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The History of the Snake-Crane Clan

Hidden in the hills of West China, off the shore of the Yellow River, the Wing-Chun clan lived. Though most of their lives were lived in seclusion there were select members of the clan who willingly chose exile to get the needs of the clan.

These exiled few were known as the Bǎohù zhuāngzhì or protectors. These protectors traveled throughout China obtaining goods for their villages; in return these protectors were given a high ranking status outside the clan.

The Clan were proficient fighters in what’s now known as “Wing-Chun” the protectors of the clan were forbidden to learn the techniques of Wing-Chun because of their relationship with the outside world.

A “Protector” by the name of Shogun Chi became fueled by his lust for the highly acclaimed style that he began to plot against the villagers.

He met with the abbots of the temples and pleaded with them to teach the “protectors” Wing-Chun fearful that something may happen if they were “Followed” back to the village. He knew they would never allow it and his anger made him seek outside aid, Chi and the “Protectors” lead a raid on the Clan murdering them all save for a family of three.

The Power of One

The remaining survivors of the Clan fled, into Eastern China; escaping the long arm of the Overlord, Shogun Chi. the Ma family settled down in a vast forest; Xialong Ma instructed his daughter to use the Wing-Chun style, this was forbidden in the Clan, but being the only members left he saw it fit.


Wing –Chun

Wing Chun is a fighting style that emphasizes patience from its user as well as heightened senses. In the Snake-Crane Clan, everyone was forced to know the basics of Wing-Chun; however those that sought further enlightenment were considered “Dark Artist”. Xia can lift up to 5 tons.

Lightening kick- Her most famous attack is the Hyakuretsukyaku (Hundred Rending Leg, commonly known as the Lightning Kick), where she repeatedly kicks her opponent from a tilted standing position with incredible speed.


Channeling her inner-chi, Xiahiua (Known simply as Shi), can protect herself with a wind veil, she can also use a powerful wind zephyr to destroy large areas of land.


Using her Chi to enhance her muscles, Xia can run across the earth and water at sound breaking speeds, this is useful in traveling from one place to another. In battle, she can vibrate fast enough to disappear and even move through walls.


Using the power of her Chi, Xia can expunge all the chi from her body to revive someone, or she can use a fraction of it to heal herself. Using all of her Chi in one setting is the most dangerous technique she can do.


Xia can protect her chin in energy form allowing her to fire long range energy blast.

Power Fusion-Chun

Someone with a similar level of power and a similar goal can fuse with Xia, this will result in a temporary power increase for both parties.

Chi Focus Chun- All of Xia’s base Chun strikes are enhanced by Chi focus.

Chi-Focus x2 – A thin layer of energy can be seen forming around Xia, her speed is enhanced to low level teleportation

Chi-Focus x3 a thick layer of energy is seen around Xia, the pressure from her power can cause the ground to shatter. In addition to her low level teleportation, Wind-Chun can now be used to cause multiple Zephrys.

Chi-FocusX4 this is the most powerful form of all the Chi-Arts, Xia can project her chi energy on a nuclear level.
Chaos Gem- TBE

Jlynnana Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 4, 2008
City: Saffron city, Kanto
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Points: 15,449 Points
Ranked: Ranked #94 of 45,803
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