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An avatar has nearly come to fruition. Clouds gather over San Francisco, creating the darkness that this newborn god thrives in. The Huntsman races to the island where the world will end, but he knows he cannot stop this being alone. Fortunately, the waves of darkness coming forth from this being are picked up by many. Heroes, villains, and whatever the hell Huntsman is must work together to stop the Swallower of Worlds from releasing his forces through the rift he tears in reality and taking another planet in his jaws.

  • Open RPG
  • Standard rules apply
  • Any tier allowed, although street levelers should be well armed.
  • Don't blow up the island
  • Won't start for a while because my workload is currently pretty heavy
  • Be careful around doorways...
  • Have fun!

I felt it was time to do something with Huntsman now that Warden and Ariana have had a chance, and to expand upon my avatar idea. Hopefully it turns out well.

His teeth are like mountains

In the dark heart of Alcatraz, the line between God and Devil blurs. Come to be the first to be swallowed by the new lord of the Earth. My mouth awaits. Come jump in.

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The best there is?
The best there is?

Name: Smackdown

Age: 25

Birthday: May 12

Height: 6'0"

Alignment: True Neutral(Neutral Evil in avatar state)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Group Affiliation: None

Original Name: Daniel Drake

Known Aliases: Pink Comet of Death

Occupation: MMA fighter

Location: Seaside, Oregon

Avatar Appearance: Dan Hibiki

Origin of Power: Divine

Signature Moves: Voice of God- Blast fired from the mouth. Has the longest range of any of his attacks. Acts as an extremely concentrated beam of force with almost no area of affect.

Force orbs- Dan's most basic energy attack. Dan can create spherical shots of various sizes from his palms. He can create either a flurry of small ones or a single larger one. No matter the size, they have impressive area of effect.

Close combat- Dan can completely coat his body in energy to raise his durability and striking ability. This drains him, but raises these stats almost as much as his avatar state does.


Smackdown is a former street thug from a small coastal city, feared for his incredible strength. His entire gang, marked by their pink clothing, was contracted by a cult to guard them during a ritual. It seemed like an easy job, with even the police unwilling to approach the bulletproof and brutal Smackdown. However, Huntsman was. He tore through them like a blender, wounding Dan and turning the rest into a pile of body parts on his way to the ritual. Looking over the carnage, the most horrifying thing he had ever seen, he swore off ever killing anybody again and getting strong enough to defeat the monster that killed his gang. Five years later, as a world- class martial artist, he never learned what it was that killed his gang, but he may soon find out.

Changing his real name, he mostly participates in martial arts tournaments. However, his powers rob him of a lot of the thrill he seeks from battle. These abilities are not only his enhanced stats but his ability to fire off extremely close-ranged bursts of spiritual energy and a strange pheromone ability.


Dan has three very distinct states of mind. Normally, he is calm, reserved, and somewhat shy, finding it nigh impossible to start a conversation. He mostly just reads, writes, or plays his saxophone when alone, which is most of the time. In battle, he becomes a very different person. He becomes, loud, brash, and cocky. The thrill of battle fills him, leading to his normal personality being even more pronounced upon leaving it.

Not as different as is apparent is his avatar state. In this form, he seeks only survival and reproduction. His pragmatic side comes to the forefront as his emotions recede. He comes off as antagonistic to males and possessive of females in this form, and even more withdrawn afterwards due to the embarrassment of his actions. However, he retains much of his clumsiness and acts on many of his normal state's desires.


Pheromones- His pheromones can A. make them fall asleep, or B. act as an aphrodisiac. The third function functions differently based on the target. If they are already attracted to somebody, this drops their inhibitions and causes them to make a beeline for them. If they are not currently in love with anybody else, they will become infatuated with him. The later version only works if they would normally be attracted to him, meaning it is ineffectual on heterosexual men and homosexual women.

Beddy-bye: Dan can alter the dreams of sleeping people and encourage them to give him information. In his Avatar state, he can even control the unconscious, although with that power he doesn't usually have too.

Spiritual strikes- Smackdown can fire blasts that normally don't travel more than about three to five feet. He can fire these from his hands, feet, and mouth, and the longest ranged blast goes about ten feet.

Primal condition- His heart and lungs, especially his lungs, are larger and stronger than normal. In his Avatar state, he can let loose a roar that feels more like an explosion, useful against large groups of enemies.

Artist of the Fists- Dan is a skilled martial artist. He has borrowed techniques from Muay Thai, but avoids them against weaker foes due to the fact that with his strength, they're lethal. Instead, he usually focuses on techniques that incapacitate his foes or just uses enough strength to drop them.

Evil, but a snappier dresser.
Evil, but a snappier dresser.

Avatar state- In this form, his stats raise impressively and his powers become more effective. However, he tries to avoid using it against foes weaker or as strong as him, reserving it for stronger ones. He has difficulty returning to normalcy when he turns into this form, and it makes him quite terrifying. As well as his increased abilities, he can also use his ponytail like a tentacle, strangling his foes with ease.

In his avatar form he like a wild animal given thought, seeking only to fulfill his biological needs. Reproduction being one of these, he will happily inform any females around that they are his mates and batter anybody who says otherwise. In this state, his hair, canines, and nails grow out, returning to normal afterwards.


Range- Dan is mid ranged at best. His energy attacks are weakened quickly by distance and his pheromones diffuse to the point of uselessness not much further.

Social train wreck- Shy and reserved normally, arrogant and impulsive in battle and around it, simple minded, abrasive to men and possessive of women in avatar state.


Dan has been on the move ever since his gang was killed and has a withdrawn attitude when out of battle, not drawing him many friends. However, he did manage to secure a few friendships or at least alliances in the Gen Rescue Squad.


In Battle:

When fighting a single opponent of lesser strength, he holds back and doesn't use his powers to make it a contest of skill, something he lives for. However, when fighting single opponents of his own strength, he will use his spiritual strikes but not his pheromone powers. When fighting multiple foes weaker than him, he uses only his pheromone abilities and physical abilities. Only if confronted with somebody stronger that himself does he use all of his abilities, but in doing so he raises the risk of his Avatar form being activated. In style, he is massively skilled, focusing on using not only his hands and feet but also elbows and knees and knowing how to put people down without killing them.

In this state, he excels in battle, using his imposing figure and confident poise to intimidate foes, preferring brutal combos to shatter bodies and cruel fear tactics. He will even raise unconscious enemies as puppets to fight for him. He likes grappling, as his extra limb can combine with his claws and teeth to brutalize foes at close range. He is only held back by Dan's normal personality resisting, but the longer he remains like this, the more he solidifies his grip, and the harder it becomes harder for him to leave the form.

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So many forms in which to kill you all.
So many forms in which to kill you all.

Huntsman/The Swallower of Worlds:

Gender: NA/Male(nominally)

Species: Unknown, possibly demon/Demon God.

Place of origin: Earth/Also unknown.

Age: 7/Trillions of years or more.

Birthday: October 14/Meaningless.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Goodish

Orientation: Bisexual/Basically omnisexual, with intellectual attraction to beings of any body.

Appearance: As a shapeshifter and illusion maker, he constantly changes faces and bodies. Likes long coats and capes, usually takes attractive forms./Used to be a creature made of darkness, several hundred feet tall, with four arms and eyes and a short, canine snout. Now, same as Huntsman but prefers to have four arms and eyes.

Occupation: Member and co-leader of the Wild Hunt./ Freeloader. Formerly president/diplomat/gatherer.

Location: London.

Personality: He started out cold and cunning, but with absorptions he has gained more character traits. He has become immature, focusing on sex and violence to a worrying degree. /Considers himself a true gentleman, and ordinarily laid back and polite. Except to the Huntsman. Fuck that guy. He is a good deal more moralistic than Huntsman, with a strong sense of black and white ethics, even if they are quite twisted and flawed.


Antimagic- The Huntsman is unaffected by any magic due to an amulet hidden in its body. As a downside, they are incapable of using it, and healing and enhancement spells cannot help them. A clarification- he can be hurt by magically created attacks, so long as they aren't inherently magical themselves. Ex. Fire made by magic would harm him, but magical fire(say, hellfire) would not. Magically enhanced attacks only do base damage, so if he was sliced by a magical blade it would only deal as much damage as a normal blade of the same quality.

Barriers- Can create barriers of energy. These barriers can be very large, but are limited in shape, usually being no more complex than a wall or bubble.

Illusion- Huntsman can create impressively real illusions of the eye, but not of any other sense.

Teleportation- Can teleport to any location. Takes a massive hit on his stamina, to the point where if he does it more than twice in a battle he will likely pass out.

Multilingual- Huntsman can speak many languages. All lost when Evoked.

Absorption- His original power. He can absorb foes, gaining their abilities and memories, along with a snipit of their personalities. Retained when evoked, and he has started expanding upon it.

Body manipulation: Same as Shepherd's.


Stamina- Huntsman's stamina is poor at his absolute best, and different abilities drain him even quicker. He can only hold barriers for thirty seconds, and even then they drastically start to weaken. Teleportation is even worse, and trying to do it more than twice in a row can cause him to instantly collapse. The divine armor drains him as well, and he can only use them for a minute at a time. His illusory abilities don't drain his stamina like the others.

Poor social skills- Let's mince no words, Huntsman is a dick. He doesn't handle his emotions well, being extremely immature.

Cold- Cold environments lessen his flexibility and slow his shapeshifting abilities.

Fire, acid, energy attacks, etc.- While he can regenerate as long as his cells are intact, some attacks that destroy cells can cause him true harm.


Huntsman finds it difficult to make friends, as he is only pleasant to the few people he likes(meaning he wants to sleep with them) being irritable towards most others and having little patience. However, he has made many enemies. While most of these are because of his role in life, his actions outside of this have also earned him foes.

When hunting the Swallower of Worlds, Huntsman made an alliance with Gen Shishioh, Sid Renen, and Rex Longinus. They helped him defeat the beast, but thought he died in the process. It was there that he made an enemy of Melea Zines, the Swallower's high priest. He afterwards also found another enemy in Luna Neroline, a succubus that drew his unwanted attentions. Their interaction was so brief that he honestly doesn't recall why she's mad at him. He also made a relationship he would call a friendship with Halwende Chase. It's unlikely the soul manipulator would use this term. Also has a personal dislike for the Emperor(Samjaz) and his pet(Alicia) after getting mind raped by the first and finding the other to be a stupid drone.


When Huntsman goes hunting avatars or cult centers, he brings bigger toys. These are a few of these weapons he brings when he expects hell:

Divine armor- Can summon armor that enhances either defense or attack abilities. Attack raises destructive power from building level to full on city busting punches. (Destroyed in Running the Asylum) Defensive armor does the same for his durability. Both are extraordinarily heavy, especially the attack armor, and he can only use them briefly. His speed also drops when they are in use.

Divine Retribution- A magical shield taken from an avatar in Paris, part of the silver, defensive divine armor. It absorbs the power of incoming attacks, storing them to become more powerful, then releasing it all in a massive close-ranged kinetic blast. Its power depends on how many blows it takes before unleashing the force. Lost along with its associated armor when Huntsman was evoked.

Godfist- The twin of the avatar with Divine Retribution wielded this, and it's associated with the golden divine armor like its cousin is with the silver. It contains astounding might, amping Huntsman's punches to one mighty country-annihilating blow before having to recharge for a month. It also drains Huntsman severely when used. (Destroyed in Running the Asylum)

In Battle:

Huntsman is less flexible in combat than Shepherd, focusing on his other powers like barriers and illusions for most attacks instead of constantly shifting his body. He normally holds back to preserve his limited energy, and as a result is highly offensive when he's forced to go all out, ignoring injury and trying to put his foe down at all costs.

Swallower: Skilled, but currently limited by an unknown body. More to come when he masters the form.




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Ariana Harper:

God and Guardian
God and Guardian

Species: Human.

Place of origin: Unknown.

Age: 6, 9 after stay on Nassau and birthday.

Birthday: October 14

Height: 4'7"

Orientation: NA

Alignment: Chaotic neutral.

Appearance: Short, curly black hair, large brown eyes. Tall for her age. Tends to dress simply with a leashed backpack, a blouse, and jeans or other simple leggings.

Occupation: None.

Location: Anywhere.

Personality: Optimistic and cheerful(usually), even for her age, although she knows more of the darker aspects of the world than most her age. She often pushes her guardian to save people like his allies do. She has a love of the strange and adventure, although she has poor judgement when it comes to risk.

Powers: Unknown, except for massively powerful mental shields, although they were likely implanted from outside. Does, however, speak many languages.

Shepherd, aka Warden Harper:

Species: Unknown, possibly a demon.

Place of origin: Unknown.

Age: Unknown, at least the age of his charge.

Birthday: Unknown.

Height: Varies, usually 5'9"

Orientation: Asexual.

Alignment: True neutral.

Appearance: Normally looks like he could be Ariana's father- short black hair, brown eyes, 6'5". However, he can take the form of any living being of roughly equal mass, although he can gain mass from others or lose it with some effort. He prefers not to stand out.

Occupation: Has seemingly limitless money always on hand. Uncertain where he gets it.

Location: Anywhere.

Personality: Single-minded and overprotective of Ariana. Brutal and precise fighter. All of his decisions revolve around protecting Ariana, and he is capable of truly horrible things to further this goal.


Body manipulation- Shepherd can rearrange and grow his flesh and bone, often to make tentacles or bone spikes, and even skin flaps for gliding. He can also change color.

Regeneration- Regenerates extremely quickly. Can regather parts as long as cells are intact, but for more major injuries he has to gather mass from others. This on top of his durability makes him very hard to put down. He can also operate with very little of his body intact.

Mental shields- As with Ariana, he has extensively powerful mental shields.

Multilingual- Speaks many languages.


Cold- Stiffens his joints and overall lowers his flexibility.

Acid, fire, energy attacks, etc.- Any attack that destroys cells causes him actual harm.


Father of the year.
Father of the year.

At first glance, they seem ordinary. Just a son and his daughter, usually seen in airports or bus stops, never in one place for long. Those who take interest in conspiracies and the occult may notice pictures of them all over the world, clips of security footage and satellite images. Sometimes the man looks different, sometimes he's even a woman, but the girl is always the same. She is the avatar of an unknown god, needed for unknown purposes. Her guardian defends her until an appointed time, defending her from those who want to use her potential powers or fear what her god will bring. Many have tried to take her. All have failed, and the pair disappears before many especially grisly murders end up found. Even now they travel the world, trailed by the remainder of those who hunt them. Unfortunately, people are beginning to take notice of the odd killings of cult members and law enforcement, and they can stay hidden no longer...

In Underground Fighting in Osaka, Shepherd battled Gen Shishioh, a powerful young spirit boxer. Although he managed to cause him no small injury, he was eventually damaged too much to fight and lost. He left Osaka with Ariana without the prize money he sought. After failing to take up a more permanent residence in England in the events of Bunkbeds, the pair followed Jardsam and Haruko to the pirate island of Nassau(1715) in the events of Day Seized.

After a raptor race, Warden chose to stay in the past with Ariana to keep her away from modern forces that sought to harm her and cause her to fully manifest before the other avatars were even born. In Another Roll of the Dice, they were brought back to protect the timeline from further interference after the Master of Games, Jardsam, and a group of actual heroes defeated Demon Gods threatening the world. Here Eve, another spawn of Warden, struck out on her own, disgusted by Warden's actions.

Not long after, Warden and Ariana went with Arthur's daughter Loveline too a flower festival in Japan, events there granting the girls new powers. Shortly after, Warden came to Egypt in search of an artifact he was in need of. Finding it, Warden sought to settle down in London to be near Arthur, now a trusted ally, but these plans were ruined by a Taylor-led panic.


Warden and Ariana have made a number of friends, due to Warden's practicality in picking allies and Ariana's general adorableness and friendliness. Among these are Arthur Crowmwell and Haruko Miyata, trusted enough to watch over Ariana for brief periods of time. More tenuous are Leora Clair, whom Warden distrusts for her calming aura, and Jardsam, far too unpredictable to be trusted, but too powerful to remove.

Always at risk.
Always at risk.

Warden has also made a number of enemies, some an inevitable result of guarding an avatar, some due to his personal mistakes. Huntsman and Eve, spawned from his own flesh, came to hate him for his callous use of them. He personally hates the Master of Games, even if he promised to not harm Ariana.

In Battle:

Warden constantly shifts his body in combat, moving like liquid. Although he can create wings, he usually stays on the ground to protect Ariana, acting as a wall until he can escape. As a result, he battles extremely defensively if he can't end the battle in a single blow, wearing opponents down with his defense and regeneration if forced to fight directly. Be warned-he is not known for his mercy.

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