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What is it that makes Kakashi such a hit?? it might be there a fact that there isn't just one Kakashi.  He has some layers to his personality. Everytime we think we know him, he turns around and show different expression.
Early in the series,  we meet Kakashi as a teacher, the stem ninja master who rides herd  on Naruto's squad. This Kakashi's  fun because  he's a foil for the heroes. In the middle of a series full of inexperienced apprentice ninja running amuck,  he's the one who reaaly know what he's doing.(Not the mention the one who hide many and strong jutsu).
soon enough, though, he started to show more of his feeling in the series. That's when he meet his other side(soft side). Kakashi the jokester, a fan of Make-Out_paradise. As the main character grow up, they move a touch of equal terms with their teacher and he's proud of his student progress eventhough he never says it.
He never lose  his mystery side. That's work well  about Kakashi's gaiden. We learn more about him in the Kakashi's gaiden, in terms of simple fact- about him become jounin, they day when he got his sharingan and lose his best friend.
Kakashi may have different attitude for different times, but he still never lose his mystery side and if he ever lost it... it's a pity
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The man, the myth, the legend - Kakashi Hatake! Kakashi is one of those rare guys who seems to be in control no matter what's going on around him. Whether it's tricking a few young pupils or staring down the leader of Akatsuki, he always stays level-headed.

Kakashi has accumulated a wealth of fighting power, even exceeding specialists like Might Guy in their abilities. Despite his raw talent, he's not the most powerful character in Naruto, nor does he possess a flashy technique. So, how does Kakashi stay on top of everything with almost every single fight?

The answer is wisdom. Kakashi possesses a great deal of intelligence, and he knows how to use it. In a world where unique and incredible abilities are the norm, Kakashi handles each situation with a rare, unerring grace. While his ability to copy any jutsu certainly helps, it's not the only reason he's a force to contend with.

What makes Kakashi so likable, and effective, is his dedication to the team no matter what. His experiences as a shinobi have taught him that working for the squad brings everyone home. It's such an integral part of his philosophy that he washed out every squad he taught because they failed his loyalty test (except for Team 7, of course). He knows that when a squad is greater than the sum of their individual talents, they'll always attain victory.

Ultimately, Kakashi is the kind of guy you'd want around in a dangerous situation. No matter what the enemy tosses at him, he adapts. Having the Sharingan certainly helps, but his battle know-how is superb in and of itself. Instead of relying on raw strength, he thinks ahead, plans his attacks, and ultimately outwits his opponents. That level of understanding is something from which any squad can benefit.

The thing to keep in mind is that Kakashi never lets his talent do all the work. He focuses on strategy, not strength alone. Where some, like Orochimaru, constantly seek power, Kakashi knows that no matter how beefed up someone gets, if they don't know themselves the enemy and the world around them, they'll always be doomed to fail.

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i found a youtube video that explain what happen in naruto shippuuden movie 3 but its in japan language luckily  my friend tell me the summary so here it goes 

So its now night time and Kakashi's asleep until a mark on his head is activated and his right eye is glowing red, he then has a flashback that Hiruko gives him this, so he knocks out Kotetsu and Izumo and leaves the village,Naruto chases him but is stopped by Shikamaru. Then a dark cloud rolls over the moon light and Shikamaru tells Naruto to forget about Kakashi.

Later we see Naruto in jail (always thought that was going to happen one day XD) anyway, Sakura comes and talks to Naruto, and then breaks down the jain cell so they can go after Kakashi.

And then then all of the rookie 12 (without Sasuke) on Tsunade's order to bring Kakashi home.So there are three villains-Hiruko, Ichi, San, and Ni(the woman.) Ichi (the one you see fighting Lee in trailers) fights team Gai. Ni fights team 8, while team 10 fights San.

Ichi is then defeated by a clever move, Lee does a combo technique with Neji so they can defeate Ichi.
Meanwhile Ni with the dog monster thing falls into a trap/pit with Hinata behind her, and Shino used his bugs to devour Ni.
Now San along with the bird monster thing is crushed by Chouji's partial expantion, but San is seen later when Ino uses mind transfer and Shikamaru's Shadow technique. Somehow he escapes ad pulls out two scrolls to summon his comrades and creature made by a fusion of their chakras. So now team Gai, team 8, and team 10 (without Shikamaru) tries using a barrier technique (like the one in the Sanbi filler arc.)

Meanwhile Konoha and Suna are about to go to war, but are holding off their forces on the either sides of a canyon. Jiraiya comes in with Gamabunta and releases some of Gaara's sand to form words (it's probaby one of the enemy's jutsu.)

Then we see a fashback of when Hiruko was younger, he was a ninja wihout any talent, and also knew the sannin, but they didn't get along well together. Since Hiruko didn't have the talents to be a ninja he did experiments of the Chimera Techique (a jutsu that steal people's element type and Kekkei Genkai) in Konoha, but left the village with the thought of being caught.

Now Naruto, Sakura, and Sai have a brief battle with Hiruko, apperently he can "absorb" jutsu, like how he absorbs Naruto's rasengan. But then we move on.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sai try to catch up to Kakashi before he gets to the enemies, but is then stopped by Gaara. He washes team 7 down a cliff with his sand, but Naruto uses his clones to get him back up. Gaara turns rocks to sand and attacks Naruto (so much for oweing him...) so Naruto uses his clones s he'll fly straight to Gaara in the sky. Gaara is protected by a shield of sand, but the rasengan breaks that which was really just a clone. While the real Naruto came from behind and punches him in the face.

Shikamaru again tries to stop Naruto from getting Kakashi again(what is up with him?) Asuma spirit comes to Shikamaru and says something to him. And lets Naruto go.

And now back to Hiruko who's in some place waiting for the solar eclipse to come, because he can also use the ecipse's power, with that he'll be invincible. So now a race to defeat him begins before solar eclipse starts.

Naruto goes and catches up to Kakashi who is who is being sucked into a bubble thing by Hiruko, and all Naruto can do is watch. Then Hiruko startes yelling and screaming then some how Kakashi has his Mangekyo Sharingan. With Kakashi still inside Naruto makes clones doing the rasengan to try and break the bubble, Naruto then goes in and grabs Kakashi's hand (touching moment) and sits him up against a column.

Kakashi doesn't seem to respond, so Naruto starts to yell and cry. Then Kakashi speaks with his eyes still closed. But Hiruko is still fine too, and summons up Chimera-like things.
So now Naruto, Sai, Shikamaru, Kakashi, and Sakura has fight him. Sakura tries to land a punch, and Naruto rasengans are pointless because they're always absorbed. Kakashi does raikiri, that's a technique Hiruko already stole. Some how Kakashi manages to stop his chakra stealing power, meanwhile in the air Naruto is using rasenshuriken.

Hiruko stills looks fine, but isn't because all of his bandages got torn off. In his last moments he tells Kakashi he's always to make friends, and there are flashbacks of him and the sannin, who he liked. Kakashi and Hiruko talk together with smiles, and then he dies.

-ending song-

Later Kakashi thanks Naruto for caring about him, which everyone got creeped out by, then Sai started talking about how guys get "together", which only made everyone more creeped out. Naruto then starts running away from him (lol), then Kakashi, embarressed, goes after him.


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