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 The girls of Love Hina.
 The girls of Love Hina.
Plot Summary: Keitaro Urashima is determined to be accepted into Tokyo University, the hardest Japanese University of all to get into, because of a promise he made to a girl when he was young... a girl whose name he can't even remember. After failing to get into Tokyo U twice, he is kicked out by his parents and goes to live with his Grandmother at her hotel, but it seems it has been turned into an all girls boarding house. What's more, much to his surprise and to the tenants disgust, Keitaro is made manager of the boarding house.       (From ANN)
EDITED ON OCTOBER 28, 2009.  Added manga review at the bottom.
Love Hina is the kind of show that I needed to watch.  While it's a harem show, it's very goofy and entertaining all at the same
 Keitaro Urashima
 Keitaro Urashima
time.  During the course of the show, Keitaro is trying to get into Tokyo U, the hardest college to get into to.  While trying to get in, he becomes the manager of a girls dormitory.  While there, he finds out that Naru Narusegawa (a girl at the dorm) is also trying to get in to Tokyo U as well.  While Keitaro is trying to get in to keep his promise to the girl he met 15 years ago, he starts falling in love with Naru and wants to go to Tokyo U with here.  While that happens, you meet the cast of the show.  Mitsune Konno, a free lance writer and a close friend to Naru.  Kaolla Su, a foriegn exchange student who is really energetic and makes lots of crazy inventions.  Motoko Aoyama, a swordsman who doesn't like men what so ever (at first).  And not to forget Shinobu Maehara, a very shy girl who has a crush on Keitaro.
Overall, the show was very entertaining.  It has many goofy moments like when Naru punches Keitaro 1,000 feet away (reminds me of Team Rocket blasting off).  The story isn't to hard to follow either, which is a good thing but, it does have some plot holes.  I didn't know that Mitsune was a freelance writer until I like up her page here on Anime Vice.  It would probably help if I read the manga to get to know the characters a bit more.
 Naru Narusegawa
 Naru Narusegawa
The star of the show for me was Keitaro easily.  While he isn't the brightest guy in the world, he sure is one goofy dude.  He is always making goofy faces, being clumsy, walking into the girls bath and getting punched by Naru.  Plus, he is the manager of a girls dorm.  What a lucky bastard.  :P  If it wasn't for him, I don't think I would have gotten into this show at all.
Love Hina was a very funny and goofy harem show.  While the goofiness might be a bit much for some, I really like the show.  All the characters were enjoyable, the story was easy to understand, and it had just the right amount of the episodes to the series.  It had 24 episodes. 1 DVD extra episode, 2 TV specials, and 3 OVAs.  If you are into harem shows (like I am), this is a must see.
My Score - 4/5       (I always give out 4s.  :P  )


Love Hina Manga Review:
After I finished up watching the anime of Love Hina, I decided to read the manga for it since I wanted more and, I'm glad that I did.  I was really surprised how much the anime actually covered about the manga.  A lot of the key points were in the anime but, a lot of missed as well.  Anyways, the manga was a lot better then I thought it was going to be.  I haven't read that much manga in my life: Ai Yori Aoshi, School Days, Naruto (just Part 2 aka Shippuden), and this, that's it.  Mainly the goofy stuff you seen in the anime is in the manga as well.  Keitaro always get punched 50 feet away, goofy dialog, some battles (Keitaro actually beats Motoko once), and other goofy stuff as well.  I also like that the manga had closure.  Keitaro and Naru end up getting married in the final chapter of the manga.
Now for some complaints.  While Keitaro getting punched 50 feet in the air is funny, it happens a bunch.  When Keitaro does something perverted and/or wrong, he gets attacked and you kinda predict it.  Same goes the last chapter.  Keitaro and Naru are going to go on their honey moon and while they are going to Keitaro's van, he steps on Naru's wedding dress and guess wait, he gets punched, well it doesn't show him getting punched but you see it coming.  Another complaint is that it seems like a lot of the time Keitaro (and Naru as well) runs away because something bad happened and everyone ends up trying to look for him.  I believe it happened about 4 to 6 times I think (or maybe less).  But, at least some good stuff happens during those moments.
All I can say is, if you loved the anime (like I did), you have to check out the manga.  I recommend this manga to anyone who is looking for a fun, goofy harem story.
My Score for the Manga - 4.5/5
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