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As you all well know, or about to know, Linkin Park just released their new CD A Thousand Suns.  I don't know if it's just me or not, but I've been going on a One Piece binge and the new single The Catalyst just keeps reminding me of the Skypiea arc, not to mention the CD's name sounds an awful like the current sailing vessel used by the crew ( Thousand Sunny).  So without going into the full lyrics of the song I'll pick out the big one "Where oceans bleed into the sky" now this might seem to be an elegant and vivid line in the song, but I keep picturing the knock-up stream taking the Going Merry and crew up to Skypiea.  Also the constant mention of God and the leader of Skypiea being called kami, or kame whatever the correct romanji is for it.   So did the band watch One Piece while writing this album and maybe where directly or indirectly inspired by the Straw hat Pirates journey?  I think so, but you can decide for yourself.
So my point is I really want an AMV of the Skypiea arc to this song and maybe if a few Anime Vice lunatics who are better with video editing or internet hunting than I could help a fellow vicer out.  The CD is great in my opinion with exception of that last song, wtf such a downer to end on. 
edit: so apparently a new gundam arcade game is featuring an opening cinematic with "The Catalyst" as its song.  here is the link to the video.  Also the limited edition cd will come with a gundam action figure.  So maybe not one piece, but someone in the LP studio watches some anime.
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This morning the anime world was given horrible news that Peter Fernandez died this morning 7/15/2010.  He was best known for his voice work in Speed Racer, but did many others.  The full article can be found here.
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This is an anime that I liked a few years back.  basically about a boy who wants to be a sky pirate and ends up scoring this chick whose actually an elemental weapon.  So its their struggle against the baddies of the world and how their relationship makes each other stronger.  Unless I'm mistaken or there isn't an alias match that comes up I can't seem to find it on the site. I also heard it could be called elemental gelade.  I'd add it if i knew how so if anyone can tell me how to add something new to the site i'll go ahead and do the deed.
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We all know that anime has a lot of goodies in it about modern japanese culture and japanese history.  Even Noein goes into physics.  But what about sports.  I've done some reviews on One Outs, Akagi, and now Giant Killing and I'm confident to say that each show offers a very good insight to the mind game of sports and in fact is very instructional on how to play each of their games.  I'm also watching Hikaru no Go on hulu.com and I'm learning how to play go now.  Have any of you learned something from watching anime?
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So i've been searching for a new anime.  Linebarrel left me with a sour taste in my mouth, not bitter, but sour.  so i checked my sites and the new stuff is really lacking this winter/ early spring and I was on hulu checking up on some shows when I noticed that they are adding more and more animes to their lineup.  Not just any animes mind you, but one's that are actually subbed and not dubbed over!! WHAT?!?!?! you mean they'd do that on a major internet for profit streaming site??? well apparently the answer is yes and I'm enjoying the decision.  watching Blassreiter right now and let me tell you there's blood, gore, boobs, robots and transformations.  I'd also like to give a shout out to Funimation for doing a great job with getting these shows up on hulu for all to enjoy. 
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