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Battles » Musashi Miyamoto (Vagabond) vs. Manji (Blade of the Immortal)


15 mile seperation...

Musashi has knowledge of Manji's immortality.

Terrain: Scenario 1: Mount FujI/ Scenario 2: Ishigaki's tropical rainforest

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Battles » TORIKO vs NARUTO

Haha, Toriko stomps Naruto Uzumaki.

I think though the main deciding factor here is that if you actually read through the series, Toriko, as opposed to Naruto, is legitimately intelligent. However, that aside, ontop of having incredible endurance as seen when he straight up got pounded by the Four Beast where he's just swimming in a pool of his own blood. Food honor, food luck, Gourmet Cells would be to much for Kurama, I mean Toriko at one point got cut up pretty bad and even lost a arm, but it regenerated. Gourmet Cells can become resistent enough to enter on some Dragon Ball Z qualifications of hard skin where swords can't even pierce you. Not to mention the whole Intimidation factor which is basically a more physical rendition of haki from One Piece, the concept of utilising your inner soul. Kugi Punch is all it'd take to K.O. Naruto, I mean did you see where he punched this dude and not only did this guy fly back a few miles but he EXPLODED on some Hokuto no Ken level. You see these guys get tossed through skyscrapers like rag dolls and it doesn't even effect them.

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