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my fears of a time skip has come to pass.  

as it turns out zoro will be under the tuition of Mihawk while luffy will be under Rayleigh who will teach him Haki. the message that got out was "3D2Y" that was tattooed on luffys shoulder. the other straw hats figured out it meant 3 days and 2 years meaning its time for them to get stronger and so they have two years and three days of training before they can finally set sail to the new world.
i really wanted them to stay as they were but like the Pirate Age, it was time to change,(that accidently rhymed :)) another thing is i hope that Jinbei will join the crew when they reach Fishman Island.so what do you guys think of this? will luffy and his crew act the same? will they become a serious character roster like Bleach and not be as funny or will they be the positive and funny Straw Hat Crew we know and love? post your thoughts 
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