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I have now heard from ANN that a newly revised version the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Amendment bill that will put the final nail in the coffin for anime and manga. The bill is basically telling seiyus, Music artists, mangakas, and the entire anime, manga, and gaming industry to "Find a new occupation or Get Out." This newly revised version will ban the sale of all forms of anime and manga that depicts a character that marries or have inappropriate relationships with a close relative regardless of their age. 
The bill will also ban anime and manga that is "considered to be excessively disrupting of a social order." Apparently,  this is what UNICEF Japan wants, to ban all forms of anime and manga. The original version of the bill was to ban anime and manga that "depicts characters who are (what appear to be) under the age of 18."
This bill will affect not only jobs, but the entire anime, manga, and gaming industry as we now it. This bill will cause riots throughout Japan. It will also cause American anime companies to take on live-action or instantly shut down, close its' doors, and put people out of work.  The downfall of Japan's economy will be dramatically insane. Not to mention that Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and other gaming companies will be furious about this bill.
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I have read the articles on this treaty and the whole document that was leaked in April. I figured out that everyone is trying to save free speech and fandom. But as of now, the ACTA agreement has been reached and no one seem to care and just ignores the facts about the fate of their freedoms and fandoms because of this treaty. But now, it's too late.
The Internet is dead and our fandoms of anime have now become illegal. Most of all,  the question is, alongside on spying your internet habits, will ACTA also require countries to install surveillance cameras in homes to spy on individuals and families to determine whether their personal and/or family activities infringes copyright? Maybe and it possibly can. 
The consequences on an individual and/or family would be harsh and severe if for example, a child or teen attempts to draw a cartoon/anime character off a TV show with piece of paper and a crayon or pencil even try making their own anime/cartoon character, a family member singing a song in the shower even try to think of his/her own song, or if a parent attempts to share a secret chicken recipe to a neighbor, that person would be blacklisted from society (meaning he/she will be banned from supermarkets, banks, shopping centers, malls, and would lose and/or be denied from getting a job, a bank account and a home. Homeless shelters and orphanages will be forced in compliance to refuse take the parent and/or child in because he/she is on the blacklist for infringing copyrighted material), fined, or serve a life sentence in prison.
Sounds a bit harsh and ridiculous, right? Exactly. In fact, ACTA can be misused to accuse and arrest infringement people of copyright infringement for example, they don't have computers, iPods, cell phones, laptops, or any other digital devices. Who knows? Under ACTA, it'll be confusing to determine who's  infringing copyright and who's not. Thus, countries may declare under this agreement that everyone is infringing copyright even if they don't have any such devices that infringes copyright. 
In fact, everyone's freedoms are now in danger. ACTA will stifle creativity, even a child's own creativity. This trade agreement is Anti-consumer, Anti-innovation, Anti-Creativity, Anti-Freedom, etc.

Article 2.14.1 of ACTA shows that non-commercial works including fan art and fanfiction are now considered illegal because this is what the European Union wants, to stifle everyone's creativity, freedoms, and fandoms of their own favorite shows, especially anime.
It's only a matter of time when the final draft of the treaty has been released and signed by our US president. And when it does, it will kill more jobs rather than protecting them and it will make the entire entertainment industry even more worse.
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I seem to forget 3 days ago that it was Megatokyo's 10th birthday. That's right, Fred Gallagher has been at this comic for 10 years. Will he ever quit and start focusing on raising a family with his wife Sarah?
The story starts with our 2 protagonists, Piro and Largo, who are stuck in Japan with no money. Piro gets a Job at MegaGamers, Largo gets a job teaching English at a high school.
Will they ever get back to The States? Only time will tell.
Note: Megatokyo book 1 does not contain Strip 58 One-shot Episode Happy Holidays because of copyright issue of the lyric "The Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues, which is only available online.
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The Hottest Ghost Sweeping Girl has been licensed. According to Anime News Network, Sentai Filmworks has announced Wednesday that they will license the 1993-1994 supernatural action comedy Ghost Sweeper Mikami. Previously, Manga Entertainment once had licensed the 45-episode TV Anime and it's 1994 film, but apparently Manga had only dubbed the film.
Ghost Sweeper Mikami is based on the manga GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen by Takeshi Shiina which ran on Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday from 1991-1999.  GS Mikami follows a beautiful ghostbuster Reiko Mikami and her hapless assistant Tadao Yokoshima fighting demons along with a friendly ghost named Okinu.
The question is: Will Sentai dub or sub GS Mikami? And if they dub it, will it be good or bad?  Only one way to find out, when it's released to DVD and Blu-ray.

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