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I got inspired by Samjaz, and Daniel Newten's blogs about their challenges so I decided to do one of my own. The difference between a Monotype Challenge and a Nuzlocke challenge is, if your pokemon faints; it's not considered dead. Also you must beat the game with ONLY the type chosen for you. My type for this game is water.

I took it a step further and downloaded the randomizer, this scrambled the whole game so that, I don't know what Pokemon any one trainer has, or will even show up!

So right from the bat, I named my trainer Sarah, it's a name I use in anything Pokemon related; whether it's rpg's in the forum or the actual games. Typical start up for a Pokemon game, though Prof. Birch used a Dusclops in the opener lol.Since the randomizer chose my starters at random, I chose a Zubat and placed it in the PC after I captured Swamp.

I caught Swampert at level 2, and let me say, training a fully evolved pokemon in the game from that level SUCKS! Just in the Littleroot area, I encountered Magikarps, Swamperts and Slowbro's.

My next Pokemon was a no-brainer, it was showing up as much as Swamp was, so I decided to catch it, I nicknamed it "My Bro" because of my idiotic brother. Early on, My Bro struggled...a lot; it seemed as if every Trainer used either a Bug, or a Dark Type; but I managed to get him from level 3 to level 14.

By far the hardest challenge for me yet, Roxanne usually known for using Rock Pokemon, used a Carvana and a Exeggcute; her water pokemon was child's play, but it would appear if I got an early dose of what the future holds for me. Swamp was level 17 when I entered the gym and after two tries, he was level 19.

My Bro proved to be useless against Carvanha, as it quickly used bite to take my poor bro-bro out.

This is just an example of how random the game is, Charmander showed up inside the Dewford Cave, I benefited a lot from this cave, I was able to level up My Bro a lot; making him a contender on my team now.

Brawley's gym was actually harder than he was, there were a couple of trainers who used, Lotads, one even used Suicune; he didn't use any strong pokemon; I think he had a vulpix, a pulse and a sandshrew. Anyways, my team is looking strengthened going into a battle with Wattson. IDK what he has, but I hope it's not grass pokemon.

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