.
He nods yes hearing the Baka`s scream he says no time he lifts up Sayurika and jumps out of the cellar.

Running to the idiots he discovers that the spider had a friend calling himself the bat.
He puts Sayurika down softly and starts to fight the bat who angrily called him a Kaji Ki.
Almost at the point of loosing he heard Ichigo`s memory in his head.
And instinctively does the Kaji Rider trow to defeat the Kaijin. 
After that he runs behind a mount powers down and hides the belt in his jacket.
Then he runs back to the place of battle and asks if everyone is okay,
Baka: fool just you missed something awesome.
Sayurika: i think its best we go home now before more show up, all the three Baka`s:yes lets do that.

At home Keiro finds himself able to do what he did before.
So he decided to give it a rest till tomorrow not knowing that he is being watched by a dark figure outside.

Keiro Senade`s genetic gifts
He hascontrol over water and fire(but not as powerful as other superhero`s)
He can breath underwater and swim over 40 knots he also has super strength and super speed.
Capable of duplicating himself in to a exact copy of himself and clothes he wears including the belt.
With just as much power as the original these copies will disintegrate within a half hour.
Kajiki`s Rider belt
Kajiki`s Rider belt

The special properties of kajiki`s belt
Able to turn in every Kamen Rider form on half power
Able to use any rider weapon on half power
Able to use any RiderKick on half power
Able to absorb and maintain a new tokusatsu hero`s form, power, and gear.
Able to reuse any newly obtained power when ever he wants to.
Able to combine all powers

Kajiki`s base form signature moves
Kaji RiderKick
Kaji RiderPunch
Kaji RiderThrow
Kaji Cyclone burst attack
Kajiki`s Gear
Kaji-ki Liner

to be continued.........
to be continued.........
Kamen_Rider_Kajiki Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 7, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 465 Points
Ranked: Ranked #559 of 46,674
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