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Justice replied to the topic Vegeta (Cell Saga) vs Bambina (True Form) on the Battles board.
Dang, I thought Toriko was only at Freiza Saga level, or was that only for the Heavenly Kings? What are Bambina's stats/feats?
6 days, 16 hours ago
@Falbium_Asmodeus: Okay are we using anime Supernatural or original? The OP did not specify. But would that be part of standard? Plus would that work if he was ripped to pieces?
1 week ago
Feats for Movie Jason. Anyway he should stop at 9, 6(6 if no personas), comic Jason stops at 9.
1 week ago
Ehh.. I think Same and Dean are better than HSOTD team, unless this is strictly the anime version of them. I dunno if the Rabbit's Foot in standard or not but I do recall that among Jason's powers he has immortality since in Jason lives he was brought back and pretty much unkillaable, plus he can take over people's souls like in Jason Goes to Hell, he was blown to ...
1 week ago
Justice replied to the topic Nanto Army vs Skypiea Army on the Battles board.
Well I'll go in order of the match-ups here.Nanto Leaders vs Skypiea Leaders: Nanto should win this except against Enel with decent injuries.Fodder vs Fodder: I feel like Skypiea has stronger fodder, but Nanto simply has more of then, and regular thugs in Hokuto no ken can casually break boulders and lift steele beams and even bend them. I say Nanto based on sheer numbers considering this is all of ...
2 weeks ago
Justice replied to the topic Ichibei Hyosube VS.Doflamingo on the Battles board.
Doflamingo wins high difficulty, with Pika especially. Ichibei can't use his ability at that crazy speed, Doflamingo simply points. Also, splashing ink on Pika is useless, it will be like putting ink on the ground, he would need to hit Pika's actual body. Doflamingo can also make the string clones to distract him then cut him up. he is also only immortal when someone calls his name, otherwise he remains ...
2 weeks, 1 day ago
Justice replied to the topic Sajin Komamura vs Soi Fon on the Battles board.
Komamura, both rounds. people act like Komamura would be destroyed by anyone faster than him all while forgetting ALL his opponents have been faster than him. In terms of reaction time Komamura is amazing, he reacted to Aizen's swing who was>>Soi Fon in terms of speed even with clones to confuse him. He also blitzed Tousen who blitzed Shinji (And Grimmjow twice in base) from a great distance without him ...
3 weeks, 6 days ago
@SMXLR8 said:Hell if this thing entered Naurto it could potentially soloNever, Oonoki would potentially solo at that point@Dream:As mentioned above, both Gundams are capable of being piloted autonomously if they lack a core or pilot to control them.True but the power is lowered considerably, especially if the Devil Gundam loses the core, hell, after Rain was removed Domon just blew the rest of the thing up and it caused the ...
4 weeks ago
Yeah and Black orbs+Amatarsu=No regen and constant damage. The Duo has this after a good fight.
4 weeks ago
@EVA_01 said:@Justice: Dude, it's generally known that Genjutsu is only verse-specific, without verse equalization it would never work. Also, how are you going to put someone who is already possessed in a Gen.? Not that it matters here though.That kinda thing is automatic, like when a Bleach character fights anyone not from their series.
4 weeks ago
@Dream:That's assuming Sasuke has the chakra reserves and means to teleport away such a massive target.Considering how much chakara he used fighting Kaguya nad Naruto FOR A FULL DAY, he should easily be able to teleport it away at full power.With the Devil Gundam controlling him, it would likely work no differently from when he tries it on a Jinchuriki user.I thought he just became part of it, I thought ...
4 weeks ago
@EVA_01: What? Since when was the argument that those without chakara can't be places in genjutsu, that's kinda BS, It hought in almost all crossover battles Genjutsu were fair game? I was talking about the pilot, and Sasuke can teleport Ulube out of his Gundam, same with Sakura so both Grandmaster and Devil Gundam lost their power instantly, they don't need to blow the whole thing up.@Dream said:@Justice: Get infected ...
4 weeks ago
@EVA_01: @Dream: Or naruto and Sasuke fly over the army and just spam their powerful jutsu, can't Sasuke teleport grandmaster away and switch places with him? Thus allowing him into the core of the Devil Gundam? If Ulube is piloting it that means Sasuke can place him in a Genjutsu, and Susanoo will also take care of the who regen thing. Honestly, lasers and bullets and rockets wont stop Naruto ...
4 weeks ago
@CosmicKnight75: Naruto and Sasuke both have giant forms themselves with Kurama and Susanoo, they have sealing, and can spam multi-mountain level attacks, the army in a non-issue here. Does the Devil side have anything that can even hurt the duo?
4 weeks ago
I see it going either way, but don't both Naruto and Sasuke combines have country level attacks?
4 weeks ago
Justice replied to the topic King Gaius vs Knocking Master Jirou on the Battles board.
@CerusSerenade: You reasoning are all kinds of wonky O.O first off creating the universe does not make him universal, destroying the universe would. Secondly you are really trying to convince us that Jude has universal punches, Alvin has a universal gun, Leila has a universal staff, Rowan has universal spells and Elize has universal Teepo? Err yeah.. I hope you are trolling..hard because that is most certainly not the case. ...
6 months ago
Justice replied to the topic King Gaius vs Knocking Master Jirou on the Battles board.
@Falbium_Asmodeus: Now that I think about it, isn't speed equal only applicable to movement speed? Shouldn't Jirou's reactions be vastly greater than Gaius to where he can easily punch a hole through him? Or paralyze him?
6 months, 1 week ago
Justice replied to the topic King Gaius vs Knocking Master Jirou on the Battles board.
Having played most of the Tales game save Tales of Tempest since that game... well it wasn't the best. As for this fight with speed as it is I don't see Jirou not getting killed, replace Gaius with Kuwabara, Okuyasu, or Hakumen and you will get the same effect. Now as far as the argument going on here I say I agree on the notion that the cast is not ...
6 months, 1 week ago
Justice replied to the topic Bellamy the Hyena VS. Arlong Park on the Battles board.
@othus12: Yeah.. bounties are not power-levels, otherwise Nami would and Ussop would be above Chopper or Robin could beat Franky. Remember that Crab claw pirate with a bounty in the hundred millions? The guy Hordy Jones demolished? He displayed nothing of that level yet he had a high bounty anyways. Bounties are just about who caused the most damage and posed the biggest threat to the government. They are not ...
10 months, 1 week ago
Justice replied to the topic Bellamy the Hyena VS. Arlong Park on the Battles board.
Arlong pirates take this, Bellamy has shown nothing impressive, the pirates also have the water to their advantage. I can see Bellamy taking them maybe one on one but at the same time he get bodied. Bartolomelo was completely thrashing him with ease, he did not put up any fight, his can take a beating but his best feats are taking out fodder. Bellamy is maybe large building level in ...
10 months, 1 week ago
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