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The following review is for both seasons of the anime.  This includes Shakugan no Shana and Shakugan no Shana Second.
Shakugan no Shana (aka Shana) is an anime adaption of the light novel series of the same name ( Shakugan no Shana).  Both seasons were produced by J.C. Staff and directed by Takashi Watanabe.  Shakugan no Shana is an Action, Fantasy, Romance show.

Plot Summary

 Kazumi, Yuji, and Shana.
 Kazumi, Yuji, and Shana.

Yuji Sakai, an ordinary high school student, is expecting to live a long and normal life forever.  On his way home he sees a kid trip and fall over.  Right when he is about to catch him, everything suddenly freezes.  As he looks around he notices people are engulfed by blue flames.  Soon after, a large monster that looks like a doll starts sucking the blue flames into its mouth.  After sucking the blue flames the doll notices that Yuji can move around in the frozen area (called a "fuzetsu") and becomes very happy.  Just as the doll prepares to eat Yuji, a girl in a black outfit with red eyes and red hair appears.  She swiftly destroys the monster, before noticing Yuji moving freely in the fuzetsu.
After the fight, the girl calls herself a "Flame Haze" who hunts "Guze no Tomogara", monsters from a different world.  Soon after her introduction Yuji notices a blue flame in his chest.  The Flame Haze tells Yuji that the "real" Yuji died some time ago, and that he is a "Torch", a temporary replacement for humans who have dead. Torches take on the forms of the dead people,but after a period of time, they will vanish from existence and from the memories of the living. Not being afraid of his death, Yuji becomes friends with the Flame Haze and names her " Shana" after her sword.
 Shana, the Flame Haze.
 Shana, the Flame Haze.
Later Yuji learns why he was able to move inside the fuzetsu.  He is told that he is not a normal Torch, but instead a special kind called a "Mystes".  Mystes' have a special treasure inside them called a "Hougu".  A Hougu is a special device having special abilities and they extremely powerful and valuable. The Hougu within Yuji allows him to remain in existence rather than fading away like other torches. Shana decides to protect Yuji from the Guze no Tomogara, who would Yuji's Hougu to disrupt the balance of the world, and Yuji decides to join Shana in her fight to protect the balance of the world.


I went into Shakugan no Shana expecting some solid action stuff with a decent story, but what I found was even better.
 Margery Daw
 Margery Daw

The story was good.  As the show starts off it's simple:  Shana is a Flame Haze and she tries to stop the Guze no Tomogara.  Meanwhile she ends up meeting Yuji and must protect him from the Tomogara.  Plain and simple.  As the show goes on the story starts branching out.  We get to know more about Shana and her past, what Yuji actually is, and some of things about other characters as well like Margery Daw, another Flame Haze we meet early in the first season.  One thing that caught me off guard was all the strange concepts.  It seems like every fantasy show likes to make up their own concepts with goofy names.  At first I was like "OK..." then I was like "OK, I get it now."  As I went along with the show, I  got used to all of it.  It was kinda mind blowing at first, but all the concepts is what made the story more entertaining to me.
To go along with the story, we have a solid cast of characters.  While not mind blowing, Yuji ended up being a solid character.  Shana was a great character and my favorite of the female characters.  I ended up like Margery Daw a lot as well.  She is one of those characters who is bad at first then ends up being very helpful to Yuji and Shana.
 Inserts sexy picture here.   :)
 Inserts sexy picture here.   :)
Some of the other things I liked was the art style.  The world looked really good and colorful.  Looking at it at a character standpoint, the over all designs were solid.  It seems like every at big huge eyes, but that didn't bother me.  The music was solid as well.  While it wasn't to special, it was solid overall and it fit the show.  The action scenes weren't to shabby as well.  It seemed like we had more of it in the first season, but they are good overall.  There is a really good battle near the end of the second season I liked.
There were a few things that could have been better.  The romance stuff wasn't anything to special.  It's your typical love triangle shenanigans with girl A (Shana) and girl B ( Kazumi Yoshida) who are friends at first, then get in a fight because they find out that their friend likes the guy they like (Yuji), and end up being a friends again with some friendly competition.  Another thing I noticed was some of the events where kinda predictable.  There were times during the show when I was like "I bet this is totally going to happen" and it did.

Review in a Nutshell

  • Solid cast of characters.
  • A solid story that keeps you intrigued.
  • Interesting concepts (makes the story a lot better and deeper)
  • Colorful backgrounds.
  • Good action scenes.
  • The romance stuff wasn't mind blowing.  It was your typical love triangle stuff.  Maybe it fleshes out more in the later volumes of the light novels.
  • Some things in the show were predictable.
If you are looking for a new action fantasy show, I say check this one out!  If you are going into this show looking for some good romance stuff, you might want to try somewhere else.  I will defiantly be looking forward to the next season whenever it comes out.    :)
My Score - 4.5/5

Super Small Blog Thingamajig

With Shakugan no Shana finally finished up, I'm going to check out My-HiME next.  After that I will most likely check out the spin off/alternate retelling My-Otome.  It looks like I'll have my anime fix for a while now since I have been taking my time with the things I watch recently.
As some of you may know, I'm a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Street Fighter fan.  Next week Super Street Fighter IV is coming out and I'm very excited.  If there is anyone here on Anime Vice that is getting the 360 version of the game, hit me up and we can rumble.   :)

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 The following review is for the entire anime series.  This includes Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden, Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful, Mahoromatic: Summer Special, and Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri.
Mahoromatic an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.  There are two seasons, one special, and two OVAs.  Both seasons where produced by Gainax and Shaft and directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga.

Brief Overview

Mahoromatic a sci-fi romantic comedy with elements of harem, ecchi, and drama.  Could be considered a ecchi comedy as well.  The show is about a female combat android name Mahoro.  Mahoro was built by Vesper to fight an alien invasion by Saint.  Mahoro is a very strong, fast android and considered a formidable opponent by her enemies.  Due to being an android, she has a limit on her lifespan.  She doesn't have much time to live, so Vesper gives her the choice of how she wants to spend the rest of her life.  She decides to become a maid for Suguru Misato, the son of her former commander.  As the show goes by, at the end of every episode it counts down how many days Mahoro has left, which the countdown starts at 398 days.
Through out the show, we meet many characters.  From guys like Suguru to a teacher who wants Suguru all to her self.  Here some of the important characters.

  • Mahoro, the andriod, is a very nice and friendly to about everyone she meets.  She becomes a regular at the market with everyone greeting her in a very nice fashion.  She becomes popular at Suguru's school as well for being Suguru's maid.  While lovable, she does not like ecchi things at all.  During the show she constantly goes after Suguru's secret stash of porn magazines and becomes an expert at finding them.  She doesn't like ecchi things, but she is always concerned about her appearance and is sometimes troubled by her small breasts.
  • Suguru Misato is a junior high school student living in Tokyo. He lost both his parents and lived alone before Mahoro came. While he believed his father was killed in an accident during a business trip, he was actually a commander (and Mahoro's commanding officer) in Vesper and was KIA during the alien war.  Suguru is a very smart boy for his age and girls of his class like that.  He also has an affection for dirty magazines which end up being confiscated by Mahoro.  Suguru is noted to be a very fast runner when he is being chased by someone.
  • Minawa, introduced in the second season, is an android created by The Management.  She is a very clumsy and shy, but she is also kind at heart.  Suguru's friend Toshiya develops a crush on her and tries to get her to like her during the second season.  So there isn't any confusion, Suguru tells his classmates that she is Mahoro's younger sister.
  • Slash, "support mech" assists Mahoro during combat. He has the form of a panther and can be summoned at any time by Mahoro.  Although used for combat in the past, he often now acts as a guard dog around the Misato residence.
     "I think that dirty thoughts are bad!"
     "I think that dirty thoughts are bad!"
  • Saori Shikijo is Suguru's teacher and a shotacon.  She tries to seduce Suguru during the course of the show, buy Mahoro always stops it.  She is a heavy drinker and she is usually poor.  She often invites herself over to Suguru's house to have dinner with them which Mahoro does not like.  She is a rival towards Mahoro and often competes with her, but Mahoro wins most of the time.
  • Miyuki Sakura is a classmate of Suguru and a childhood friend.She is a tomboyish girl.  She has a crush on Suguru.
  • Rin Todoriki is a classmate of Suguru.  She is very ladylike, but a very skilled martial artist.  Like Miyuki, she has a crush on Suguru.  Of the three girls, she has the biggest breats and Miyuki and Chizuko always complain, but she becomes more comfortable with her breasts.
  • Chizuko Oe is classmate of Suguru.  She is a bright and cheerful girl who is very innocent.  She loves food and goes ballistic when she tries something that's very good.  Like the other girls, she loves Suguru as well.
  • Toshiya Hamaguchi, a class mate of Suguru.  Like Suguru, he loves dirty magazines as well.  She develops a crush for Minawa and tries to get her to go out with him.
  • Kiyomi Kawahara, another classmate of Suguru.  Like the other two boys, he likes dirty magazines as well.  He is a very good at kendo and is usually with Toshiya.
     Mahoro, Miyuki (blue hair), Rin (brown hair), and Chizuko (blonde)
     Mahoro, Miyuki (blue hair), Rin (brown hair), and Chizuko (blonde)
  • Toh Ryuga, and android made by Saint.  He has fought Mahoro many times on the field, but he usually lost or it was a draw.

My Thoughts

As a fan of the genre (romcom harem) I had to check this one out.  Surprisingly, I liked it more then I thought I would.
I first glance I thought this may have been the same-oh same-oh romantic comedy.  Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, etc.  Well, I guess you could say it's like that, but with the sci-fi elements, it makes the show stand out.  Well, that and all the ecchi stuff the show has.
The story starts out simple.  Mahoro moves into Suguru's house.  You see days of their life go by while Mahoro days of her lifespan go down.  During the show you get some back story to Mahoro, which is great.  Besides her, you get some background on Vesper, Saint, and Management and their roles.  With out getting to deep into spoiler territory, I will say it was interesting.
 Yep, this show is ecchi.
 Yep, this show is ecchi.
The cast of characters were great as well.  You go Mahoro who is a former combat android who ends up being a made, Shikijo sensei who is madly in love with Suguru, Chizuko who goes balls to the walls end she eats something delicious.  In the end, you just end up with a goofy cast of lovable characters.
For the other things, I liked the music.  Nothing groundbreaking, but It was solid overall.  The animation as solid as well for being an early 2000 show.  The animation was iffy and times, but for the most part, it was good.  I really enjoyed the art.  It was colorful,vibrant, and it felt like each character stood out.  I guess point out the ecchi stuff  There is tons of it and it's all uncensored.  HELL YEAH!   :P    It may be a turn off for some, but with my perverted mind, I enjoyed it.  With out going into to much detail, you do see all the girls naked.
For the things I didn't like, there isn't much.  I will say how the show ends is a little disappointing.  Of course this is a show, like many, that ends before the actual manga ends, so the ending just lets you hang with no clear conclusion to the story.  The other thing was the animation.  For the most part, it was great, but some small things here and there could have been touched up.
With the two things I didn't like, I loved everything else.  I ended up loving this show more then I thought I would.  A great cast of characters, simple but deep story as the show goes, good music, great animation, and uncensored boobs, it was hard for me to hate this show.

Review in a Nutshell

I liked:
  • Great characters
  • Simple story that gets deeper as it goes
  • Great production values for when it was released.  (2001)
  • Uncensored Nudity       (I'm a pervert, I know.   :P )
  • Colorful and vibrant characters and backgrounds
I didn't like:
  • The ending was disappointing, leaves yo you hanging.
  • Small production bugs here and there.
If you are fan of the romcom/harem genre and don't mind lots of nudity and fan service, check it out.  If you are a fan of ecchi comedies, this is a must watch.  If you don't like nudity/fan service, try it out and see what you think before venturing further into the show.  If you are a fan of deep romance shows, this may not be for you.
My Score - 5/5

Blog Thing

With all great anime, it comes to an end and you have to move on.  Next I decided to watch Shakugan no Shana, a familiar show to some.  It's been on my radar for a while and thought I would check it out now.  I do have a quick question about the series, is the movie canon?  I was looking up some info about it and seen there is a movie for the show.  I'm not sure if it's canon, so if my fellow Vicers could help me, that would be great.
As the days go by, the release of Super Street Fighter IV is getting closer.  I'm nerding out a little bit more each day and want it NOW!
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The following review is for the entire anime series.  This includes Hidamari Sketch, Hidamari Sketch x 365, Hidamari x Hoshimittsu, and all specials and OVA of the show.
Hidamari Sketch (aka Sunshine Sketch) is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.  There are 12 episodes and 2 specials for season 1; 13 episodes, 1 OVA, and 2 specials for Season 2 (365); and 12 episodes for Season 3 (Hoshimittsu).  Season 1 and the season 1 specials  were directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and Ryouki Kamitsubo.  The rest of the series and specials were direct by Akiyuhi Shinbo by himself.  This animated series was produced by Shaft.

Brief Overview

 Hidamari Sketch
 Hidamari Sketch
Hidamari Sketch is a show about Yuno and her friends as they progress through their daily lives.  Yuno, Miyako, Hiro, and Sae all live in the same apartments, Hidamari Apartments, and they all go to the same school, Yamabuki Art High School.  Each episode starts out with Yuno waking up and ends with Yuno taking a bath and going to bed, just like in they day of an average person.  As the show goes one, you get to see them go to school and do other things as well.  When the 3rd season starts, two new students move into Hidamari Apartments, Nori and Nazuna .  Since this is based on a 4-panel comic strip, there is no consistent through out the series.
Here is a list of the important characters we meet through out the series.
  • Yuno - A first/second year.  A really nice girl who happens to be short.  Yuno's dream is to become a very good artist one day.
  • Miyako - A first/second year.  A very active girl who always wants to have fun.  She is very creative and loves to eat.  She likes to pick on Hiro by telling her she is gaining weight, which ends up making Hiro hit Miyako on the head.
  • Hiro - A second/third year.  The motherly figure of the group.  She is very kind and makes meals ofter for her friends.  She tends to watch her weight a lot, so she tends to go on diets, which usually fail.  She is a very close friend of Sae's and always takes care of her when she is near a deadline for one of her stories.
  • Sae - A second/third year.  She is a tall, athletic, and mature girl who happens to be close friends with Sae.  She writes fiction professional under the anme Aya Tachibana.  The reason she enrolled to Yamabuki Art High School is show she can illustrate her own art for her stories.
  • Nazuna (introduced in season 3) - A first year girl who is shy and reserved, but has an inferiority complex.  She is not in the art department of the school, but does have some interest in it.
  • Nori (introduced in season 3) - A first year girl who is very honest and straightforward.  She is in the art department as well and have strong interest in computers.
  • Yoshinoya -  Yuno and Miyako's homeroom teacher and art instructor. She is buxom, exuberant, and a cosplay maniac.  She loves modeling for her class, displaying her latest outfits whenever she can, and showing off in general.  When asked her age, she says show is "eternally seventeen".
  • The Principal - A thin, aging and balding man whose teeth are always chattering.  He is mostly calm, but sometimes get's very angry with Yoshinoya, which is very often.
  • The Landlady -  The landlord of the Hidamari Apartments. She is very laid back woman, but she is always doing part-time jobs to get by.  She is also a very heavy smoker.
  • Chika - Sae's younger sister, and is an anime-original character. She is more spontaneous and energetic than Sae.  She has no artistic talent and prefers music and home economics over art.

My Thoughts

I'm a fan of the genre.  Once I heard about the show I was like "DUDE YES" and checked it out.  Hidamari Sketch felt like a mash of Minami-ke, Lucky Star, and Azumanga Daioh with a slower pace.  While I my have seen shows that are really similar to this, I still enjoyed the show a lot.
First of lets talk about the characters.  I thought that the cast of characters were rather enjoyable.  While we have seen similar characters in other shows, I really enjoyed them.  I really enjoyed Yuno a lot.  She is just a sweet girl from time to time does goofy things like flushing her room key down the toilet or trying to learn to ride a bike again.  Yoshinoya was a really bizarre character.  When you first see her you think she may be normal, just a few minutes later, you can tell she is going to be one goofy teach.  I goes she kinda provides some fanservice for the show by dressing up in skimpy cosplay outfits which sometimes show off her chest, nothing too sever though.  Besides Yuno and Yoshinoya, the other members of the cast are great as well.  They are so kind a cute, you feel like you want to be in high school again just to hang out with them.
Next we should talk about the production quality.  Shaft does it again and makes the show's art style very unique and great at the same time.  You can easily tell it's made by Shaft when you see items that look like they took a picture of the object and threw it into the show.  The characters look fantastic as well.  From time the time the characters would have chibi heads, which looked really fat and goofy, but you get used to it with time.  The music is great as well.  It fits the show perfectly when used and sets the mood just right.  Shaft as done it again and made the show look great.
Where there are good things, there has to be bad things.  While I had no problem with it, the show's pacing is really slow.  It's like the opposite of Lucky Star.  Lucky Star was fast and upbeat while this show is slow and relaxing.  It might be a little to slow for some people.  One thing I didn't like was the show wasn't in chronological order.  I guess it really doesn't matter for this king of show since it has no on going plot, but I do like my episodes out of order regardless.  Another gripe is the show was light on the comedy.  It seems like they put slice of life first then comedy second.  This could be a good or a bad thing, but I really wanted to laugh more.  Don't get me wrong, the show had it's funny moments, but it just left be wanting a little more comedy.  I guess this could be one of of those "watch cute girls do cute things' kind of show.  While I really wasn't turned off by it, it may be a turn of for others.

I really enjoyed the show with the few gripes I had.  The show is just a cute slice of life/comedy show.  While the slow pace may be too slow for some, it sets a really nice and relaxing tone to the show.  If you are looking for new slice of life/comedy show, I say check this one out if you can deal with the slow pace.  If you are looking for a show that's super crazy and over the top funny show , you are looking the wrong place, go try Azumanga Daioh if you are looking for an upbeat slice of life/comedy.

Review in a Nutshell

I liked:
  • From the art to the music, the over all production quality is fantastic.  Another job well done Shaft.
  • A great cast of characters.
  • Super Cute
  • Odd Ball Humor
  • The show felt very relaxing with it's slow pace.
I didn't like:
  • The episodes weren't in order except for the 3rd season, which was in order for the most part.
  • The comedy seemed a little light.
  • Could be considered a "watch cute girls do cute things" kind of show.
My score - 4.5/5

Blog Thing

With this show out of the way, I decided to get my harem back on and check out Mahoromatic.  It seems like a good harem show to check it out with bonus fanservice!  On the gaming front, I've been playing a ton of Pokemon SoulSilver and loving everything about the remake.  I got Cave Story on Wii today and that's been a ton of fun as well.  I haven't been reading anything since I have caught up with Negima.  I still have Chibi Vampie Karin on my mind to read.  Maybe I will start reading it sometime soon.
I guess this is the part where I end this thing.  Instead of a boring closer, let's throw in some awesome YouTube videos!
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 Don't  try this at home kids.
 Don't try this at home kids.

The following review is the entire Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei anime series.  This includes:  Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name.  There are 12 episodes in SZS, 13 in Zoku SZS, 3 in Goku SZS (OVA series), and 13 and 1 OAD in Zan SZS.  All the seasons and OVAs where produced by Shaft and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.

Brief Overview

 The class of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
 The class of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei is a show about Nozomu Itoshiki and his students.  Nozomu is a very negative person and often wants to commit suicide for being in despair.  During the first episode he tries to hang himself, but ends up failing and meets Kafuka Fuura, one of his students who is the complete opposite of him as she if a very positive person.  This is how the show opens.
Since this is an episodic show, there is no consent story.  Each chapter of the episode resolves around an aspect of life, Japanese culture, or a common phrase in the Japanese language.
Since Nozomu is a teacher, he has very special students.  Each of his students are named after controversial social issues in Japanese society expect for Kafuka Fuura, whose real name has yet to be revealed.  There are many girls and a few boys in the class.  Since the show mostly focuses on the girls, I'm going talk about the important ones.  Here are their social issues, some worse then others:
  • Kafuka Fuura - Sees everything in the most positive way possible.  Even in grim situations like when Nozomu tries hanging himself, she calls it "becoming taller" because her mother did it as well.
  • Chiri Kitsu - She wants everything to be absolutely perfect even if she has to be extremely violent.
  • Abiru Kobushi - A girl who is always heavily bandaged.  Most people think she is like that because she is a victim of domestic violence.  Her injuries are actually due to her pulling the tails of animals, which is a fetish of hers.
  • Kiri Komori - A hikikomori.  She was locked up in here room until one day when Nozomu and Kafuka try to get her to come to school.  Kafuka believes that she is a zashiki-warashi and end up scaring her out of her home.  Now she ends up living at the school.
  • Matoi Tsunetsuki - A stalker.  First she stalks her ex-boyfriend, but ends up stalking Nozomu after misinterpreting something he had said.
  • Nami Hito - A completely ordinary girl who takes offense when you call her normal.
  • Harumi Fujiyoshi - A fan of yaoi and cat ears.
  • Taro Maria Sekiutsu - An illegal immigrant of unknown nationality.
  • Meru Otonashi - A girl who does not talk and only communicates through text messages, which are very abusive.
  • Kaere/Kaede Kimura - Suffers from dissociative identity disorder.  Kaede is an ultimately Japanese woman.  Kaere is a foreigner who is very disgusted with with Japanese culture.  Through out most of the show she is Kaere.  Kaere/Kaede is also the source of all the fan fanservice in the show with many panty shots.
  • Ai Kaga - A very shy and insecure girl who constantly apologizes for trivial matters and things she didn't even do. 
  • Manami Okusa - A married high schooler.
  • Mayo Mitama -  An evil looking girl who always commits horrible acts. Not wanting to be accused of reacting to stereotypes, people simply assume she is a good girl who only looks evil.

My Thoughts

Even though the show really bizarre and different from what I have watched before, I really dug it.
Kiri  Komori - A hikikomori
Kiri Komori - A hikikomori

The first thing that you have to talk about is the bizarre cast of characters.  Nozomu Itoshiki is the coolest teacher ever, even though he is always in despair.  Besides him, the girls are all great as well.  I really enjoyed Kafuka a lot.  With being super positive about everything, even about death, how could you not love such a cute and sweet girl?  I also loved Kiri because I can relate to her, kinda.  I'm one of this guys who always stays are home and does what she often does, watches anime and surfs the web.  And you gotta love Kaere for all the fanservice she provides through out the show.
With a bizarre show like this, how can you not have some enjoyable moments?  One of my favorite chapters is when Nozomu is forced to get married.  Every year his family hosts a marriage even for the whole city.  Once you look are someone's eyes, you are instantly married to the person.  Through the whole night he just looks away and tries to run away.  His students also participate and for this being a harem show, the try to make him look at them, especially Chiri and Matoi.  Another great chapter is when Nozomu write a doujinshi for Comiket.  At the beginning of the episode Harumi bumps into Nozomu while she is on her way to make copies of her doujinshi.  She ends up telling Nozomu about her hobby, but he misunderstands it as literary sense instead of a manga/anime sense.  He ends up writing his own thing, but it doesn't sell at all.
 Kaere   and her fanservice.  :)
 Kaere and her fanservice.  :)
There are other great things about the show as well.  The art style for the show is fantastic.  Every once in a while they change up the art style and character models and that's all great.  In Zoku SZS episode 7 they used clay animation.  It was so goofy and weird that it was awesome.  The music in the show as fantastic.  When there was music used, it fitted the moment perfectly.  The OP and ED songs were awesome as well.  Some people my be a little turned off my the rock n roll and somewhat screaming used in some of them, but I really enjoyed them.   Speaking of ED, there are some great endings as well that are used through the show.  At the end of season three episodes, they draw Nozomu's head along with a song they made up.  One neat thing about it is the pictures that are drawn are actually pictures submitted by fans which is really neat.
From time to time the show gets really dark, but when it happens, it still really goofy and awesome.  There is a part where there is tons of blood and the students end up dying.  There is also a part where the students tear Nozomu into peaces to divide him evenly between the students.  Besides the dark parts, there were also a lot of cameos as well.  Some note worthy anime cameos are Lucky Star, Haruhi, Negima, Clannad, Death Note, and Detective Conan aka Case Closed.  My favorite one has to be the ones of Negima.  Nozomu talks about that their manga wont sell, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and talking about how Negima will clearly out sell it, which made me chuckle since I got into Negima in January.  I should note that Shaft worked on Negima!? as well.  There are other cameos as well like Freddy Kruger, Blue Man Group, Star Wars and a few others.
Now it's time for a few complaints.  During some of the chapters I thought the pacing was a little to fast and I had slow it down so I could read what was going on.  Some other times when they were talking about some stuff, I was completely lost and didn't understand it completely.
All and all, this was a excellent show.  With a few minor complaints, I still really enjoyed the show.  If you are looking for a really bizarre comedy, I recommend this show.  Forewarning though.  If you decide to watch the show, I suggest taking a break between each season so the show wont get stale when you get to the third season.

Review in a Nutshell

I liked:
  • The bizarre cast of characters.
  • Stylish Art Style
  • Lots of memorable moments through out the show.
  • I really dug the music.
  • Lots a great cameos
I didn't like:
  • Some chapters where a little to fast paced
  • I didn't get some of the chapters.  Left me saying "OK, I don't get it."
My Score - 4.5/5

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After finishing this show, I decided to got with another Shaft anime.  This time it's going to be Hidamari Sketch aka Sunshine Sketch.  I've had the radar on my show for while, but I wanted to wait till most of season 3 was done airing.  After listening to Ana talking about the manga on the Squadcast this week I was like "Yep, I'm finally going to watch this show now."  On the video game front I'm waiting till Pokemon SoulSilver comes out this Sunday.  I've been waiting a long as time for and it it's finally going to be released.  I'm really excited to nerd out again with Silver since I haven't played that game in years.
JJOR64 signing off.  (Boy this was a long review.   :P)
EDIT on Mar. 13th :  Fixed some typos.
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Since I have watched the anime of Negima!, I decided to check out the manga for it ( Negima!).  Since January 17, I have been reading chapters of the manga just about every night and as of today, I have finally caught up to where the manga is currently at.  As some of you may know, the manga is still going so I will not review the whole series as a whole like I usually do right now.  Instead, I thought I would point out some things I like and dislike about the manga.  It is really early in the morning (2am-ish) so I'm not going to go into super deep detail list.  I'm just going to make a small list of the things I like and dislike about the manga.
May contain some small spoilers so read at your own risk!


  • I enjoy the goofy comedy of the show.  Some of the jokes you can see coming sometimes, but I really enjoy it.
  • I really enjoy the caste of characters (there are a ton of them) and all of them of unique and special in there own way.
  • While the story can go a little over the top at times (it is a shonen manga after all), I've been digging it a lot, especially the current arc of the manga.
  • I'm a sucker for fanservice and this series has tons of it.
  • Latter on the in the series there are some epic battles that are pretty sweet.
  • From a harem perspective, it's really good.  As some of you may know, the creator of Negima!, Ken Akamatsu, has also created Love Hina, which is one of the most popular harem franchises of all time.  With Negima!, he nails down the harem once again.


  • It some usual shonen stuff like tournaments, hidden powers, characters dying (or not?), etc.
  • Some times it can get a little talkative with lots of text in one panel.
  • Negi is a lucky basted.  I want tons of girls to hang out with.          :(
There you have it.  Just a brief list of things I like and dislike.  If you have watched animes of the franchise, Negima! or Negima!?, and loved them, you owe you self a favor and should check out the manga.  There is a spinoff a manga ( Negima!? Neo, based on Negima!?) as some of you may now, but I'm not going to check it out right now.  I'm going to stick with Ken's original work.
Well, I'm off to bed now.  Night!
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