Jinx (Level 4)

asks you, "Gundam Wing Zero....will it blend?"
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Name: Maikeru Tetsu  (Michael Irons)

Nickname: Jinx

Age: 25

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Black w/ gray undertones

Height: 6'0"

Profession: Musician / Masked Fighter in Robot Fighting League

Opening Up
The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor

 Sitting in a room that felt too small, in a place too far from home, in a town I couldn't care less about I stare idly at the tips of black leather that stick out from under my pant legs and begin to count my shoelaces again. "Michael....you've drifted off again." The cold feminine voice brings me back to reality.

"I'm sorry Doctor, what was the question?" She taps her pen on her pad again, undoubtedly upset at my disdain for her lectures. "I asked if you still had any pain from the surgery? Not many people fully recover from robotic prosthesis. Most are left with some form of numbness or pain."

I barely moved as she spoke, taking only a moment to read the phrase on her coffee mug behind her. Hang in there. It had a picture of a cat on it trying for all it was worth to hold onto a tree limb. It made me smirk. "No Doctor, no numbness....no pain. I feel 100% myself. Anything else?" She stared hard at me, I suppose trying to read my sincerity.

"I will be the judge of how well you are Mr. Irons. Now tell me, how is your personal life adjusting?"

I curl a funny smile on my face as I think of telling her, "Yes Doctor, my personal life is adjusting. I fight illegally in an underground robot fighting league where I nearly die nightly beacuse the people running it don't stop the fight if you start to bleed. How is your personal life?" But instead I just sit there and smile at her.

"Do you still work for Ichigoa Industries?" What a question. Old Ichigoa didn't waste two seconds in firing me after the incident that left me this way. He felt it would be bad for the company to employ someone with such a poor safety record. What a pompous ass he was.

"No Doctor, I have left Ichigoa behind to persue other interests." Her face stayed stern, but her eyes gave me a concerned look. "That was a very good job Michael. What could you possibly have planned for the future that could be better?" I checked my watch and smiled.

"Time is up Doctor. Our session is over." Her face lost its cold exterior and showed a little warmth for a moment as she reached out and held my wrist.

"Off the record. Just between us. How did this happen to you?" She obviously thought her show of compassion would make the flood gates open up and I would confess all of my problems to her, but then again.....thats how she was programmed.

"I'm going to work Doctor. I'll see you again next week."

The Counting Game


-Six Months Prior-

"Ichigoa Industries, this is Maikeru." My name is Maikeru Tetsu and I hate my job. I am a data analyst for Tokyo's largest pharmaceutical company. "Just a moment, you wanted to speak to marketing. I'll transfer you." I've been with the company for 4 years and I am the only person in that 4 years that hasn't been replaced or promoted. Perhaps I do my job too well. I live by myself and have no family or friends, but because of my connections in the company I am invited to many different functions, usually to attain our business.

"Maikeru, a letter arrived for you." A voice piped up from the outer office of my assistant. "Thank you Kimiko. Please bring it in." Opening my door gingerly the slender Kimiko holds firmly in her hand a sealed envelope. "Who delivered it?" I say not really expecting any mail. Kimiko looked back to her office as though she left the answer there and then returned her eyes to me full of worry. "Nevermind. Just set it on my desk and I'll deal with it. Thank you." Kimiko did as I requested and turned exiting in the same timid fashion as I had grown accustom from her.

Hours went by as I worked before Kimiko knocked on the glass of my window to say goodbye for the day. I smiled and began to collect my things and glanced at the envelope. Smirking lightly I tore the top of it off and casually threw it into the waste basket.

...more to come....


  • Skilled in 40 different instruments including the Cello and the Piano
  • Hand to hand fighter with a black belt in Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu
  • Robotic enhancements to right arm and both legs
  • Enhanced Strength (Robotic Limbs Only)
  • Enhanced Speed (Robotic Limbs Only)
  • Enhanced Reflexes (Robotic Limbs Only)
  • Access to an arsenal of high tech machinery used to maintain his robotic parts


  • Missing his right arm and both legs
  • Human traits
  • Magnets (Robotic Limbs Only)
  • Secretive Past

Never Back Down
Never Back Down

Jinx Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 5, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Points: 227 Points
Ranked: Ranked #700 of 45,131
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