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The following review is for the entire anime series.  This includes Hidamari Sketch, Hidamari Sketch x 365, Hidamari x Hoshimittsu, and all specials and OVA of the show.
Hidamari Sketch (aka Sunshine Sketch) is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.  There are 12 episodes and 2 specials for season 1; 13 episodes, 1 OVA, and 2 specials for Season 2 (365); and 12 episodes for Season 3 (Hoshimittsu).  Season 1 and the season 1 specials  were directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and Ryouki Kamitsubo.  The rest of the series and specials were direct by Akiyuhi Shinbo by himself.  This animated series was produced by Shaft.

Brief Overview

 Hidamari Sketch
 Hidamari Sketch
Hidamari Sketch is a show about Yuno and her friends as they progress through their daily lives.  Yuno, Miyako, Hiro, and Sae all live in the same apartments, Hidamari Apartments, and they all go to the same school, Yamabuki Art High School.  Each episode starts out with Yuno waking up and ends with Yuno taking a bath and going to bed, just like in they day of an average person.  As the show goes one, you get to see them go to school and do other things as well.  When the 3rd season starts, two new students move into Hidamari Apartments, Nori and Nazuna .  Since this is based on a 4-panel comic strip, there is no consistent through out the series.
Here is a list of the important characters we meet through out the series.
  • Yuno - A first/second year.  A really nice girl who happens to be short.  Yuno's dream is to become a very good artist one day.
  • Miyako - A first/second year.  A very active girl who always wants to have fun.  She is very creative and loves to eat.  She likes to pick on Hiro by telling her she is gaining weight, which ends up making Hiro hit Miyako on the head.
  • Hiro - A second/third year.  The motherly figure of the group.  She is very kind and makes meals ofter for her friends.  She tends to watch her weight a lot, so she tends to go on diets, which usually fail.  She is a very close friend of Sae's and always takes care of her when she is near a deadline for one of her stories.
  • Sae - A second/third year.  She is a tall, athletic, and mature girl who happens to be close friends with Sae.  She writes fiction professional under the anme Aya Tachibana.  The reason she enrolled to Yamabuki Art High School is show she can illustrate her own art for her stories.
  • Nazuna (introduced in season 3) - A first year girl who is shy and reserved, but has an inferiority complex.  She is not in the art department of the school, but does have some interest in it.
  • Nori (introduced in season 3) - A first year girl who is very honest and straightforward.  She is in the art department as well and have strong interest in computers.
  • Yoshinoya -  Yuno and Miyako's homeroom teacher and art instructor. She is buxom, exuberant, and a cosplay maniac.  She loves modeling for her class, displaying her latest outfits whenever she can, and showing off in general.  When asked her age, she says show is "eternally seventeen".
  • The Principal - A thin, aging and balding man whose teeth are always chattering.  He is mostly calm, but sometimes get's very angry with Yoshinoya, which is very often.
  • The Landlady -  The landlord of the Hidamari Apartments. She is very laid back woman, but she is always doing part-time jobs to get by.  She is also a very heavy smoker.
  • Chika - Sae's younger sister, and is an anime-original character. She is more spontaneous and energetic than Sae.  She has no artistic talent and prefers music and home economics over art.

My Thoughts

I'm a fan of the genre.  Once I heard about the show I was like "DUDE YES" and checked it out.  Hidamari Sketch felt like a mash of Minami-ke, Lucky Star, and Azumanga Daioh with a slower pace.  While I my have seen shows that are really similar to this, I still enjoyed the show a lot.
First of lets talk about the characters.  I thought that the cast of characters were rather enjoyable.  While we have seen similar characters in other shows, I really enjoyed them.  I really enjoyed Yuno a lot.  She is just a sweet girl from time to time does goofy things like flushing her room key down the toilet or trying to learn to ride a bike again.  Yoshinoya was a really bizarre character.  When you first see her you think she may be normal, just a few minutes later, you can tell she is going to be one goofy teach.  I goes she kinda provides some fanservice for the show by dressing up in skimpy cosplay outfits which sometimes show off her chest, nothing too sever though.  Besides Yuno and Yoshinoya, the other members of the cast are great as well.  They are so kind a cute, you feel like you want to be in high school again just to hang out with them.
Next we should talk about the production quality.  Shaft does it again and makes the show's art style very unique and great at the same time.  You can easily tell it's made by Shaft when you see items that look like they took a picture of the object and threw it into the show.  The characters look fantastic as well.  From time the time the characters would have chibi heads, which looked really fat and goofy, but you get used to it with time.  The music is great as well.  It fits the show perfectly when used and sets the mood just right.  Shaft as done it again and made the show look great.
Where there are good things, there has to be bad things.  While I had no problem with it, the show's pacing is really slow.  It's like the opposite of Lucky Star.  Lucky Star was fast and upbeat while this show is slow and relaxing.  It might be a little to slow for some people.  One thing I didn't like was the show wasn't in chronological order.  I guess it really doesn't matter for this king of show since it has no on going plot, but I do like my episodes out of order regardless.  Another gripe is the show was light on the comedy.  It seems like they put slice of life first then comedy second.  This could be a good or a bad thing, but I really wanted to laugh more.  Don't get me wrong, the show had it's funny moments, but it just left be wanting a little more comedy.  I guess this could be one of of those "watch cute girls do cute things' kind of show.  While I really wasn't turned off by it, it may be a turn of for others.

I really enjoyed the show with the few gripes I had.  The show is just a cute slice of life/comedy show.  While the slow pace may be too slow for some, it sets a really nice and relaxing tone to the show.  If you are looking for new slice of life/comedy show, I say check this one out if you can deal with the slow pace.  If you are looking for a show that's super crazy and over the top funny show , you are looking the wrong place, go try Azumanga Daioh if you are looking for an upbeat slice of life/comedy.

Review in a Nutshell

I liked:
  • From the art to the music, the over all production quality is fantastic.  Another job well done Shaft.
  • A great cast of characters.
  • Super Cute
  • Odd Ball Humor
  • The show felt very relaxing with it's slow pace.
I didn't like:
  • The episodes weren't in order except for the 3rd season, which was in order for the most part.
  • The comedy seemed a little light.
  • Could be considered a "watch cute girls do cute things" kind of show.
My score - 4.5/5

Blog Thing

With this show out of the way, I decided to get my harem back on and check out Mahoromatic.  It seems like a good harem show to check it out with bonus fanservice!  On the gaming front, I've been playing a ton of Pokemon SoulSilver and loving everything about the remake.  I got Cave Story on Wii today and that's been a ton of fun as well.  I haven't been reading anything since I have caught up with Negima.  I still have Chibi Vampie Karin on my mind to read.  Maybe I will start reading it sometime soon.
I guess this is the part where I end this thing.  Instead of a boring closer, let's throw in some awesome YouTube videos!
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