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Possible Spoilers Below!  I couldn't fit this into the title.  :P

 The kendo team of Bamboo Blade.
 The kendo team of Bamboo Blade.
After hearing Gia talking about Bamboo Blade, I decided to check it out myself.  Bamboo blade is a slice of life/comedy anime about kendo which is based on a seinen manga of the same name.  For me, Bamboo Blade ended up being a fun and entertaining show that I liked a lot more then I thought I would.

The show starts of with the kendo teacher, Toraji Ishida aka Kojiro, making a bet with his senpai, Kenzaburo Ishibashi, who is also a kendo teacher over at another school.  The bet is on a practice match between Kojiro's team of girls Vs. Kenzaburo's team of girls.  If Kojiro wins he gets free sushi for a year at Kenzaburo's father‘s restaurant, but if Kenzaburo wins he gets the trophy that Kojiro won years ago against Kenzaburo in a kendo tournament.  Before the practice match, Kojiro needs to find a team of girls for the match.
 Toraji Ishida aka Kojiro
 Toraji Ishida aka Kojiro
Through out the show we meet the other kendo team members. Tamaki Kawazoe, a first year, who is a very short, but she is very experienced at kendo and she has never lost a match.  She loves the show "Blade Bravers" and idolizes Red.  She ends up joining to bring justice to two former members of the kendo team who were bullies.  Kirino Chiba, a second year student, is the team captain who is lively and cheerful all the time.  Despite being goofy most of the team, she loves being the team captain.  Miyako Miyazaki aka Miya-Miya, a first year student, is a nice girl with split personality.  When others are around she is a nice and friendly girl, but she is actually has a dark and sadistic personality.  Sayako Kuwahara aka Saya a second year who is a cheerful and spontaneous girl who often changes are interests and goals.  She is also a very good friend with Kirino and they have been friends since elementary school.  She is also very tall and sometimes the boys make fun of her for being a boy because she is so tall.  Satori Azuma, a first year, is very good at kendo, being second to Tamaki, but she is very bad at her studies so she doesn't join the team at first, but later joins the team to help here studies go along well.  Yuji Nakata is a kind, cheerful,and helpful first year student.  He is very good at kendo and he is very smart as well.  And last but not least we have Danjuro Eiga aka Dan-kun, a first year who is Miya-Miya's boyfriend.  He is a very short and round-headed guy who at first wants to join the ping-pong team, but later finds out that there isn't a team and joins with Yuji and Miya-Miya.
After a month, Kojiro's team of girls ends up wining against Kenzaburo's team, but Kojiro ends up not getting a year's worth of sushi because Kenzaburo's father's restaurant ends up shutting down.  Besides the practice match, Kojiro's team does some tournaments as well.  In one of the tournements Tamaki ends up losing to Rin Suzuki, but ends up beating her in the next tournament.
That's what the show and characters are in a nutshell.  Now it's time for my thoughts.
 Miyako Miyazaki aka Miya-Miya
 Miyako Miyazaki aka Miya-Miya

I personally loved it.  Not knowing anything about kendo, I really enjoyed the kendo parts of the show.  Even though this characters of this show are moe, I still loved them for what they did.  Tamaki isn't a silent but deadly kendo warrior.  Kirino is a goofy and awesome captain.  Miayako is a pretty and evil girl.  Sayako can do anything if she tires.  Satori is very well at kendo and she can get better at her studies.  Yuji is a nice guy who can also kick ass when a wants to.  Danjuro is just a goofy guy to watch.  And Kojiro, the best kendo teacher ever!  The art style was very colorful and the music was pleasant.  It was very fast pace and it kept rolling.  The one thing I didn't like was the ending, it leaves it open for a second season.  Grrr..... DON'T MAKE ME WAITFOREVER DAMMIT!  Other then that there was nothing I didn't like.
If you love slice of life/comedy shows like I do, give this show a shot.  You might end up loving it like I did.
My Score - 5/5
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