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Anime That I Watched In 2012

These are the Anime Series that I watched in 2012.

1. Recorder and Randsell

Season: One
Released: January 5th 2012

Picked this from the Animecrazy lineup. As far as I can tell, all I know about this show is that one of them is in a body older than them, the other in a body younger. Hilarity apparently ensues. I find this hard to believe as it sounds like the most stock, dumb and camp storyline I have ever heard. We'll see I guess. Thoughts after the jump

Thoughts: The first season of Recorder and Randsell is the exact kind of thing that you would point to when someone says "One Track Minded". The premise is the joke. Everybody mistakes this kid as a pedophile because he has done a "Jack" and looks like an adult human being. This is the only joke in the whole season. There are... no funny moments really. I chuckled once at his friends, but this show is just hopeless in it's premise, it's execution and it's effort. You do not need to see this. The only, and I mean ONLY reason I'm not giving this a one out of five is because it's offensive comedically, but that's all... it doesn't make me wanna kill myself... probably because each episode is three minutes in length, including the credits. Don't watch this, I promise you you'll be making the right choice.


2. Another

Season: One

I found this one that same way that I found Recorder and Randseru, through the Winter Lineup on AnimeVice. To be honest, a lot of it looked like the same ol' stock thing that I would see a lot in lineups recently, however Another looked kind of cool, I guess most of that stems from the fact that it's a horror anime to me, which I personally have never seen before, unless you think Death Note is in some way horror, which I do not.

Well, the premise looked interesting enough that they could go places with it and aesthetically it looks pretty dope, so it definitely has that going for it, I haven't researched this anime for shit so I don't know exactly what I'm going in to, but I'll be sure to tell you at the end of the season. Thoughts after the season... and jump.

Thoughts: This was actually a shocker. I was expecting this to be mediocre at best. I dunno, I guess I got used to my expectations of what a new anime will be today, given some of the stuff that has been coming out. However, with slightly chilling aesthetics, sonically chilling effects, an artwork that looks tailored to what they are trying to convey and characters that for the most part, are vibrant in personality (or the opposite, if the role calls for it), Another turns out to be the shocker of 2012 thus far.

My favorite part of the show is that around half way through, when story has been developed and the characters are fleshing out, it really pulls you in with the mystery of the story and gets quite good at putting me on the edge of my seat with the cliffhangers at the end. I guess I was just really invested in the story and who was gonna be cut off next, who was the person, etc. Well anyway, this is not one you should miss. It's great.


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