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I'm still alive people! June 25, 2014.
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I just finished watching Kanon (2006) and I enjoyed it.  For those of you don't know, this anime is based on an adult visual novel made by Key.  Since this is an anime adaptation, there is no adult stuff what so ever, which actually happens to be a good thing.  Kanon kinda starts of slow but, it gets better as it goes along.
I went into this thinking there might be a love story like Clannad  (Key made both Kanon and Clannad but, Kanon was released first) but, there really isn't any romance stuff till the end with the main character, Yuuichi.  You could say this is kind of a harem show since there are multiple girls who do like Yuuichi but, nothing serious happens besides with Ayu near the end which really isn't to serious either.  One thing that I enjoyed more in Kanon then Clannad was the comedy.  There were a lot of times where I laughed unlike Clannad.
The ending of the show kinda reminded me of Clannad.  It seems like Clannad borrowed some of the supernatural stuff from Kanon.  Anyways near the end you find out that Ayu is actually in the hospital for seven years since the accident she had and the Ayu hanging with Yuuichi was just an illusion (ghost, angel, whatever).  In the end though, Ayu finally wakes up and everything is good as new.  Everyone is doing well and we get a happy ending.
At it's heart, this is a very light hearted (and short) anime that I think people who like Clannad, while enjoy.  I have not watched the f irst anime adaptation of Kanon so I can't say if the 2006 adaptation was any better.
My Score - 4/5
I think the next anime I'm going to check it is K-ON! since I heard it was a fun and short anime to watch.
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