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Battles » Perfect Cell vs Laharl (Disgaea)

Can somebody show me Laharl star busting? I have only play up to Disgea 3, and outside of finishers I don't recall him ever doing such a thing, and from sites I've been on he is only clocked at casual planet level. Does anyone have any actual footage of Laharl destroying the stars? Yes or no? It seems like the problem with this battle would be solved if somebody showed something. Is Laharl shown on-screen star busting outside a finisher?

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@Galenbeta: Well PM Speed about it.

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@SMXLR8: Yeah I have been around since Newdeath and then first came, I just have been MIA for months.

@Galenbeta: I don't think FTL reaction time is against the rules though. FCK can read the minds of multiple people and replicate the abilites....

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@Galenbeta: Do you know the Crimson King's ability? - Mibu Blood Soldiers: With just even a few drops of his blood, the FCK can create hundreds of human sized blood soldiers. They are basically blood logia that continuously regenerate and can only be put down for good by Mibus, Muramasa's weapons, or by killing the FCK. They are strong enough to fight, damage, and be a threat to even Shiseiten level characters.

- Absorption: The FCK can re-absorb two of his Red Cross Knights, increasing his combat stats many times over. He also has complete control over the lives of all other Mibu battle dolls. He can seal away their souls with a single gesture.

- Sekireigan (and Sekireigan Duplex): By activating this skill, his speed will be multiplied dramatically using Godspeed, creates illusions of himself, and can manipulate time. Sekireigan Duplex's speed boost is twice as large as that of the regular Sekireigan.

- Creation and Disintegration of Matter: The FCK can create objects out of thin air such as swords, dressers, clothes, umbrellas, etc from at least a dozen meters away. He is also capable of disintegrating objects he touches with his hands.

- Phenomenon Face: The FCK reads the opponent's mind. In doing so, he can discover who his opponent fears, dislikes, loves, respects, thinks is the strongest, etc. The FCK then transforms into the image of a person his opponent has in their mind, with all the combat stats and abilities according to what his opponent believes about that person. This technique responds to thoughts even deep in the subconscious of an opponent. So trying to fool the technique on a conscious level is futile. This technique works on groups too (Kubira used it against three people with no trouble). To defeat the technique, the opponent must overcome their beliefs about the person on a subconscious level.

- Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Techniques: The FCK has mastered all techniques of the Mumyo Jinpu Ryu. He is capable of using triple versions of the beast god attacks.

- Genshiso: The FCK first hypnotizes the opponent's mind, making them think they have been dealt a fatal blow. In doing this, the FCK is then able to devour their soul.

- Energy Projectiles: The FCK can fire arrows of energy from his hand. These arrows are powerful enough to instantly kill Fubuki.

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@Galenbeta: Former Crimson King is also really hax and FTL

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@Galenbeta: Problem is it wont matter with Bites The dust since everything is restarted and only he will have memories of the even and will know what to do, not mention Kazuma, HG, and other can blitzs before that boost happens. Hol Horse has a range of about 50 meters with invisible bullets he can controll and has infinite ammo, and Zebra who is well over triple digit mach speeds and his roar wills tun the opponents as well, he attacks also have large area of effect and he has country level durability. You team lacks the defense and speed, your team only has hax really which is not always enough. Also this plan seems to require prep. And with kakyoin's barrier your team wont be able to move without blowing up regardless of speed difference since you can't see his Stand. Good fight but you lost here.

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@Galenbeta: Not really, he can't do it at will or anything, it must make a specific condition in order to do that, it's not like Dio or something and I don't think that would be grade A lol

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@Galenbeta: Well in addition to speed nobody on your team can actually SEE the stands so even if they are light speed (Although Killer Queen and HG have FTL feats) your team still can't actualy see them and react. Killer Queen can turn anything into a bomb and detonate it, that applies to even air as well, so it is possible he can blow up the barrier, not to mention bites the dust which is activated once Kira reveals himself and makes eye contact, it kills whoever he uses it on and rewinds time 24 hours. Kakyoin can make a large barrier that blows up whoever touches the strings too. Kazuma is one of the main problems here depending on which version, if it's manga then barriers wont be a problem at all.

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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@othus12 said:

speed won like on page 3 lol


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Battles » Specialist Tourney Round 2: Battle 1

@Galenbeta: @SpeedForceSpider: @Kurohige: There are some mis-understandings on Stands here; Stands can only be seen or affected by other Stands, the only thing that is made spiritually or from life force is the Stand's appearance as it is meant to take after it's user, the Stand itself is not really made of anything, the reason only Stand users can see or affect most Stands is because the Stands are not really there in a sense, they have ranges and level of strength but that is all mental not physical, it's like saying you can grab another person's thoughts or something, you just can't. Really all Hierophant Green (Or any Stand really) is is a image created by the user;s spiritual energy (Or life force) as such whatever damage the user takes the Stand takes and vice versa. Even Poltergeist and other supernatural things in the JJBA world cannot see or affect Stands. It would be NFL to say NOTHING can affect a Stand outside another Stand but you have to have a pretty specific power. I am not picking sides or saying who wins, but Galenbeta you are mis-informed on how Stands work, note that I am not saying that dimension ability wont work or anything, but I am saying that your idea of Stands is wrong. Scans were even posted a page back. You were kinda ignoring post and putting whatever you want into the argument, this is the same reason people don't want to post with you in your RP thread, you ignore things and don't fully grasp what you are debating with. Even in the wikia and the creator himself states these rules:

General Stand RulesEdit

  • A Stand protects its user, like a guardian. The name comes from "standing by" the user, sometimes using their powers without direct orders in order to protect the user, and by extension, themselves.
  • A person can only have one Stand, though that Stand can go through metamorphosis to evolve (Echoes, for example).
  • As a Stand is part of the user, damage is reflected between the two. In most circumstances, if the Stand's leg is sliced off, the user will lose their leg as well. Some Stands, such as the armor of Silver Chariot, are immune to this effect.
  • Stands can only be seen by Stand users. There are exceptions, but only with Stands that are bound to physical objects (for example, Strength and Yellow Temperance).
  • Stands can only be affected by other Stands.
  • The further the Stand is from its user, the weaker the Stand becomes, with most only being capable of acting within three meters. Some exceptions are Hierophant Green and Highway Star.
  • Stands are usually bound to the user's body, but exceptions are abound, such as Wheel of Fortune being bound to a car, and The Fool being bound to sand.
  • As Stands are just images created by energy, the users are able to shrink them, mostly to enter the body of the opponent and attack its inside. Staying small, however, is very hard and takes a lot of energy.
  • Most Stands have no personal goals, serving their master without question. Stands who don't have users will generally go wild, such as Notorious B.I.G. and Anubis. Some Stands show personality, speaking to others besides their master, but most still serve their master without question. An exception to this rule can be Silver Chariot Requiem.
  • The first Stands in the JoJo Universe are named after the Major Arcana of the Tarot and Egyptian Gods. From near the end of Part III onwards, stands were named after musical bands, albums, and songs. In Part VI, many stand users are named after fashion labels.
  • In Part VII: Steel Ball Run, Stand mechanisms have changed; they no longer appear in battle (only appearing once when involved, such as Tusk) and the user does the attacking instead. Stands also look less human and more of them are conscious and can actually talk to their owners (e.g.Poco Loco's unnamed stand).

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Battles » The 7 Samurai VS. The 7 Deadly Sins

I think the samurai are being underestimated here; these guys cuts mechs like butter as well as cut and deflect giant bullets fired by said mechs. With only 10 lives they can win scenario 2 and with standard lives, with some difficulty, they win scenario 1.

Scenario 1

1. Homunculous Standard amount of lives

2. Battle starts from 20 feet away

3. Battle is at dawn

5. Battle is in urban city

6. Samurais get 2 days prep

7. All out battle

With 2 days of prep but no knowledge they can't really prepare accordingly, however if they know it's going to be a battle they can easily prepare for extreme threats with Heihachi's help, however with the fight at dawn the samurai would need to quickly take out Pride before it gets dark, since they are in a urban city there are likely many alley ways for Pride to hide and attack however with their prep they can likely get access to some heavy machinery such as large guns and traps. Plus with their strength they can likely parry and knock away Pride's shadows. All in all I am undecided on this part, it could go either way.

Scenario 2

1. No prep

2. Each fighter starts 10 feet apart

3. Fighters are in character

4. Homunculous only get 10 lives (Except Wrath who only gets one.)

4. One on one with the following match-ups:

Shimada kambe VS. Greed

Greed felt attacks from Wrath while in armor, I think kambe should be able to slice right through it, he is also much faster and more skilled than Wrath who took him down. kambe wins this easily.

Okamoto Katsushiro VS. Envy

Evny just sucks even in his giant form, he gets cut to bits over and over.

Kikuchiyo VS. Sloth

Kiku, stronger and can take more.

Katayama Gorobei VS. Wrath


Hayashida Heihachi VS. Gluttony

Heihachi is too smart for him and too fast.

Shichiroji VS. Lust

He was on part with Kambei

Kyuzo VS Pride

Kyuzo is faster and at dawn he has a chance.

I will make a more detailed argument later but Samurai should win.

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Battles » Funny Valentine VS Z fighters

@SpeedForceSpider: @Phoenix_Wright: @5th: @Kurohige: Well while I think Phoenix made a great argument and all that is plausible, in the end Funny V. takes out DBZ and the Gold Saints, however, against the universals, he simply lacks the power needed to put any of them down, in order to erase them he needs to actually go and grab an alternate universe version of the Saints, unless in one of his INFINITE universes he can manage to find a relatively human version of each God, it wont work, because the alternate people are normally just as strong as the one in the current universe, Valentine would not have anywhere close to the speed nor power to grab them and then bring them back, he would have to do something dumb like kindly ask them and that would not work. as for Love Train, as someone already stated: The best possible option becomes reality.

A cut to the foot becomes a cut to the heart.

If you hit Valentine it instead hits someone else

and so on.. Basically, The saints will end up killing themselves due to Love Train. Also getting the saints wont be hard since your alternate self doesn't take the same route in life that you do.

So he could pull out hobo versions of all the saints

and they'd still collide and die, such is the power of D4C

Funny V. is broken, he could take on the entire HST, DBZ, and Gold saints (Separately of course), however the only characters from Jojo capable of stomping the whole Saint Seiya vese including the gods would be Gold Experience Requiem since he can exist outside space and time and has unlimited range and can negate anything to 0, Notorious B.I.G. because he has infinite speed, is immortal, and can absorb matter and take it over, and then Stairway to Heaven because he has infinite speed and can restart the universe and remake it to his liking in an instant. However Funny Valentine can take out the Gold Saints as well as DBZ, the universals is where he loses.

A better fight would be Funny Valentine vs the HST then he would stomp likely but at least then it wont be some awkward standstill like this. Don't get me wrong, this guy is incredibly broken, but even in his own series there were far worse. Nice concept for the battle but unless speed and strength is equal I don't see him winning, maybe not losing, but most defiantly not winning.

Parts of my argument may be outdated since I have long since finished SBR, but I'm pretty sure he takes the gold Saints as well as this battle at least.

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Battles » White Beard vs Kenshiro and Ace

@Destinyheroknight: By similar I meant that feat of dodging the fake luffy's bullet at point blank. But yes luffy is well above sonic reaction before new World, my bad for the wording.

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Battles » White Beard vs Kenshiro and Ace

Did I mention kenshiro can read when the opponent will attack as sort of a precog as well as the consequence of any action he will use? At one point when he was fighting this guy in the sky he aura was was seen taking up a large section of that area

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Battles » White Beard vs Kenshiro and Ace

@othus12: Lol yes he can. He doesn't need a feat that is better than his quake when we know he did almost the same amount of damage to a city before his big power ups, lol as you saw Musous Tensei doesn't take any time to activate, hell the opponent doesn't even know until heir attack goes through them, Kenshiro has hyper sonic speed and even faster punching and reaction time. I hope you are not trying to argue that Whitebeard has hyper sonic speed... I don't know what you mean by keep up, Kizarau stopped and then tagged him, I believe Kizaru was the only one of the admirals who was unhurt save for Marco's kick which did nothing. Kenshiro fought a giant devil the same size of John giant and it has super speed as well as a deadly martial art and yet Kenshiro takes him out in one hit.

, unless by one hit you mean strength wise then Kenshiro has many feats like that too, hell, he killed one of the main antagonist, Shin, with one move lol. By ranged atacks taking awhile you mean as long as extending your arms? Whitebeard likes to hold and charge before releasing with that stance of his Kenshiro doesn't do that, you have soon the scans of how fast he is, I mean Raoh before the series could already punch and level a skyscraper, Kenshiro is stronger that Raoh at the end of series one. A simple punch could also do sever damage to Whitebeard, Imean he is able to be hurt by swords and such. The moment Whitebeard moves Kenshiro would have been out of their, Musous Tensei to simply gain some ground and then natural speed to finish him off. Another feat is of him feflecting a dart shooter aimed at someone a few feet behind him before the guy even noticed.

Kenshiro as a child already had above sonic reactions, similar to Luffy when he fisrt entered New World

Also, Kenshiro, while using PASSIVE aura and badly injured, pushed up an entire waterfall, using deadily ki and fully healed that will do some damage with whitebeard:

The only reason this fight is not over near instantly is because Whitebeard is 100 feet away, he wont get past musous tensei nor Kesnhiro's far superior speed and attacks. Kenshiro's attacks are enough to hurt and kill Whitebeard, that's a fact. Kenshiro has too much in his arsenal. Whitebeard loses from Musou Tensei or a punch in his direction of long range attacks or flying around with his shield. Not to mention he will be paying attentions to Ace too.

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Dragon Ball » Can Goku survive extreme temperatures?

Define extreme. Like the sun for heat, or freezing level for cold, ect, because Goku has been able to stand up to some pretty harsh elements like stated above.

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Battles » White Beard vs Kenshiro and Ace

@othus12: I am no liar, however the burden of proof lies with the one who made the accusation, no? Well here is his Musou Tensei, a move he can activate the instant he needs to. While fighting Kaioh, Kaioh unleashes an energy field/aura that destroys anything it touches (Well, think of it as those energy barriers DBZ characters use.) Kenshiro uses Musou Tensei and becomes intangible and phases right through it an even fights in it, the only way to counter Musou Tensei is wilth Musou Tensei, which Whitebeard does not have.

And here is Kenshiro using it against Raoh to phase though a aura wave attack and a punch from him:

He can also use it while knocked out and went through a energy blast

And he does have ranged attacks, kamehameha, anyone? lol

As for my hyper sonic claim, we have Eughar, who was able to snap a whip at speeds fast enough to rip people apart, yet Kenshiro was able to catch the whips and tie them together and fling them back at the users face, he did this so fast no one noticed till the whip hit the guy's face. A whip's tip travels over 1,400 feet per second when the whip is cracked -- much faster than the speed of sound, which is about 1,230 feet per second. (744 meters per second) Thus, the crack of a whip is actually a small sonic boom.

Thus making Kenshiro at least mach 8 meaning he is hypersonic.

NOTE: A whip used by a regular human moves at supersonic speed, this guy is way above the likes of a normal human. (the speed should have been around Mach 6 - 8 as calced on the OBD's Metadome.)

Kenshiro also blitzed a guy capable of attacks someone from all directions and attacks all 1,109 pressure points at once, yet Kenshiro blitzed him from several feat away without him noticing:

As for strength Kenshiro also rivals if not surpasses whitebeard. He is Kenshiro punching Falco hard enough to cause a good chunk of landscape behind him to collapse and fissure as well as the sky to slip apart:

As for durability, Kenshiro fought people stronger than when he split the sky, like Kaioh for example, Kenshiro's strongest punch didn't even make him flinch and kenshiro himself admitted her was stronger, yet at the end kenshiro stomped the guy.

Dude, the Asura arc had crazy hax, Musous Tensei destroys matter by simply walking through it. Also, Kenshiro crated after-images BY WALKING at one point.

As for city busting, I don't mean kenshiro can punch the ground and the city crumbles, however, in his fight with Raoh the whole city was tearing apart, also here is proof of shields and flying, watch the first 3 minutes and you will see:

Keep in mind that was early in the series, hell before even that Raoh was strong enough to punch someone in half so hard a giant building a ways behind him split in two from the sheer force of his punch

So in short it is not BS, I have many more scans but I don't think they are needed, Musou Tensei is hax enough to end him, he has nothing to get past it, plus Kenshiro is a hundred feet away? lol hives him plenty of time to use it ans spam far range (Which also make people explode.) Kenshiro takes this.

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Battles » White Beard vs Kenshiro and Ace

Lol Kenshiro solos. Musou tensei and near lightning speed, or at least massively hyper sonic. Ki projectiles and shield that protected him from Raoh's attacks that were capable of destroying a entire city. Kenshiro could easily moves fast enough the moment of the fight starts so Whitebeard wont see him and one hit will be the end of him. Or become invincible with musou tensei as stated above.

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Battles » Diavolo Una VS Wally West

@CerberusPrime3k: I was going to post that XD the thing is though, King Crimson is already activated before the fight, that means Diavolo will automatically be able to see any danger 10 seconds before it happens, in that time all he needs to do is activate the Time Skip and Wally literally wont see him coming. Without precog I think Wally would kill him before he even summons his Stand however being able to see what will happen a whole 10 seconds before Wally even knows what he will do is a huge advantage given his ability. Plus the ability takes no time to activate, and Wally wont see the Stand either so it could arguable block for him even if he attacks as it comes out right in front of him.

How much faster than light would you need to be for that feat, because Diavolo from the stats above would have to be about 8x light speed, but a pico second is only slightly longer than a nano second. I don't know the math but in natural speed Wally is faster than all Jojo characters except Stairway to Heaven (Who has infinite speed) and Gold Experience Requiem (Who is instant and can exist outside of space and time) if not for hax abilities I'm convinced Diavolo would be toast.

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Battles » Josuke Higashikata VS Ichigo Kurosaki

Crazy Diamond's fist clashes with Ichigo's sword, Ichigo's sword gets reverted back into reishi, Ichigo turns into a normal human, Josuke pummels him, fight over.

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