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so yeah... been a while... hey everyone.
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for an anime fan I for one don't watch many mech series.  For some reason gundam just didn't do it for me and I never really cared for others that much, especially when it really centered around the mechs involved and not the cast.  I think evangelion got it right with mechs using them as a catalyst for action with some kind of mystery regarding the technology behind it, but then so many others have copied that idea, Aquarion comes to mind, and forgot to include a good plot.  Then I just happen to come across Linebarrel of Iron and I'm totally engrossed in the anime.  I just finished the 4th episode, which was the most intense by far, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down with character development.  The main char Kouichi is one of the most delusional main char I've seen.  Death note's Light just had a Machiavellian view not neccessarily delusional.  The "hero of justice" Kouichi wants so badly to become ultimately leads to a downfall into a mind set that no matter what he does its always on the side of justice.  this results in some epic splosions and the destruction of the town he vowes to protect.  not total destruction, but enough to piss the wrong people off. 
The only thing I wish, but ultimately won't happen, is the main char could stay like this getting further and further entrenched in his way of thinking.  I know he'll turn a new leaf and actual become the good guy he has always wanted to be, but then that would make his char lame and uninteresting.  really who wants that in an anime nowadays?  I want that anti-hero that can't be stopped, but you find yourself routing for them because they are so charismatic. 
and btw no spoilers please :)  or is that just too tempting for some of you to spoil it.
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