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Death in comics it's so pointless that someone had to come with a giant bullet to get rid of a certain character without needing to kill him because the writer did know that Marvel invent the most ludicrous plot devices to resurrect characters. And even that didn't work!You know the worse? It kills creativity. Without death, characters not evolve, don't grow up, status quo don't change. They end up dying, ...
3 months, 4 weeks ago
I remember when a secondary character in FT had fallen in lava pool and survived, somehow.The guy could be killed and nobody would gave one "so sad".FT have boobs, so I can ignore that.I remember when a secondary character in One Piece was at point blank of an explosion and survived, somehow.The guy could be killed and i would gave one "so sad".One Piece have great art, so I can ...
4 months ago
Well, my opinion is not ruled by what every writer does, so there's a COLOSSAL critical dissonance here, even if you also think the chapter was mediocre.This is abysmal. When Madara dropped a meteor on the Alliance Ninja, I thought that was a question of time before some fodder, someone weak, someone MEANINGLESS, god, even some MINOR THING would put an end to him, because he is was a giant ...
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Transformation jutsu was completely forgotten much time ago, especially now that "devastated landscape" became the standard battle arena, where transformation jutsu is completely ineffective. It says something when UNS 2 and UNS 3 had almost identical stages for the final battle. Or maybe because Naruto turned in the anime version of Mortal Kombat, where almost everyone is a clone character of the main trio with some little exceptions?Naruto used this ...
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Well, maybe this happen because the type of character Kenpachi is isn't very popular in Japan. I mean, he is used rarely because of that.Something say to me this little shota boy isn't going to keep this form, like Wonderweiss Margela.When I think about the main antagonist gaining strength from every Quincy killed, this war seems a little...pointless.
4 months, 2 weeks ago
I'm not going to spoil the next chapter, but...I just realized now why people around the globe are exploding over it.You talk about Star Wars just nailed the coffin. HARD.Heh, Naruto is des.......OH god. What a piece of ****. What have become of this?I lost my words.PS: Obito is rank A compared to Darth Vader and Madara. I don't care if he's a clone of the first, he didn't capture ...
4 months, 2 weeks ago
The art style of the last page remind me of Sergio Aragones, surrealism and Looney Tunes all at once. It's a blast of the past, really.I'm not surprised. Oda don't knows how to write romance, and Boa Hancock is way of him parodying his own lack of ability. That's because the flashback was so rushed.But I confess that I was really affected by Scarlett's death, and all the fridge logic ...
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Kakashi...is a okay guy in my vision. He was always sort of dispensable(Obi-Wan syndrome, you know), but for some reason he keeps itself alive. Maybe it had to with being involved with a plot point that it took 12 years to be completely explored.As a teacher.....Well, he isn't a complete failure, but it's clear as water that the other rookies were better trained.
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Death has no meaning this series. Or purpose. I really need to stop there, or this will turn in a rant.
4 months, 3 weeks ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Sorry, but I had to laugh at the idea there's some other thing that they can do. I mean, Minato, Kakashi and Gaara already tried a few chapters ago, and we saw how that ended.Well, I think they're buying time for Naruto.About Obito, I can almost see he coming back just to get his eye ripped off. But, in the unlikely possibility that he don't get PIS, I think he ...
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Yeah, for the first part of the manga, Sakura and Sasuke were almost official couple when I think about that. Then...that happened.At this point, I think chances reached a level well near of zero, but the manga had become such an unpredictable thing that my use of reason and common sense had become useless.
4 months, 4 weeks ago
After what happened to Mask, I mean, James, I don't would be so sure that things are finished, even being Kenpachi.After all, if Kenpachi's sword can't be stopped, the solution is to create a copy.
4 months, 4 weeks ago
I know that was done cannot be undone, but let me have this moment. It's just......it's been so long.Madara looks....RIDICULOUS as the jinchuuriki of the Juubi. It took me five chapters to have the courage to say this. To the video reviewer that repeated badass six times, this, my friend, is no badass look. Hair metal is a relic of the past for one reason.Also, I want his ego to ...
5 months ago
Juubi replied to the topic Naruto's Disappointments on the Naruto board.
Naruto didn't forgive Obito. Did you forget the line about going to Konoha to pay for his crimes?Itachi. After he died. Jesus Itachi, because everyone loves him and his sacrifice.I got limits, kid. Genocide....that's my limit. Torturing your little brother with 72 hours of "I kill our parents" crosses the line twice. Doing that again some years and you do that by a third time.Also, Izanami makes my head spin ...
5 months ago
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5 months ago
OMG, dramatic flashback number "I'm not counting anymore because I don't ********* care".Thanks to a very unfortunate incident, Usopp talking about heroism unlocked a flashback to people saying that Luffy isn't a hero when he was just talking about sharing meat. That's actually kind of fun, because he tries to share food with Rebecca this arc.
5 months ago
This isn't a shonen anime phenomenon, though. This is called Cerebus Syndrome and happen in all kinds of media. Things are wacky in the beginning and get serious after.What happens in One Piece....One Piece is exaggerated in all senses. Comedy,tragedy, drama, ridiculousness. And this get a little too ridiculous after some time. And let's leave at that.
5 months ago
The fights were good. I mean, very,very good. Almost every ninja had a unique technique, including Naruto. And when wasn't that, was old fashioned kicks and punches.And they used that power strategically. Wasn't a simple question about power, but about outsmarting your opponent.And Sasuke was cool, really cool. Naruto was a brat.The plot? The plot was simple, I think. Not anything about "changing the world" or "destiny" or "secrets". Naruto ...
5 months ago
Juubi replied to the topic Who deserves to be Hokage? on the Naruto board.
State high portion of Akatsuki. God, he didn't kill even one. Deidara killed himself, Itachi died of sickness and Tobi isn't even dead. YET.Danzo, by the way committed suicide too.Remember also that he attacked Killer Bee, killed at least twelve samurai in the summit and tried to kill at least two kages, A and Gaara.
5 months ago
The thing is...this guy is too powerful to live. Either he dies very easily or he.....no, actually, he's going to die very easily. When you have the power to retcon yourself out of the memories of your enemies, you always die very easily.
5 months, 1 week ago
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