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Hidden in the hills of West China, off the shore of the Yellow River, the Wing-Chun clan lived. Though most of their lives were lived in seclusion, there were select members of the clan who willingly chose exile to get the needs of the clan. These exiled few were known as the Bǎohù zhuāngzhì or protectors. These protectors traveled throughout China obtaining goods for their villages; in return these protectors were given a high ranking status outside the clan. The Clan were proficient fighters in what’s now known as “Wing-Chun” the protectors of the clan were forbidden to learn the techniques of Wing-Chun because of their relationship with the outside world. A “Protector” by the name of Shogun Chi became fueled by his lust for the highly acclaimed style that he began to plot against the villagers.

He met with the abbots of the temples and pleaded with them to teach the “protectors” Wing-Chun fearful that something may happen if they were “Followed” back to the village. He knew they would never allow it and his anger made him seek outside aid, Chi and the “Protectors” lead a raid on the Clan murdering them all save for a family of three.

The remaining survivors of the Clan fled, into Eastern China; escaping the long arm of the Overlord, Shogun Chi. the Ma family settled down in a vast forest; Xialong Ma instructed his daughter to use the Wing-Chun style, this was forbidden in the Clan, but being the only members left he saw it fit.

Shortly after her parents died, Lynn was recruited by a woman named, Victoria Vega to join a covert organization known as the Sigma Six. Vega had tried to recruit Lynn once before, but Lynn and her father disagreed. Now without guidance Lynn joined the Sigma’s without so much as a clue, as to what it was about.

She joined alongside the Sigma’s executed assassinations throughout the Asian countries for the benefit of the organization. Lynn later got a change of heart and opted to leave, this decision was upon noticing Tori’s infatuation with the killings.

Lynn escaped to Hong Kong, here she was confident that she could start a new life, by going under the name Lynn; a name she was given by Tori; because she couldn’t pronounce her first name. Xiahua)

She quickly turned her sights to taking down Shogun Chi, Lynn enlisted the help of the devil; but was ultimately lead astray, when the king of hell used her to attack Kita; The Queen of the Chaos Realm was able to snap Lynn from his grip, which prompted Lynn to aid Kita through the stages of hell.

Not long after Lynn became a police offer, she and her new friend Po Dorai were moving through the ranks quickly as officers. Another member of the force ratted Dorai out to the Triads, revealing him to be an agent of FABLE; in response to this Dorai was found brutally murdered in his home; with a message for fellow FABLE agent TAVI.

The triads launched an attack on Lynn’s precinct, where she found Tavi probing Dorai’s body for the message. After rescuing a doctor; Tavi instructed Lynn to leave Hong Kong; as she would never be safe again.

Not long after leaving Hong Kong, Lynn was asked by “Chinese” Customs agents to capture “Project Nova” apparently, it was a powerful program created by the Japanese to be a living weapon. Lynn confronted Project Nova, but was also met by the Black Samurai, Bishop.  

Their goals were the same, both wanted Project Nova; knowing this, the young little girl known as Ammy wouldn’t allow them to take her easily. Both Surkit and Lynn were successful in subduing Nova, but stalemated with each other. After awakening, they were told it was all a test to see if they had what it takes.

Powers as Lynn


Wing –Chun

Wing Chun is a fighting style that emphasizes patience from its user as well as heightened senses. In the Snake-Crane Clan, everyone was forced to know the basics of Wing-Chun; however those that sought further enlightenment were considered “Dark Artist”. Xia can lift up to 5 tons.

Lightening kick

- Her most famous attack is the Hyakuretsukyaku (Hundred Rending Leg, commonly known as the Lightning Kick), where she repeatedly kicks her opponent from a tilted standing position with incredible speed. If backed by her Speed chun, her kicks are visible


Channeling her inner-chi, Xiahiua (Known simply as Shi), can protect herself with a wind veil, she can also use a powerful wind zephyr to destroy large areas of land.


Using her Chi to enhance her muscles, Xia can run across the earth and water at sound breaking speeds, this is useful in traveling from one place to another. In battle, she can vibrate fast enough to disappear and even move through walls.


Using the power of her Chi, Xia can expunge all the chi from her body to revive someone, or she can use a fraction of it to heal herself. Using all of her Chi in one setting is the most dangerous technique she can do.


Xia can protect her chin in energy form allowing her to fire long range energy blast. (Kikosho short range, Kikoken long range, *Seku Zoedeia  dark flame short or long range)

Power Fusion-Chun

Someone with a similar level of power and a similar goal can fuse with Xia, this will result in a temporary power increase for both parties.

Chi Focus Chun

- All of Xia’s base Chun strikes are enhanced by Chi focus.

Chi-Focus x2

– A thin layer of energy can be seen forming around Xia, her speed is enhanced to low level teleportation

Chi-Focus x3

 a thick layer of energy is seen around Xia, the pressure from her power can cause the ground to shatter. In addition to her low level teleportation, Wind-Chun can now be used to cause multiple Zephrys.


 this is the most powerful form of all the Chi-Arts, Xia can project her chi energy on a nuclear level.  If Lynn does this while not powered by Chaos, she will die.

World without Us

After waking up on a massive airship; Lynn, Nova and Bishop were told about a place known as Avalon, an alternate universe where the Nazi’s won World War II. A pink haired captain known as Emerald enlisted their help and (Saitre also in Avalon) to put an end to the Nazi’s.

Matters became worse when an artifact from the dark corners of the Multiverse came into the Universe; a stone known as the “Eye of Horus” had crash landed on Earth. Juni, Nova, Lynn and Bishop would be put to the test, as the Universe looks to refit itself to adjust to the Eye of Horus.

The Chaos Gem

Chaos is created from darkness; years ago a man and woman sinned against God; the power from Sin gave off a powerful chain reaction that created this energy called darkness. This darkness sits in the hearts of even the purest of people just waiting to be released. Once the heart is exposed to this dark energy; nothing will set it back to the way it used to be. Scars will always show of the darkness that once sat on someone's heart. This Darkness invaded the hearts of some many individuals causing worlds to end; most notably the planet of Talabath. For eons this darkness was only known to affect someone's heart, but recently it began to effect the minds of people resulting in it being able to take human form. Chaos Black was created from the hearts and Minds of people whom thought they' were ugly or imperfect, or accepted it willingly. In Avalon, a World Killer threatened Nova and Bishop to the point, where Lynn was offered darkness and she accepted it, this increased her powers significantly, but will not be without consequences.

Chaos Lynn

Once initially triggered Lynn becomes a “Chaos” version of herself, where as she can still use her chi based powers, however they all burn with a dark aura. She develops dark hair, and a thick West European accent. In this mode, Lynn’s seductiveness is increased; this is the cause of her provocative behavior.

Chaos Black (True Form)

Lynn’s features are completely eclipsed by the body of Chaos; she is NOT able to use any of her chi based powers nor can she remember anything about being Lynn.  Chaos gets stronger the more enraged she gets, however the more elements the host has around them will cause her to ‘wear off.’

 This is the original form of chaos, though she likes to stay in the last absorbed states. Chaos can Fly, Shoots Razor sharp bat boomerangs. She has dark and sharp tendrills that come from her back.   


Powers as Chaos

  Darkness Manipulation and Absorbtion- Chaos can absorb all forms of darkness and even manipulate it to her will. Through her dark portals she can appear at any time and place and also travel back and forth between the real world and the Negaverse.

  Energy Projection – Chaos can shoot crimson energy from her hands, she is strong enough in her true form to produce enough energy to wipe out a whole city block.

  Death Kiss- Chaos’s death kiss is an instant kill (Though it’s only for NPC purposes)

   Sonic energy Projection – Chaos can projection sonic energy waves with her hand, or through a scream, if she lets loose a death wail; she can cause buildings to crumble.

   Magnetism – Magnetism is Chaos’s ace in the hole; this is a power she controls on a celestial level, Chaos can ultimately destroy whole civilizations with her magnetism; however due to not being able to master is, it’s dormant in its states. (I won’t blow up any planets, at least not in the actual vice verse, maybe in Avalon lol)

   Chaos Force – This allows chaos to get stronger, through fear, misery and torment; she can transform into Chaos Form 2, which is only allowed through the Nega-verse.


Form 2

Ziccarra Absorbed -  Chaos    (More than likely a plot device)

Chaos absorbed Ziccarra a long time ago, which allows her to take on the form of the Ninjan Queen Sha; though she doesn’t look as power as she does in True Form, Chaos gains a whole host of powers that make combating her in the Nega-verse near impossible

Light Projection and Manipulation

Gravity Control

Motion Ctron

Power to Induce Nightmares

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What makes an effective villain? is it having the ability to wipe out a hero with a bat of the eye, or is it being able to enforce your will on the unsuspecting public? Regardless of what you feel a villain is, or should be; there are certain ways to write a Villain to legitimize them, without waiting for some hero to do it for you. With that said, welcome to my first SSU here on the Vice. 
 School is in session
 School is in session

What's your MO?

 Revenge alone doesn't quite take the cake, it doesn't really separate a "good" villain from the average street thug, or a vigilante in some regards; You're MO can be something simple; like wanting to be the owner of all dairy products to wanting to be the Queen of the Chaos Realm. Whatever your character's motivation for doing bad things, make it creative. While I'm on the subject of Kita (Who is the Ruler of the Chaos Realm), just because you're a villain does not mean you can only chastise heroes. A lot of villians, believe they are better than the next guy, so if you believe yourself to be a better Chicken than Nerx, by all means go for it. When Villains compete heroes usually suffer, (Which can make for a better story IMO) A hero would have the ardous task of stopping TWO villains from beating the crap out of each other, All the while saving the town, city, planet, universe at the same damn time
Not every Villain he/she is a villain, some Villains will murder and steal just for the simple fact that, in their minds...they're RIGHT! Lex Luthor, Vegeta, Team Aqua and Magma are probably very good examples of this. What in society is flawed, is it politics, business, religion?  Ultimately, what is the reason your character murders, plots, and steals.


 Know what you want: Take my character for example, Y intercept. She has chased  the CV, LW and now AV versions of Maya Lopez and Sha all over the internet; just trying to kill them.  Know what you need to make your character achieve his or her goals. If you want to complete Kingdom Hearts, to maybe possibly plunge the world in everlasting darkness; you probably would need to know what Kingdom Hearts is, How to obtain it, and who can possibly get in your way. (His name is Samjaz BTW). You don't want to be trying to complete Kingdom Hearts, while learning how to speak Spanish, while at the same time; trying to take out Sailor Moon. Your goal needs to be the focus of that particular story. 


"Wait...but didn't you say"  I know what I said, but It's a huge staple of what a Villain really is (besides I said revenge "Alone"), to legitimize a villain using revenge as a stance isn't a quick thing either. (Unless you're able to kill said, subject early, but then it's not really revenge more like vengeance). Revenge between a hero and Villain, or even a villain and villain could make for some epic stories; but like I stated this is usually no one time deal, which usually results in it getting stale quick (Hence why I said, revenge alone) there must be a significant amount of hatred between you to dedicate time and resources to. When done between two characters, Revenge could be encompassing pretty much a whole city, to kill one person. O.O

Just Watching The World Burn and Making a Statement 

This is a Type of MO which usually makes it hard for a hero, when presented with a foe, that doesn't give a damn about society; and murders just for his/her own personal pleasure. There are some villains that would just as easy sit down in broad day light with a rocket launcher and eff stuff up, go to jail, get out and do it again. If this is your type of villainy, you hold the distinct advantage of being the wild-card. When you are a wildcard villain, that means you are a threat to any OTHER villainy in your vicinity. They are more likely to team up with the heroes to take you out, then joining up with you. 
Got tons more stuff to write about but, it'll have to wait until next weekend.
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Sins of the Sigma

The Sigma Six is a covert organization based in Thailand, the heads of Six Mafia bosses joined forces the SIGMA organization. With high ranking members is Interpol and most major countries the Sigma Organization is currently, working to overthrow commerce by creating an elite army of Martial Artist. Recently, five of the Six Mafia bosses were killed; by a man named Seto Hibiki.

Seto headed the R & D department of Sigma and were kidnapping women to push his sinister agenda. Seto developed a formula that allowed him to extract the powers from some of the world’s greatest martial artist; having injected himself with this “Sigma Serum” he commands what is known as “Psycho Drive” a Power that allows him to create anything based on his imagination.

Seto and the New Sigma took six women (A sick homage to the orginal six members of SIGMA that he killed) and mind controlled them into killers. These Six women, were to be known as the “Sigma Six Assualt Squadron”

These Six ladies came from all over and hosted various powers and skills that made them some of the most dangerous females in the world.

Victoria Vega 1.

Full Name: Victoria Ingrid Vega

Nickname: "The Flower of Carnage"

Height 5'8

Country of Origin: Spain


Victoria (Tori) was created to be the leader of a group of women known as the SIGMA Six; her body was created to emulate what the perfect woman was supposed to be. Tori was created to execute the commands of her creators on command. Once the Sigma Six was launched, she was placed in charge of the other five members. Tori enlisted the help of, Scarlett X, Maya Lopez, Princess Diamond, Ashley Mooreland, Xiahua Ma (Lynn).

Lynn proved the hardest to persuade to join the cause, having an already built up fued with the Snake Crane People, Seto sent the Sigma Six (composed of only five members at the time), to destroy the members of the Wing-Chun clan. The decision to attack the Wing-Chun Village made Lynn purely about revenge; having zero knowledge of the Sigma Six's involvement, she joined after harsh negotiations by Tori.

The SIGMAS were notorious assassin's used by an unknown benefactor to; secretly off competition, the first of the Sigma's to realize this was Isabella Marisol, The Sigma leader commanded the Sigmas to kill Marisol; but the vixen managed to escape. Tori though still an operational member of the Sigmas has her benefactors concerned, as her actions have taken a dark turn.

Scarlett X 2.

Full Name: Sicily Boss

Nickname: "The Midnight Spectre"

Height 5'3

Country of Origin: Japan


The original Scarlett X moniker belonged to a woman named Isabella Marisol; however after she disappeared, a new woman was given the name. Sicily was born on China; much like Lynn she belonged to a specific private group of people. The Fumana-sato Ninja Clan, were a peaceful group of Ninja's that practiced the meditative tactics to enhance their mystic powers. Sicily was kidnapped by Tori when the Sigma's invaded her village looking to harvest the energy.

Ashley Mooreland 3.

Full Name: Ashley Emerald Mooreland

Nickname: "The bronze skinned beauty"

Height 5'5

Country of Origin: Believed to be America.


Ashley is believed to be an "off-worlder" the Sigma's encountered her, by sheer luck, marveled by her flawless fighting ability, and phasing powers Ashley was brought into the Sigma team. Despite not knowing who she is, or where she came from; Ashley tends to stick with Maya Lopez; believing her to be a friend from the forgotten past.

Princess Diamond 4.

Full Name: Princess Diamond

Nickname: "Ms. Two Quick"

Height 5'5

Country of Origin: England

Diamond isn't the Princess of anything, it just happens to be what her mother named her. She wields a massive Katana almost 25 Feet in length, and strikes faster than the average eye can see. Unlike the rest of the Sigma members who were kidnapped, Diamond volunteered to be a Sigma willingly; she wanted to use the organization as a way to freely kill other people. In addition to her lightning quick strike capability, Diamond can transform into anyone she has already killed.

Maya Lopez 5.

Full Name: Maya Lopez (Pamela Thorn)

Nickname: Billion Dollar Bitch

Height 5'6

Country of Origin: South Africa


Maya is a double agent, during the day, she reports to SIGMA, and during the night (When not doing Sigma missions) she reports to L.O.V.E, and organization run by her mother. Maya has engaged all of her teammates in some form or another; she has the power to implant thoughts, ideas; and visions which allows her to move about Sigma easily. She was brought into the SIGMA organization by Seto himself, after being awed by her performance in a Sigma tourney.

Xiahua Ma (Lynn) 6.

Full Name: Xiahua Ma

Nickname: Red Cardinal

Height 5'4

Country of Origin: China


Xia was given the name Lynn by Tori; whom found it hard to pronounce her first name. The Sigma's attacked Lynn's village under the order of shogun Chi; in her quest for revenge Lynn unleashed a dark side that saw her side with the Sigma's briefly. Lynn's dark-side was called "Chaos" and is believed to be holding Lynn's powers at bay. Lynn officially quit the Sigma's shortly after joning the police force, from there she joined Trinity Avalon, and has since been in the eye of the Sigmas.

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I got inspired by Samjaz, and Daniel Newten's blogs about their challenges so I decided to do one of my own. The difference between a Monotype Challenge and a Nuzlocke challenge is, if your pokemon faints; it's not considered dead. Also you must beat the game with ONLY the type chosen for you. My type for this game is water.

I took it a step further and downloaded the randomizer, this scrambled the whole game so that, I don't know what Pokemon any one trainer has, or will even show up!

So right from the bat, I named my trainer Sarah, it's a name I use in anything Pokemon related; whether it's rpg's in the forum or the actual games. Typical start up for a Pokemon game, though Prof. Birch used a Dusclops in the opener lol.Since the randomizer chose my starters at random, I chose a Zubat and placed it in the PC after I captured Swamp.

I caught Swampert at level 2, and let me say, training a fully evolved pokemon in the game from that level SUCKS! Just in the Littleroot area, I encountered Magikarps, Swamperts and Slowbro's.

My next Pokemon was a no-brainer, it was showing up as much as Swamp was, so I decided to catch it, I nicknamed it "My Bro" because of my idiotic brother. Early on, My Bro struggled...a lot; it seemed as if every Trainer used either a Bug, or a Dark Type; but I managed to get him from level 3 to level 14.

By far the hardest challenge for me yet, Roxanne usually known for using Rock Pokemon, used a Carvana and a Exeggcute; her water pokemon was child's play, but it would appear if I got an early dose of what the future holds for me. Swamp was level 17 when I entered the gym and after two tries, he was level 19.

My Bro proved to be useless against Carvanha, as it quickly used bite to take my poor bro-bro out.

This is just an example of how random the game is, Charmander showed up inside the Dewford Cave, I benefited a lot from this cave, I was able to level up My Bro a lot; making him a contender on my team now.

Brawley's gym was actually harder than he was, there were a couple of trainers who used, Lotads, one even used Suicune; he didn't use any strong pokemon; I think he had a vulpix, a pulse and a sandshrew. Anyways, my team is looking strengthened going into a battle with Wattson. IDK what he has, but I hope it's not grass pokemon.

My Bro

Level 13


Water gun





Level 23

Mud shot


Water Gun


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Back in 2000, Game freak  developed and Nintendo produced Pokemon Gold and Silver, Putting the gamer back in the pokemon world with only three years elapsed,(From it's predecessor of Red,Blue and Yellow) into the new land of Johoto . Same goal;Raise your pokemon to the highest level,battle the gyms, defeat the elite for and become champion. However there is now a bunch of new twist; for one Ditto can now mate. Shiny pokemon have been introduced, Now the player may travel to Kanto and battlethe pokemon gyms there. The champion RED from the Red,Blue and yellow series makes his apperance as the toughest trainer in the game with his Trademark Pikachu at level 81!  Then there is Pokemon Crystal, which is basically the same as Gold and Silver, however they introduce a first,; a female character mayb be chosen, and the Story tends to hand around Suicune just a bit.Gold and Silver both proved to be the most popular version of the game selling Approximately 15 Million in the U.S and Japan alone, 
Now let's fast foward to Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. These two games you could very well call the set up from HG and SS. Same premise as Red,Blue and Yellow, now the double battle feature that was present on Ruby and Sapphire have migrated over to this game. Not really any major changes except, for the inclusion of a female trainer and now there is a battle tower, and a land mass in the middle of the ocean called the Sevii islands. Aside from the Sevii Island and a few Generation II pokemon, FR and LG were pretty much the same game as Red Blue and Yellow.
Much like Gold and Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver take place three years after the events in Firered and Leaf Green. The game see's improved graphic, enhanced game play, including the pokewalker (Which i adore!) which allows for a player to upload a pokemon from the game to the device and you can walk around,battle, look for items and even catch pokemon. Also the Safari Zone that was closed in Gold and Silver makes it's return and is in a new area; that is only accessible by taking a new route.The Pokemon Contest that were introduced in Ruby and Sapphrie then expanded on in Diamond and Pearl, aren't present, they have been replaced with the PokeAthalon , which is a mini competetion where you can use 3 of your pokemon to do challenges and Mini games.

However unlike all the previous pokemon games, HG and SS really don't stand out as much, when it comes to improvements, The Gym leaders are still virtually punching bags, with the exception for maybe Clair and Whitney, Red returns as the most powerful trainer in the game, but there wherabouts of Green aren't stated, she's not even mentioned. The Sevii Islands were not included even though a good deal of FR and LG dealt with them. It almost seemed as if they created the game to directly emulate Gold and Silver, instead of building on the Story from FR and LG.
What do you think about the games, what did you want to see implemented that was not?
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