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While I'm not against it what so ever, it doesn't interest me.
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While guns could be very effective, I would have to go with swords.  Swinging around a sharp object to defeat your enemies would be more fun.  You could also get some good exercise with swords as well.  :P  With guns, you just have to point and shot.  What's so manly about that?
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 Kanokon's main characters.
 Kanokon's main characters.
Plot Summary: Kanokon's story revolves around Kouta Okayama, a young first-year high school student who moves from the country to the city and thus transfers to Kunpo High School. On his first day at his new school, a beautiful second-year female student named Chizuru Minamoto asks him to meet her alone in the music room. When he arrives, she reveals that she is in fact a fox deity and from that day on the two hang out together. Nozomu is a first year female student at Kouta's school, she is in fact a wolf deity and in love with Kouta, and a rival of Chizuru for Kouta's affections.   (Taken from ANN)
I'm going to say this now, Kanokon is a super ecchi/fanservice anime but, for those two reasons, this show was pretty damn funny.  I haven't laughed this hard in a pretty long time.  I should also mention this show is NOT for kids what so ever.  You see breasts, panties, and other stuff through out the entire show that are not intended for kids.
One of the main characters, Chizuru, is in love with Kouta.  During the course of the show Chizuru does many perverted things to him.  While he likes it, he always resists it because he thinks it's wrong.  While Chizuru starts doing these things to Kouta, the other students at their school give Kouta the nickname "The Great Erotic King".  That's just one of the many goofy/erotic things during the show.  Another great thing that adds to the comedy was the writing.  I thought the writing was very funny and entertaining.  I laughed through out the show.  Every single episode made me laugh.
All and all, the show was very enjoyable.  While it's super ecchi and fanservice, I just thought it was very funny.  The comedy of the show is what drew me in (and maybe the ecchi stuff  :P).  If you love ecchi/fanservice stuff, you will probably love this series.  While a short ride (12 episodes), it was very enjoyable.  I think they may be making another season but, I'm not sure.  I know there are 2 OVAs out now but, I don't think any of them are subbed yet.
My Score - 4.5/5
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 From left to right: Nerine, Kaede, Primula, Asa, and Sia.
 From left to right: Nerine, Kaede, Primula, Asa, and Sia.
" Rin Tsuchimi is the object of 5 girls' affections and must decide on who he should marry, even though it's a tough decision for him. Along the way healthy doses of romance, comedy, and even drama will come your way. "  That's the basic overview for Shuffle!  While a harem show at it's heart, I found it to be very enjoyable.  The main character of the show Rin Tsuchimi is just your average high school student.  Rin lives with Kaede Fuyou.  He moved in with her family because Rin's parents passed away.
At the beginning of the show you may think the world is just normal.  Well, your wrong.  In a nutshell, the God world and the Devil world make a pact and they are now cooperating and are now with the human world.  During the first episode you found out that Rin was nice the daughters of The King of Gods ( Eustoma) and The King of Devils ( Forbesii) and find out that they are going to start going to the same school as Rin.  Those two are Nerine and Lisianthus (Sia for short).  During their first day of school, Eustoma and Forbesii make a deal with RIn.  If you falls in love with Sai, Rin can become a God.  If you falls in love with Nerine, he can become a Devil.  While Eustoma and Forbesii are now friends, they want Rin to choose who he wants to be with to both of them will get along no matter who Rin chooses.
And so this is how the show starts of.  Along the way you meet Asa, Primula, and other characters as well.  Your typical harem stuff does happen, group activities, dates, the usually harem stuff. 
During the course of the show Rin as a date with Asa.  While this is set up from the start, Asa had fun that day but, she was still pissed.  This is when Rin starts falling in love with Asa and Kaede starts getting depressed.  You start learning about Kaede's dark side.  When Rin and Kaede where young, Rin's mother dies in a car accident.  While Kaede is in the hospitle being in shock of this event, Rin says that he kill her.  Rin just wanted her to come see Kaede because she was feeling well before the accident.  During this time, you start to see the dark side of Kaede and Kaede starts chocking Rin.  Over the years before the current time, Kaede just treats Rin like shit.  Duing one day Kaede droped her box of pencils down the stairs.  Kaede asks Rin to pick them up for her in a nice gentle voice.  While Rin is picking them up. Kaede drops a box cutter onto Rin's eye (well right above it) it cuts it open with blood all over.  Back to current time.  One day when Rin has Asa over for dinner, Kaede asks her to leave.  At first it's quite but, Kaede starts being louder and then shoves Kaede to the wall.
Some stuff happens (you can watch the show) and Rin starts dating Asa and everything returns make to normal.  That's Shuffle! in a nutshell (not explained very good)
While I may have seen this kind of stuff before, I really enjoyed the show.  I thought the characters were good, likable, and colorful (each of the main/side characters
 Yep, this is a harem show all right.  Rin is with all the main girls naked.  Damn, that guy is lucky.
 Yep, this is a harem show all right.  Rin is with all the main girls naked.  Damn, that guy is lucky.
have their own color hair).  Shuffle! had a bunch of funny moments as well.  During the first episode you find out that there is a group called the KKK (not joking) and the head guy is in love with Kaede.  He sends one of his goons to fight Rin because he thinks Kaede is in love with RIn and he wants Kaede for himself.  Along they way you find out that there are even more of the groups who want Kaede and all of them start chasing Rin around and try to get him.  To add to the comedy, they added some funny echi moments.  There is a part of the show when one of the side characters, Mayumi, has to work at a cafe because she forgot her wallet.  While working in her uniform (a maid outfit) she realizes that she forgot put back on here panties.  Just one part where she was working the male customers started dropping their glasses on the floor on purpose so they can look underneath his outfit.  I don't know why but, I just found it really funny since they all knew she wasn't wearing any panties.
Like I stated above, this show has echi elements and tons of them.  During the course of the show you seem many breasts (this show is mature after all).  Echi may be a turn of for some (not me, I like boobies), it fitted the show just right.  It used it when the show was trying to be funny and used it when the show had it's drama moments.
Shuffle! as an enjoyable show.  While it was a harem show at it's heart, I found if to be very enjoyable and fans of this type of stuff (like me) will probably enjoy it.
My Score - 4/5.
If you want to watch this show, check it out on FUNimation's website.  They have the show with subtitles up on their video site.
P.S.  There is another series called Shuffle! Memories but, it's just a recap of the first series but, has one bonus episode that's new that's worth checking out.
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MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!! (Couldn't fit this into the title.)


Rumbling Hearts (or Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) is an anime based of a adult visual novel of the same name.  At it's heart, this is a romance/drama anime.  The story starts of nice a giddy but, get very depressing along the way but, ends on a happy note.
It starts of with Takayuki Narumi and Haruka Suzumiya dating and Mitsuki Hayase getting a little jealous and sad.  Days go by and one day, Takayuki decides to buy Mitsuki and birthday present.  While that's happening, Haruka is waiting for Takayuki for a
 Left: Haruka Right: Mitsuki
 Left: Haruka Right: Mitsuki
date.  Takayuki remembers about the date and rushes to meet up with Haruka.  While he gets near her location an ambulance drive by.  Next thin you know Haruka got invovled in a car accident and becomes unconscious for 3 years.  During the 3 years Takayuki gets into a deep depression for a year.  During the year Mitsuki helps Takayuki out and getting him food and that sort of stuff.  One night Mitsuki finally confesses to Takayuki and SHE GET'S NAKED AND THEY LIKE HAVE SEX DUDE!!  (This anime isn't for young kids.)
Stuff happens and time passes then it's 3 years after the accident.  While Takayuki is going out with Mitsuki, he starts thinking about Haruka.  Next thing you know

Haruka finally wakes up (this is when the sad tone of the anime comes in) and next think you know Takayuki falls in love with Haruka again.  While Takayuki starts to care about Haruka again, he is still going out with Mitsuki.  After this part Takayuki's feelings keep going back and forth between Haruka and Mitsuki (and more sex happens along the way, w00t).  One day when Takayuki visits Haruka in the hospital, Haruka's younger sister finally spills the beans and tells Haruka that 3 years as gone by since the day of the accident.  With all the stress going on with Haruka, she becomes unconscious again.  Time goes by and Haruka wakes up again but, doesn't remember anything from the first time she woke up.  When Haruka wakes up, they tell her right away that 3 years went by.
Days go by and Mitsuki visits Haruka in the hospital.  While there, Mitsuki finally spills the beans about her and Takayuki.  Haruka gets upset, slaps her, then asks her to leave.  Stuff happens, then Takayuki and Mitsuki finally break up.  More stuff happens then Takayuki finally tells Haruka his true feelings, he is in love with Mitsuki because she was there for him during his time of need.  At the end, time goes by, Haruka ends up becoming a children book writer and Takayuki and Mitsuki live with each other (I assume).
That's the basics of the show in a nutshell.
Rumbling Hearts is a romance/drama anime for people who love that stuff.  Whle the tone is mainly sad and depressing through out, there are some comic relief.  I don't think this anime is for everyone.  People who really love/like romance/drama stuff, will probably love this show.  While it was a little to sad/depressing for me, I still enjoyed the show.  The anime is only 14 episodes long with 4 OVAs out (haven't seem them yet) so, it's a short series.
My Score - 4/5
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