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I'm still alive people! June 25, 2014.
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 Chii and Hideki.
 Chii and Hideki.
Next on the review front it Chobits!  Chobits is a science fiction romantic comedy created by Clamp, which also made Cardcaptor Sakura, another major title they made.  Of course this is based on a manga of the same name.
Chobits is a story about Hideki Motosrwa.  Hideki is a ronin trying to get into college.  Besides being a ronin, he wishes to have a persocom, an android used as a personal computer.  One day on his way home he finds a persocom in the trash.  Hideki then moves it to his room and turn her one with the switch being between her legs.  When she wakes up she sees Hideki and adores him.  Upon waking up all she can say is  "chii" thus making Hideki naming her Chii.  Hideki assumes there is something wrong with Chii because that's all she can say.  The next day Hideki's neighbor Shinbo Hiromu tries to analyze her with is mobile persocom Sumomo.  During the analysis Sumomo ends up crashing and they find out that Chii is custom made.  After they have failed Shinbo introduces Minoru Kokubunji, a twelve year old genius who specializes in custom persocoms.  Minoru tries to analyze Chii with his persocoms.  The first attempt fails and they try again with Yuzuki, a custom made persocom made by Minoru.  Yuzuki tries to analyze Chii, but she fails as well.  After all these failed attempts Minoru starts to suspect that Chii might be a legendary persocom called "Chobits", but it's just a speculation for now.
A big part of the show is Hideki teaching Chii many things.  One of the first things he teaches her is his name.  At first when Chii learned his name, she called everything "hideki" from his ceiling lamp to his porn.  Another major part of the show is trying to figure out Chi's past.
That's a brief summary of how the show starts out.  During the course of the show we do find out about Chii and about her past.  Now it's time for my thoughts.
It was a fun and enjoyable show.  There were tons of sexual jokes, which were good.  Tons of jokes about okazu which has to meanings.  One is a side dish that goes with rice and something used for masturbation like porn.  There are also so pokes towards Hideki for being a virgin.  There are other goofy moments as well.
If you are looking for a romantic comedy with science fiction elements, give this one a shot.
My Score - 4.5/5
I'm actually going to read the manga for this series.  Crazy huh?  The last manga series I read was Love Hina and that was way back in late October.  It's been two months since I read some manga besides Naruto which is still going on.  To go along with it, I'm going to check out Negima!? as my next anime series.  See you guys later and thanks for reading.
Once I have finished the manga series for Chobits, I will edit this blog post and throw it in here.




Chobits Vol 1
Chobits Vol 1
After I watched the anime for Chobits I decided to check out the manga.  Chobits was written by Clamp, a company mainly made of four women, and is published by Tokyopop in the US.  Just like the anime, it was fantastic.  Since a lot of the basics of the manga and the anime are the same, this going to be a brief review.  If you want some of the basics, check out my review of the anime HERE.
Like I said, the basic story is the same as the anime.  The story is about Hideki, a 19 year old ronin (in the anime he is 18, 19 in the manga).  Even though Hideki wants a persocom, he can't afford one because he doesn't have enough money.   One night Hideki finds a persocom and the trash and he decides to bring it hope.  Trying to turn on the persocom, he looks all over her for the turn on switch.  He has looked every for the switch on her until he realizes the one spot he actually didn't look, right in-between her legs.  After turning her on all the perscom can say is "chi" and the persocom is named Chi.
Just like the anime, a big part of the manga is Hideki teaching Chi things from the basics like names of things to more complected things like happiness.  To go along with that Hideki is trying to find out if Chi is called this so called legendary persocom "Chobits". 
Now it's time for the differences between the manga and the anime.  While the core story is the same, there are some differences.  Wikipedia has a nice list of the differences between the two.  Since there spoilers involved, proceed with caution.  (Finally get to use the spoiler tag feature.  w00t!)
Now it's time for my thoughts.  Since most of the key major parts of the manga are in the anime, I kinda felt that I wasted my time a little on the manga.  If I read the manga first and seen the anime second, I probably would have a different opinion.  On the postive
Hideki Motosuwa - Our main character.
Hideki Motosuwa - Our main character.
side it's nice to see the differences between the two.  The manga had more adult content like more language and nudity.  Plus the manga is just as funny as the anime, which is great.  Also, no filler.  In the anime it takes Hideki a whole episode to buy Chi a pair of panties.  In the manga it takes him like 2 pages, but it's still pretty funny in the anime though.
If you love reading romantic comedies, I easily recommend this to you.  It's one of the best on the market.  If you have seen the anime and want to read the manga, you are basically getting the "director's cut" of the anime with a few things changed here and there.  If you have NOT read the manga, I easily recommend this over the anime.
My Score - 5/5
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