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1. School Rumble

She... is a second-year high school student with a single all-consuming question: Will the boy she likes ever really notice her? He... is the school’s most notorious juvenile delinquent and he’s suddenly come to a shocking realization: He’s got a huge crush, and now he must tell her how he feels.

2. School Rumble

Harima Kenji has never lost a fight, but his love for the clueless Tsukamoto Tenma is proving to be his greatest challenge. After catching his cherished Tenma-chan and an unexpected rival in a lunchtime tryst, Kenji spirals into the deepest pit of high school Hades–plummeting so low that there’s only one thing left to do: draw a manga. When Kenji hits bottom, whom will he find there? Meanwhile, Tenma is determined to learn how to cook–this time preferably without setting the house on fire!

3. School Rumble

Love (in the form of Tsukamoto Tenma) betrayed Harima Kenji, but he has moved on in an effort to find himself. He’s become a fortune teller who can communicate with animals. Some even mistake him for a helpful deity who watches over a local shrine. What happens to a young man who gets lost on his journey of self-discovery? Meanwhile, Tenma and her friends embark on a trip of their own. They go to the beach for sun, sand, and surf–and meet four guys with less-than-noble intentions.

4. School Rumble

Cute Tsukamoto Tenma is desperately trying to help juvenile delinquent classmate Harima Kenji win the girl of his dreams: Tenma’s friend Mikoto. But when Tenma hears Kenji say “I love you” to someone else, she begins to have serious doubts about Kenji’s loyalties. Now, in an abandoned school in the middle of the woods on a rainy night, Tenma is ready to confront him one-on-one about his infidelities. Little does she know that she has totally misread the situation, and that the love-crazed punk has actually developed a hopeless crush on her!

5. School Rumble

The school athletics fair is meant to be a celebration of youth and fitness, but personal grudges, haughty attitudes, and long-standing rivalries have turned healthy competition into all-out war! Will Tsukomoto Tenma’s teacher have his revenge for the theft of his cookies? Can Sawachika Eri and Harima Kenji bury the hatchet long enough to compete on the same team? Will hoards of young men get themselves injured just to be seen by the pretty health office nurse? And can the misfits of class 2-C ever hope to defeat the athletic, hard-studying, self-righteous creeps of class 2-D? Here is where it’s all decided!

6. School Rumble

Harima Kenji has tried everything he can think of to attract his cute, but dim, classmate Tsukamoto Tenma. This time he’s grown his beard to enormous lengths. But one snip of the scissors by wealthy beauty Sawachika Eri ruins everything! Can a delinquent punk and a stubborn, quick-to-anger rich girl end their long-running feud? Meanwhile, the inscrutable foreign exchange students from America in rival Class 2-D face off against our hapless heroes from 2-C. The real School Rumble is about to begin!

7. School Rumble

The love of Harima Kenji’s life has made it clear that she will not return his feelings! Brokenhearted, Harima decides to run away and become a fisherman, sailing Japan’s high seas. Once aboard, however, Harima finds himself up against mean-spirited shipmates and a brutal captain who is almost too muscle-bound to be real. Can Harima measure up?

8. School Rumble

The school festival is coming, and Harima and his cohorts want to present a play. But Hanai’s group is set on a maid café. So the two stubborn parties decide that the only way to come to an understanding is s rumble in the middle of the night–with BB guns at the ready!

9. School Rumble
10. School Rumble

Tough-guy Harima takes a nap backstage during the school festival. Unbeknownst to him, his bed is a prop in the stage version of “Sleeping Beauty,” and he is unwittingly about to make his debut as the princess. Fortunately, the princes are played by six of the cutest girls in his class–including Harima’s beloved Tenma!

11. School Rumble

A teacher’s ghost, infamous for preventing students from graduating to the next grade, is haunting Harima. If he’s held back, he’ll never again be in the same class with his beloved Tenma. Does this mean that Harima will actually have to study?! Oh, the horror!

12. Love Hina

After 2 years of beating around the bush, Naru finally declares her true feelings for Keitaro but her big announcement may be too little too late. Grandma Hina has returned to Japan and like it or not, Naru and Keitaro learn about their forgotten past and discover once and for all who his long lost love really was.

13. Bites

In this must-have for all "Chibi Vampire" fans, manga-ka Yuna Kagesaki takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the bestselling series, unveiling some never-before-seen artwork, pop quizzes, horoscopes, and much, much more.

14. Volume 14

Who knows what horrors await our little dysfunctional vampire when Karin is kidnapped by a rival gang of vampires, intent on siphoning off her blood for their own survival! Now it's up to the Marker family and the steadfast Kenta to rescue her from the evil clutches of these brazen bloodsuckers. And when the final twist is revealed, Karin's life will be forever changed in the concluding volume of Chibi Vampire!

15. Volume 13

Karin finally gets her first kiss with Kenta and is on top of the world! But trouble is brewing as the unfriendly vampires are coming to town to uncover Karin's secrets. When an all-out war between vampires break out over Karin, will Kenta be the one to save her or will his love be lost forever?

16. Volume 12

As Karin struggles with her sister growing apart from her and the new revelation on why vampires and humans cannot be together, more trouble may be on the way. New vampires may be coming to town with their eyes set on Karin's secret. Can Kenta and Karin overcome the forces trying to keep them apart and take their love to the next level? And what is the shocking truth that Calera has brought home with her from her birthplace?

17. Volume 11

As Karin deals with the newly revealed defects of her own body and how it will affect her relationship with Kenta, Anju is facing her own set of problems. Anju has always been weak to sunlight but her aversion seems to be getting stronger. Could this mean she's close to becoming a fully awakened vampire? How will Karin react when she finds out? And will it tear apart the friendly sisters forever?

18. Volume 10

Things are finally going great for Karin Maaka. She's now officially going out with Kenta and she's even met another vampire who has similar problems to hers. However, her luck may not continue when her grandmother once again awakens from a long sleep. What will Elda Marker do when she discovers that Karin is not a normal vampire? And when Karin finds out the true reason why love between vampires and humans is taboo, will it destroy her relationship with Kenta?

19. Volume 9

Karin Maaka is a vampire, from a family of vampires, but instead of needing to drink blood, she has an excess of blood that she must give to her victims. If done right, giving this blood to her victim can be an extremely positive thing. The problem with this is that Karin never seems to do things right...As Karin and Kenta's official first date continues, Anju shows up to keep an eye on the clumsy couple. But when Kenta notices her, he grabs Karin and takes her on the Ferris wheel. There he tells her how he really feels...will this destroy their relationship? Also, new girl Yuriya begins snooping around town in search of vampires. For what reason is she trying to uncover Karin's identity and what secrets of her own is she hiding?

20. Volume 8

After months of very little romantic development, are Karin and Kenta ready to take a big step forward in their relationship? With the young couple finally starting to hold hands in public, Maki forces the issue by setting up a zoo date. And when Karin and Kenta find themselves alone at the zoo, crazy monkeys aren't their only obstacle. What's this? A romantic rival who could be a major thorn in Karin's side? This volume also features a side story showing how Karin and Maki first became best friends.

21. Volume 7

With Kenta discovering the true reason behind Karin's increase in blood when around him, their relationship shatters. Both sides struggle to deal with the thought of losing the one they love. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? And what secrets in the past explain Kenta's hatred of his father? Will the two of them finally make up and bring happiness to the whole family?

22. Volume 6

Karin continues to come to terms with her feelings for Kenta, but her flirting will have to be put on hold for now. Karin's grandmother is in town, and that's enough to put her entire family into a panic.

23. Volume 5

Karin's crush on Kenta has taken a turn for the worse. She seems to be falling deeper into the friend zone. Her monthly woes are putting a damper on her life.

24. Volume 4

Karin's crush on Kenta has taken a turn for the worse. She seems to be falling deeper into the friend zone. Her monthly woes are putting a damper on her life. Karin must come to terms with the fact her desire to kiss Kenta may turn into a bite.

25. Volume 3

Kenta sees Karin every day at both work and school, so each day serves as a reminder that something about the girl with the oft-bloody nose just isn't right. He is suspicious, and has not exactly subtle about it.

26. Volume 2

Kenta sees Karin at work and school, each day serving as a reminder that something about the girl with the oft-bloody nose just isn't right! He's suspicious...and he's not exactly subtle about it. Fearing that he might discover her secret, Karin decides to kill this potential problem--with kindness!

27. Volume 1

Karin is a cute little girl who also happens to be a vampire... with a twist. Once a month, she experiences intense bleeding from her nose - we're talking gushers! In other words, she's a vamp with blood to spare, so rather than stealing blood from humans she actually gives her blood to them.

28. Volume 14

Ed and Al come face to face with the "father" of the homunculi, who just so happens to be a dead ringer for their own father, Van Hohenheim--a resemblance too uncanny for coincidence. And later, when the allure of immortality proves to be too much for Prince Lin of Xin, he lets Greed take over...literally!

29. Volume 15

The horrors of the Ishbalan extermination campaign had serious repercussions, which set the tone for the complicated dealings of present-day state politics. Lieutenant Hawkeye reluctantly tells Ed all the dreaded details of the role Colonel Mustang and the other state alchemists played in this tragic event.

30. Volume 18

Automail engineer Winry is captured and held hostage to force Edward to do her captor's bidding. Hawkeye discovers the disturbing truth about President Bradley's son. Our heroes have fortuitous and not-so-fortuitous reunions with old friends and enemies. And multiple intrigues and double-crosses ensue as some plot to save the world while others scheme to destroy it.

31. Volume 22
32. Volume 3

Accompanied by their bodyguard, Alex Louis Armstrong, our heroes seek out their closest childhood friend, Winry Rockbell, to fix their battered "auto-mail" bodyparts. Soon their quest for the Philosopher's Stone takes them to the great central library, where the Stone's formula may be hidden...if the mysterious figure named Lust doesn't get there first! But the secret of the Philosopher's Stone may be even more frightening than the beings who guard it...

33. Volume 7
34. Volume 8
35. Volume 11
36. Volume 13

In the midst of heated battle, Ed and Prince Lin of Xing are swallowed whole by the homunculus Gluttony. Will they survive the depths of Gluttony's gullet like Jonah inside the whale, or has Al lost his brother for good? And the political power structure of the military may be irreparably shattered when Colonel Mustang confronts Fuhrer President King Bradley with his horrifying suspicion that Bradley is a homunculous!

37. Volume 31
38. Volume 27

Tsukushi makes a shocking announcement at a party! Then her parents move into a tiny apartment, forcing Tsukushi and her brother to get their own place--next door to someone she knows. And, Tsukushi's friend Yuki is becoming increasingly infatuated with Akira, one of the F4. Is she willing to compromise herself for what she thinks he wants?!

39. Volume 26

Tsukushi struggles to understand her feelings for Tsukasa, her on-and-off boyfriend, and he struggles to try and not destroy Tokyo. Will the man who came between them step aside? The meddlesome F4 try their hand at forcing Tsukushi and Tsukasa together. All the while Tsukasa's mother's spies are hot on their trail!

40. Volume 23
41. Volume 8

Rui and Tsukushi are finally dating, but it's not all smooth sailing for the couple. In a jealous fury, Tsukasa challenges Rui and Tsukushi to a basketball game. And if they lose, they are going to be expelled from Eitoku Academy!

42. Volume 7

Upon Rui Hanazawa's return from France, Tsukushi's feelings for him also return. Together, they share a tender moment that is witnessed by Tsukasa. Tsukasa is consumed with rage and swears vengeance upon both of them in spite of the well-meaning interference by his recently arrived infamous older sister!

43. Volume 6

Volume 6 asks the question, Could Tsukushi really fall under Tsukasa Domyoji's spell? Desire and jealousy collide as the crazed Tsukasa seeks revenge on behalf of Tsukushi. Rui Hanazawa surprises everyone with his return from France. Just when you think Tsukasa's mixture of cruelty and compassion is as perplexing as ever, something even stranger happens.

44. Lotis Master
45. Inner Heart
46. Chained
47. Unrequited Love
48. Jealousy
49. Blinded Soul
50. The Lost Word
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