Juuhachi (Level 13)

Why is Shiki SO underrated?!
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Love Triangles
And my preference, yaay. XD
1. Vampire Knight

Yuki, Zero & Kaname

Preference: Yuki/Zero
Winner: Yuki/Kaname

2. School Days

Makoto, Sekai & Kotonoha

Preference: Makoto/Kotonoha
Winner: Kotonoha.

3. School Rumble

Tenma, Karasuma & Harima

Preference: Tenma/Harima
Winner: Tenma/Karasuma

4. Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki, Haruhi & Hikaru

Preference: Haruhi/Hikaru
Winner: Still undecided, as far as I know =P Leaning towards Tamaki/Haruhi though.

5. InuYasha

Inuyasha, Kikyou & Kagome

Preference: Inuyasha/Kikyou
Winner: Inuyasha/Kagome

6. Hana Yori Dango

Tsukushi, Rui & Tsukasa

Preference: Tsukushi/Tsukasa
Winner: Tsukushi/Tsukasa

7. Peach Girl

Momo, Touji & Kiley

Preference: Momo/Kiley
Winner: Momo/Kiley

8. Hana-Kimi

Mizuki, Sano & Nakatsu

Preference: Mizuki/Nakatsu
Winner: Mizuki/Sano

9. Absolute Boyfriend

Night, Riiko & Soushi

Preference: Night/Riiko
Winner: Night/Riiko

10. Fruits Basket

Tohru, Kyo & Yuki

Preference: Tohru/Kyo
Winner: Tohru/Kyo

11. Death Note

Light, Misa & Takada

Preference: Light/Misa
Winner: I guess Light/Misa, although Light didn't really love both of them.

12. Rumbling Hearts

Takayuki, Haruka & Mitsuki

Preference: Takayuki/Haruka
Winner: Takayuki/Mitsuki (anime)

13. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Mion, Rena & Keiichi

Preference: Keiichi/Rena
Winner: Keiichi/Rena, though not conclusive.

14. Elfen Lied

Lucy, Kouta & Yuka

Preference: Kouta/Lucy
Winner: Kouta/Yuka

15. Nana

Hachi, Takumi & Nobu

Preference: Hachi/Nobu
Winner: Hachi/Takumi

16. Skip Beat!

Kyoko, Ren & Sho

Preference: Both
Winner: Not yet decided, probably Ren/Kyoko

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