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asks you, "Gundam Wing Zero....will it blend?"
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Piccolo is this guy's-- favorite DB character

(Followed closely by Tien and Pre-Teen Gohan)

The fact that they have teased us for years with a DB movie was unfair and moreover now that there is a DB movie it will be complete bollocks makes me want to scream. I can honestly put up with the idea that these guys are putting together a crappy movie, I can even understand a crappy DB movie, but they must not understand that they are sinking a franchise! Those of us that appreciate DB will never go see this thing whole heartedly, and those that do will now have to keep correcting all of the horrible fan boys that don't know their power staff from their dragon balls!

I for one am boycotting this film and encourage all of you to do likewise.
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I just founded the Robot Fighting League and hope to get some combatants. I want to see Hiro Yui versus Sho Fukamachi out there!

Lets get a great big mechanized battle on!!

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To be fair I didn't hate every minute of it, but almost every ep had Shinji whining about some BS and had Asuka acting like a giant b***h.

All in all a good series if you don't get thrown by the complaining......and then came the last 2 eps.

Ok....honestly WTF was that about? I've never been so dead set that an anime will end nicely and then been shown the inside of the devils @$$!!

I'd rather watch decapitaion videos and National Geographic documentaries about fish that lay eggs in your pee hole than watch that series again.

-end transmission-
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