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 i've be hooked on mature manga ever since i read "berserk" (note: by mature i mean blood,gore,ecchi. not hentai) so i've been roaming the net looking for more manga in the category. i came across a forum talking about a subject "is there manga like gantz", i looked into it. the manga most recommended was "Berserk", "Monster", and "Battle Royale". people on the forum were putting mad hype on this manga so i was like, cool i'll check it out. i read it and here is my review
Art: the manga is 10 years old so i wasn't very surprised by the look of the characters in chapter one (it looked old but it was well done for its age). 
now here the kicker every time one character goes crazy they have a very fk'ed up disturbing look on there face that really throws the reader off. it makes the art look ten times worst.  

thats not even the worst shot...
also why is it that the 9th graders look like they are 40 years old?

as for the gore and blood, very good job except for one thing: they put gore into the story where it doesn't belong, example: 

a) there are razor blades on the edge of the door 
b)little girls in this manga has the strength of ten men
 or a manga that is supposed to be realistic they have very unrealistic moments  
 i give the art a 2 
characters: wow, where do i start -_-, there are over 40 characters in the manga and only ten are even remotely interesting, clever, or favorable. The characters in the manga were not well thought out and almost every one of them caved under pressure and went totally ape S@!t  making the reader think what the fk is going on...
as i stated above most of the characters went insane as they roamed about the island making the reader a little confused. if this is supposed to be a realistic manga why is it that a calm, care free, 9th grader with morals turn to murder so quickly? some of them wasn't even in danger and they turned on there friends. am i the only one that doesnt think that is realistic?
if you were to ever read the manga after this review you will notice what could possibly be the two most interesting characters in the manga (not saying names). the manga hardly started and the character that would have made the whole manga died by the hand of the other favorable character, wtf. that one out of like 7 good characters down the drain. not to mention the very weird sex scenes...
i give i characters a 2 out of 5
and im being generous.....
plot: the plot setup was great, chapters 1-10 could get a reader hook easily, however there are many holes that are left unanswered that the writers had to know we would ask.
like why the hell didnt the americans or the UN stop the game? they had to know about it.
why isn't there camera's everywhere but microphones instead? 
who did one of the characters sneak a laptop on the island? didn't the guards check them?
i give the plot a 3 and a half
all together the manga gets a 3 out 5 due to 3-5 awesome characters, and hit and miss plot, and good gore.
but once again im being nice, its lucky to get that
up next (if your even intersted lol) i'll re-review gantz, i let fanboyism get the best of me last time
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