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What's a Super Duper Mini Review?  Well, since I'm taking a break from written reviews, I decided to put a short list of what I liked and didn't like about the shows I review and put down some notes and fun facts as well.  For a little info about the show, I copy the Plot Summary from the Anime News Network pages and throw them in the review so the reader can be a little bit informed on what the bases of the show is about.  I also borrow some info from Wikipedia as well. 

Super Duper Mini Review

  Natsu no Arashi is an anime based on the manga of the same name, which is created by Jin Kobayashi, the man behind School Rumble.  There are two seasons, both created by Shaft and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.  Both seasons aired in 2009.
Natsu no Arashi is a supernatural romantic comedy with a time travel theme.
Plot Summary:
Season 1

Yasaka Hajime meets a strange girl Arashiyama Sayako who turns out to be a ghost from WWII. They can "connect" and together travel back in time. Along their adventures they meet Kamigamo Jun and Kaya (also a ghost) whom can also connect and do time travel. 2 other ghosts from the same time, Yayoi and Kanako, drains Arashis existance so they can live. Hajime fights to save Arashi, but ends up connecting with Yayoi and traveling back in time with her as well.

---  Anime News Network
Season 2

The summer of a man's boyhood memories continue. Still on the cusp between childhood and being a man, he has linked with the ghost of a young woman from the World War 2 era. She, and the ghosts of other young ladies from that time, continue adventures alongside their linked partners, learning more about each other and travelling through time via their supernatural connection. While he struggles to see his crush on her come to fruition, meanwhile his friend- a girl his age, pretending to be a boy- seeks his attention as well.

---  Anime News Network

  • Just like School Rumble, the show has a goofy and enjoyable cast.
  • Also like School Rumble, it has a goofy tone to it as well, not as crazy and over the top as School Rumble though.
  • Dark toned at times which makes story have some depth and it makes a nice change of pace.
  • Loved it when they showed real life models and they blow them up.
  • Other Shaft references/cameos like Pani Poni Dash, Hidamari Sketch, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei which was a nice piece of fan service.  Also in some episode you see some of the cast from School Rumble.
  • Really cool and stylish openings and endings, except for the first opening, which wasn't anything special.
  • Those weird black and white scenes where Yayoi, and some other cast member as well, try to describe something simple, but they describe it with such depth.  It's really goofy and out of place, but they are really enjoyable and it gives the show some style.
  •  Like most animes based on on-going mangas, the show doesn't have any real closer.
If you are a fan of the genre or a fan of School Rumble, this is a must see.  Thanks to CrunchyRoll, they have both seasons up for our pleasure.  LINK

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