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Good guys whom everyone hated, part 1
This is easily one of my favorite themes in anime, right next to "precocious kids with developmental issues."
They are most definitely not anti-heroes, and they usually embody the best traits of humanity, yet... everyone hates them.
1. Vash

(From Trigun) Vash the Stampede... he could break you with a thought, yet he's just one adorable cuddle monster. Of course, all of his good intents haven't stopped him-related destruction as "an act of god," and thus uninsurable. Unrelated note: He totally loves doughnuts. Good guy rating: 5 out of 5

2. Clare

(From Claymore) So, the way I understand it... Humanity is defenseless against these super powerful "yoma." We develop one (and only one) way to fight them, which is to transform people into half human, half yoma hybrids, called claymores. Once more humanity has a chance of surviving, thanks to the Claymores, yet they totally hate and revile them just as much as the flesh eating demons. Good guy rating: 3 of 5

3. Celestial Being

(From Gundam 00) For being good guys, everyone did sure have it in for them. Celestial Being decided that the best way to end war was to take away all of the worlds toys. Using super-duper amazing suits, the team when from place to place turning every armed conflict into a double KO. Good guy rating: 5 out of 5

4. Casshern

(From Casshern Sins) He's all sort of confused. Not only did Casshern wake up in a post apocalyptic world, he was told it was his fault. The fact that he blanks out and turns into a murderbot doesn't really help his case. Good guy rating: 4 out of 5

5. Kaiji

(From Kaiji) Now, he's not really a good guy, as in a hero, but he tries really hard. What really sold me on him is that no matter how hard he tries, he "only" gets screwed. For every time he has a chance at success, his humanity gets the better of him... Yet, everyone in the world just loves hating him. Rich people pay to see him tortured, best friends sell him into slavery... things just don't work out in his favor. Good guy rating: 2 of 5

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