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What makes an effective villain? is it having the ability to wipe out a hero with a bat of the eye, or is it being able to enforce your will on the unsuspecting public? Regardless of what you feel a villain is, or should be; there are certain ways to write a Villain to legitimize them, without waiting for some hero to do it for you. With that said, welcome to my first SSU here on the Vice. 
 School is in session
 School is in session

What's your MO?

 Revenge alone doesn't quite take the cake, it doesn't really separate a "good" villain from the average street thug, or a vigilante in some regards; You're MO can be something simple; like wanting to be the owner of all dairy products to wanting to be the Queen of the Chaos Realm. Whatever your character's motivation for doing bad things, make it creative. While I'm on the subject of Kita (Who is the Ruler of the Chaos Realm), just because you're a villain does not mean you can only chastise heroes. A lot of villians, believe they are better than the next guy, so if you believe yourself to be a better Chicken than Nerx, by all means go for it. When Villains compete heroes usually suffer, (Which can make for a better story IMO) A hero would have the ardous task of stopping TWO villains from beating the crap out of each other, All the while saving the town, city, planet, universe at the same damn time
Not every Villain he/she is a villain, some Villains will murder and steal just for the simple fact that, in their minds...they're RIGHT! Lex Luthor, Vegeta, Team Aqua and Magma are probably very good examples of this. What in society is flawed, is it politics, business, religion?  Ultimately, what is the reason your character murders, plots, and steals.


 Know what you want: Take my character for example, Y intercept. She has chased  the CV, LW and now AV versions of Maya Lopez and Sha all over the internet; just trying to kill them.  Know what you need to make your character achieve his or her goals. If you want to complete Kingdom Hearts, to maybe possibly plunge the world in everlasting darkness; you probably would need to know what Kingdom Hearts is, How to obtain it, and who can possibly get in your way. (His name is Samjaz BTW). You don't want to be trying to complete Kingdom Hearts, while learning how to speak Spanish, while at the same time; trying to take out Sailor Moon. Your goal needs to be the focus of that particular story. 


"Wait...but didn't you say"  I know what I said, but It's a huge staple of what a Villain really is (besides I said revenge "Alone"), to legitimize a villain using revenge as a stance isn't a quick thing either. (Unless you're able to kill said, subject early, but then it's not really revenge more like vengeance). Revenge between a hero and Villain, or even a villain and villain could make for some epic stories; but like I stated this is usually no one time deal, which usually results in it getting stale quick (Hence why I said, revenge alone) there must be a significant amount of hatred between you to dedicate time and resources to. When done between two characters, Revenge could be encompassing pretty much a whole city, to kill one person. O.O

Just Watching The World Burn and Making a Statement 

This is a Type of MO which usually makes it hard for a hero, when presented with a foe, that doesn't give a damn about society; and murders just for his/her own personal pleasure. There are some villains that would just as easy sit down in broad day light with a rocket launcher and eff stuff up, go to jail, get out and do it again. If this is your type of villainy, you hold the distinct advantage of being the wild-card. When you are a wildcard villain, that means you are a threat to any OTHER villainy in your vicinity. They are more likely to team up with the heroes to take you out, then joining up with you. 
Got tons more stuff to write about but, it'll have to wait until next weekend.
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