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General Discussion » Goku strength level in all saiyan forms.

I was very interested on how strong goku was. So, I had to put my thinking in to wiki (sad). I found that goku at base level can lift about 40 tons. When he goes in to super saiyan, his strength and speed increase by 50x. The most I have ever seen goku get up to was super saiyan 4. Doing basic multiplication, I found out that goku super saiyan 1 can lift 2 million tons. At super saiyan 2, you take the super saiyan 1 strength and speed multiply it by 50. so super saiyan 2 strength is at 100 million tons. Then super saiyan 3 at 5 billion tons. Then the highiest I have ever seen him super saiyan 4 is at 250 billion tons. My question was that... is this right? Because I have never seen goku do anything at 250 billion tons of strength. I would like to know if the dragonball wiki is even right. I need some logical feed back please.

here is the links to the wiki page and the base strength of goku.

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