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Back in 2000, Game freak  developed and Nintendo produced Pokemon Gold and Silver, Putting the gamer back in the pokemon world with only three years elapsed,(From it's predecessor of Red,Blue and Yellow) into the new land of Johoto . Same goal;Raise your pokemon to the highest level,battle the gyms, defeat the elite for and become champion. However there is now a bunch of new twist; for one Ditto can now mate. Shiny pokemon have been introduced, Now the player may travel to Kanto and battlethe pokemon gyms there. The champion RED from the Red,Blue and yellow series makes his apperance as the toughest trainer in the game with his Trademark Pikachu at level 81!  Then there is Pokemon Crystal, which is basically the same as Gold and Silver, however they introduce a first,; a female character mayb be chosen, and the Story tends to hand around Suicune just a bit.Gold and Silver both proved to be the most popular version of the game selling Approximately 15 Million in the U.S and Japan alone, 
Now let's fast foward to Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. These two games you could very well call the set up from HG and SS. Same premise as Red,Blue and Yellow, now the double battle feature that was present on Ruby and Sapphire have migrated over to this game. Not really any major changes except, for the inclusion of a female trainer and now there is a battle tower, and a land mass in the middle of the ocean called the Sevii islands. Aside from the Sevii Island and a few Generation II pokemon, FR and LG were pretty much the same game as Red Blue and Yellow.
Much like Gold and Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver take place three years after the events in Firered and Leaf Green. The game see's improved graphic, enhanced game play, including the pokewalker (Which i adore!) which allows for a player to upload a pokemon from the game to the device and you can walk around,battle, look for items and even catch pokemon. Also the Safari Zone that was closed in Gold and Silver makes it's return and is in a new area; that is only accessible by taking a new route.The Pokemon Contest that were introduced in Ruby and Sapphrie then expanded on in Diamond and Pearl, aren't present, they have been replaced with the PokeAthalon , which is a mini competetion where you can use 3 of your pokemon to do challenges and Mini games.

However unlike all the previous pokemon games, HG and SS really don't stand out as much, when it comes to improvements, The Gym leaders are still virtually punching bags, with the exception for maybe Clair and Whitney, Red returns as the most powerful trainer in the game, but there wherabouts of Green aren't stated, she's not even mentioned. The Sevii Islands were not included even though a good deal of FR and LG dealt with them. It almost seemed as if they created the game to directly emulate Gold and Silver, instead of building on the Story from FR and LG.
What do you think about the games, what did you want to see implemented that was not?
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