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Super Duper Mini Review

Stellvia of the Universe (aka just Stellvia) is an original anime produced by Xebec.  26 episodes where produced.  There was supposed to be a second series in 2005, but it was canceled due to internal errors.

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action, adventure, comedy, drama, romance, science fiction


mecha, space
Plot Summary via Anime News Network

The year is 2356 A.D. - 189 years after a distant supernova caused a global catastrophe that wiped out 99% of the world population. To keep track on all space activities, mankind has built colossal space stations called "foundations" all over the Solar System. After passing the Space Academy entrance exams, Shima Katase embarks to the Earth-based foundation Stellvia to fulfill her dream of seeing the galaxy and to prevent another interstellar catastrophe from destroying Earth.


Pros and Cons

  • A solid cast that makes the show enjoyable all the way through.
  • Enjoyed the school life in space idea.
  • Like the take on the sci-fi genre it takes.  It's a show set in space that isn't about giant robots fighting each other.
  • Would have like a better ending.  While it isn't terrible, it could have been a little more original.
  • Gets a little overly dramatic at times.

Final Thoughts

 A great science fiction show in space that doesn't need giant robots/mechs to be good.  Had a great time through the whole show.  Really wish the second series did get made.

Who is this for?

Anyone that is a fan of the sci-fi genre should check it out.  If you are trying to get into the sci-fi genre, try this one out and see if you like it.

Sources *Spoilers Abound*



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Q: What's a Super Duper Mini Review?
A: Well, since I'm done with long, written reviews for now, I decided to put a short list of what I liked and didn't like about the shows I watch.  For some info about the show like genre, plot summary, etc., I borrow (mainly copy and paste  :P) some info from Anime News Network, Wikipedia or the Anime Vice wiki.  So people wont think I'm plagiarizing, I do post sources.
Q:  Why are these blogs so short and half assed?
A:  Well, I want to put in as little effort as possible.  Why?  Cause I'm lazy.
Q:  Do you care if people don't read these?
A:  Kinda.  One of the main things that keeps me making these things is so I can spread the word of shows/mangas that people aren't aware of.
Q: Sometimes there a few or no cons, does that mean the show is perfect?
A: No.  Usually when I make these, I like to highlight the things I liked more then the negatives.  I'm one of those people who enjoys just about anything as long as it's entertaining.  I can easily look past a show's faults if I find enjoyment from it.  Remember, nothing is perfect.

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