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Sup people. I saw this community, and I wanted to see if you guys could help me out.

Now, I got a lot of friends who are into anime. I used to be big into anime, but some things kept me away from it. Primarily, the sexism in anime.

How do people cope with that? How do they find it funny?

I mean, sure it's meant to be funny, but I really don't find it funny. And I really can't understand why they make it as so and try to be funny with it.

You have anime where it's a little skinny guy, who gets smacked around all day by girls. How is that funny? Why don't we switch it up, and have the chicks get hit? That wouldn't be funny, so why is it funny that the guy gets hit? Sexism is really not funny, but if that is what the Japanese are into, well then they got some issues. That's my opinion. (For example, Girls Bravo. I can't get past the first episode. The main character is just so stupid and a wimp.)

And then you get the anime where it's ALL about boobs. Boobs here, there, everywhere. I mean, fanservice is cool, but there really should be a limit to respect the women out there. Just like the anime should respect the men who don't like being represented as wimps, the women should be respected by not having their boobs showing all the time. (For example, Sekirei. Like, really? To get the story across, there NEEDS to be an excess of boobs?)

I mean, there really seems to be no balance at all with anything. And it's a turn off for me, because I enjoy Japanese culture, but I can't seem to enjoy anime. I mean, I really don't understand how people can enjoy it without seeing the sexism involved. It's weird, because as humans we shouldn't want sexism and just want equality, but that's not how anime presents itself.

I really want to know how you guys deal with it. Do you enjoy the sexism? How do you find it funny? Maybe if you guys can clear stuff up, or some techniques you guys do to block out the sexism, maybe I can do it too and try to enjoy the anime without the sexism(which is kinda hard, but I'm willing to try if you guys can help me out.)

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