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Millions of years ago, ruled a powerful lord. A man known as Kronos, was the father of Zeus the sky father. Kronos had devoured many of his own children in attempt for no one to be powerful enough to over throw him. But Zeus had been different he had managed, to take the thrown. Twice Kronos had been exiled into the deep pits of the underworld, a specific section known as the Elysian Fields. Their had been myth of a new power, from heaven to hell. But that was all it was a myth. A tale that Zeus had a child that he was unidentified. But too Zeus it was a just another legend. Actually, that it was, another legend. A legend known as Kratos. The gods had no doubt that his existence had not been true. However he wanted to make them know who he was , he wanted his name written into the face of history. With his godly powers he set out to free his grandfather, Kronos, from the Underworld. And that he did. Kronos swore that if Kratos helped him find the Jewel of Eternity he would grant him unimaginable power. The plan had been to find the jewel and it would grant Kronos enough power to rule over the Olympians. The Jewel is inside a meteor floating in space. 1 out of trillions. Now millions, go on space voyages to find the stone before Kronos and Kratos does. Those who embark upon this voyage, are unaware that space pirates and other unknown creatures roam space hunting for the jewel on Kronos' behalf.    
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