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Anime characters who have a very shitty life.
1. Zero Kiryuu

Family killed, evil twin, becomes a vampire (the thing he hates most in the world), girl he likes also turns into a vampire and starts dating her own brother.

2. Nozomu Itoshiki

Self proclaimed =P

3. Ange Ushiromiya

Whole family is dead, gets mistreated by her aunt...

4. Ai Enma
5. Kikyou

Burdened with the task of guarding the Shikon no Tama when she was only 17, unable to lead a normal life because of it. Falls in love but is betrayed by her lover (although it turns out to be someone else) who also mortally wounds her in the process. Seals her lover and dies. Resurrected but now needs souls to live. Meanwhile, her lover falls in love with someone else. She is almost multiple times after this and eventually dies once again, this time for good.

6. Shogo Kawada

Got selected for Battle Royale TWICE.

7. Yuzuki Mikage
8. Yui
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