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Places I visited
1. Tokyo

Spend two weeks in Tokyo in the Summer of 2010. Best experience of my life.

2. Japan

Went to Japan in the summer of 2010. Was the best vacation I ever had.

3. Holland

It's where I live so yeah.

4. Ikebukuro

I went to Ikebukuro for one day.

5. Shibuya

I visited Shibuya, saw the Hachiko statue and crossed the famous Shibuya crossing. When we crossed it it wasn't really that crowded though. I also visited the Mandarake building =3

6. Todai

I visited Toudai!! Those guys were even studying in the August heat!! I could just feel Light and Keitaro's presence!! =P Such a famous school ^^

7. Odaiba

Visited this for the Fuji TV building and of course Comiket!!

8. Akihabara

Visited this twice. I bought way too much.

9. Shinjuku

Visited Shinjuku for half a day. Wasn't that special really o.o

10. Earth

My home planet XD

11. Kanto (Pokémon World)

I went to Kanto in 2010 ^^

12. School

Where I spend most of my lifetime so far .-.

13. Ocean

Of course~

14. Beach

In order to swim into the ocean you have to go to...

15. Swimming Pool

It's so much fun!

16. Kamakura

Visited the Kamakura beach in the amazing August heat in 2010. A jellyfish stung me =(

17. Hospital

Visiting family sometimes D: Sucks

18. Tokyo Tower

I went in! =P

19. France

Spend some days here on a school trip. I also had many summer vacations here as a child.

20. Germany

Spend some summers here as a child.

21. Paris

Went here a few days for a class trip.


Two weeks!!

23. Fuji Television Building

Such an awesome building and it was so crowded!

24. Brussels

Passed through.

25. Comic Market

Visited Comiket for two days while I was in Tokyo.

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