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Jlynnana (Ja-lan-na) is a human girl whom was actually killed in a car accident, However a professor named Hylan Maple, recovered the girl's body from the grave and spliced her DNA, with that of Pokemon. Using The Power of the RED CHAIN, he synthesized it's power to her cells and allowed her body to act as it once was. She however doesn't have any memories of her past life.


 Jlynn is composed of cells from Different Pokemon, allowing her to launch any and every known Pokemon attack. Unlike most Psychic Pokemon, she can think at 2x the speed of light; which means she can think faster than most people can blink.

One of Jlynn's most notable features is the Yellow hair extending from the back of its  head down past her legs; this actually serves as a indication to other scientist around the world that she is in fact a Pokemon and not a woman.

Gender differences

This Pokémon is a genderless species.

Special abilities

Jlynn is highly skilled with Psychic powers. It can levitate through use of telekinesis (though it can't have this ability), speak telepathically, and take control of another living being's mind. Jlynn is also capable of wielding various types of attacks. To exert its powerful psychic abilities, it will stay motionless for long periods of time in intense concentration to raise its capabilities to the maximum power.

. Escape

She was sent for further studies off the Isles of Brittania, when her scientist tried to have sex with her, quickly maturing her brain patterns she mind raped, him killing him, and then fled into the world. Her first known exposure to the rest of the world was when she battled a Pidgey in Japan, She charged up a powerful Hyper beam, and took half of Okinawa out with it.
Types:   Normal/ Psychic

Species: Human

Ability: Synchronize

Ex. @ 100. 1,56786990


Kanto 000

Johoto: 000

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This game is different from all the other, because while still connected to the Kingdom hearts Story line, this game features Roxas as the Main Character. The game Survey's Roxas's life before the organization. It's also TWO players (Fancy that!).

The game focuses on the Daily Life of the Organization, The name 358/2 Will make it's self known apparently when you beat the game. It focuses on How long Roxas was in the Organization and his battle with Riku.

IT drops May 30th in Japan Only lol

For more info
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Get your Poke ball's ready, the Pokemon world Tourney is back. This year trainers will compete on POKEMON:PLATINUM. Two World Champions will earn the rights to be world champ and a trip for four to Hawaii, New York, or Tokyo.

For more info go to Pokemon.com.

Me personally, i wont be entering this, because after my embarrassing lost to Devilly i need time to get my Pokemon in tip top shape!
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Steelix is a Ground/ Steel Pokemon. It is the Evolved form of Onix, but can only evolve when holding Metal Coat Item.

Steelix Made it's First appearance In Pokemon Generation II (Gold,Silver,Crystal) as the new Pokemon Type: Steel.


  • The Pokemon Gym leader Jasmine of Olivine City uses A steelix in the battle against Ash
  • Team Rocket Duo Atlia and Hun, uses a Steelix in the Legend of Thunder
  • Harrison Used a Steelix against Ash in the Silver Conference.
  • Morrison ash's Rival uses a Steelix, what became of it is unkown
  • Forrest; Brock's Little brother trained Brock's Onix into a Steelix
  • Byron uses a Steelix in his Gym Battle with ash. in the Diamond and Pearl Series.
  • Steelix appear on Iron Island

Pokemon Game Appearances

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crystal
  • Diamond
  • Pearl
  • Platinum
  • * it must be traded to all the other games.


Hp: 75
Attack 85
Defense 200
Special attack 55
Special defense 65
Speed 30

Steelix is Weak To

and fighting types

(Sorry My Book doesnt Tell the Japanese name or the Powers But thats what the internet is for)

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So i know There are a lot! Of Pokemon That still have to be added to the Vice, but as the Self Proclaimed Pokemon Professor I'm tired of everyone doing on the Legendaries and leaving, Rest of the Poke List Out to dry.

Since My Laptop Works Hella Slow This is what i'll Do. Every Week i'll do a Blog about a Pokemon, giving Stats, Pokedex Updates Appearances Etc. And Whom ever can just take the info and Log it into the Database.

It's kind of a Dream of mine to see all the Pokemon added But I need Your HELP!!!

This is Truly a Ground Breaking Moment in Pokemon History Go out there and Add Them ALL!!

(Ok so I got Caught in the Moment But My first will be up in a few.)
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