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kageyame replied to the topic Hayato vs Ryozanpaku on the Battles board.
The problem about the Elder is that Hype is absurdly strong with anything regarding himBut in reality the difference should not be so absurd that he could solo the rest of Ryozanpaku alone, sure he beat all of them one on one, but as a group I highly doubt itBefore you guys said that yeah is is absurdly above, remember that he could not beat Silcardo (the fight ended undefined),Akira ...
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Eldergod Demonbane vs Zeedmilleniumon on the Battles board.
@KingOfAsh:I won't really change much, as the Omnipotent x nigh omnipotent arguments usually is a can of worms on itself.
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic moments that really moved you on the General Discussion board.
For me, Air's ending, it's the definition of bittersweet ending.P.S.: DON'T WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN AIR.
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Not your Favorite Anime, But Your First on the Just Anime board.
I'm not sure which was the first, so I'll cite the three that started me into anime:- Ribon no Kishi (Princess Knight)- Kurenai Sanshiro- Jetter Mars
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Ani-Crap Poll #24 on the Just Anime board.
I'll make matters a bit more complicated, my vote goes to Queen's Blade.
1 year ago
You name of the episode is a little off, the correct name is "Staying Behind For the Sake of Love!", and no there's no spider woman in that episode.I don't know the police for posting links, but if you search for Slayers Next episode 5 you should find quite easily, both online and for download.Att.
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Black Star' First Gauntlet on the Battles board.
Round 3: EoS Medaka Kurokami: No Madness ReleaseAgain, EoS Medaka is a normal Human, no more "the end", no more styles, no more absurd presence pressure.
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Kumagawa Misogi vs Ryogi Shiki on the Battles board.
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Yujiro Hanma VS Ogata Isshinsai on the Battles board.
@nishi99 said:likely Yujiro. Ogata is faster but i don't see him being strong enough to beat the king. Also Yujiro has way better feats beating a 1500lb polar bear easily way bigger then the bear Ogata killed and a giant elephant plus he stopped an earthquake with one punch.Didn't Keisuke explained in an interview that Yujiro didn't really stopped the earthquake, but is just that everyone was so afraid of ...
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Medaka Kurokami vs Nami on the Battles board.
@Destinyheroknight said:@waybig1010101:You know, Medaka's face is up thereAnyway, this is a stomp for Nami (surprising), since current version Medaka have no powers (just a human now)You know, to did point something important.Should we really consider "current" medaka the human at the end, or should we consider Prime Medaka.But that brings another point, current Medaka is stomped, prime Medaka stomps.
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Bayonetta vs Saber on the Battles board.
Not quite, the only drawback shown to Saber is her inability to phase into spirit form, immunity to "normal" weapons is confirmed for her. (when she have to confront berserker, right before she de-atomized Casters Eldritch abomination, the narrator comments that normal weapons would not work on her, but berserker weapons, that where enhanced by his mad prana where another thing altogether.)And you also had to consider Saber absurdly high ...
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Nono vs Ms Marvel on the Battles board.
Restrict Nono to human sized without the the artificial space monster control (ahoge of doom!!!!) and you might have a battle,
1 year ago
kageyame replied to the topic Is Burter faster than light? on the Just Manga board.
@solesamurai said:@Dream said:@Destinyheroknight: Gotta love ignorance from my end. XD I just assumed that the guy had some random clip of the anime. But still, no one in DBZ is faster than light. At best, they would be about relativistic by around DBGT, and that's only if you consider the series a part of DB canon.Your calculation have gotta be to low though, Kid Goku was supposedly faster than lightning ...
1 year, 1 month ago
kageyame replied to the topic Haruhi Suzumiya Vs Lord Of Nigthmares on the Battles board.
Lord of Nightmares, both are sometimes called omnipotent, but Lord of Nightmares has far more feats under her belt to attest to her power, like creating (at least) 4 different multiverses.(I put don at least because I'm not too sure about the canonicity of knight of the aqua lord, if it's considered canon, then they are countless multiverses, not only for as the novels implies).
1 year, 2 months ago
kageyame replied to the topic Ani-Crap Poll #15 on the Just Anime board.
I'll vote for OniAi over Mouse simply because while both are terrible with the amount of fanservice, Mouse still have some plot and reveal some motivation for what's happening onscreen, diferently from OniAi.
1 year, 4 months ago
kageyame replied to the topic Anime to watch.... on the Just Anime board.
@crushing2012 said:@kageyame: Ok so I just watched the 1st 10 minutes of Dai mahou Touge... and I must say.... that it is absolutely horrible... but that is just my opinion.I said Dai Mahou Touge more of a joke, as it is an absurd take on the magical girl theme (on the vein of excel saga, puni puni poemi and others).A real jugestion would be Mahou shoujo Lirical Nanoha (the first ...
1 year, 4 months ago
kageyame replied to the topic Gilgamesh vs HST opponents on the Battles board.
Ok, I was sure all the abilities he's show to use where innate from the weapon (including Merodarh, Galadbolg and gungnir/gae-bolg), the abilities that get know from the heroes (the "active" abilities) he couldn't use.Gae-Bolg's "Spear of Impaling Barbed Death" was created by Lancer, and was not part of the spear original abilities, being so Gilgamesh shouldn't be able to use that skill, (the reason Archer could use Gae-bolg skill ...
1 year, 4 months ago
kageyame replied to the topic Alita VS Elle Ragu on the Battles board.
I see that people only know Shadow skill based on the anime..So for those that think that eletromagnetic punch shown above, or worse yet, a simple Hertza Haoen would be all that's needed, here's a Kageryuu Gougar from Elle (an no, she don't need to do that adrenaline pumping from the anime)And notice that the one receiving (Gau Ban), which was absurdly weaker than her at the time, survived (ok, ...
1 year, 4 months ago
kageyame replied to the topic Gilgamesh vs HST opponents on the Battles board.
Again People, Archer/Emyia can activate the casuality reversal of Gae-Bog, Gilgamesh CANT.Gilgamesh can only use the passive abilities of the weapon (in case of Gae-Bolg the curse that negates regeneration).That problem aside:I Gilgamesh In character or going all out?Going all out he clears easily, Gate of Babylon Spam + EA for the highest threats.
1 year, 4 months ago
kageyame replied to the topic Saber vs Berserker (Read OP) on the Battles board.
The battle is very close, but Arthuria was still considered the best warrior of it's time, so ignoring a guilty ridden conscience I think the battle should still tip in Saber favor.The greatest problem here is that Arondight is a sword that is the bane of Saber, thanks to it's anti Dragon Status.
1 year, 4 months ago
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