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Fan-Fic » Shonen Heroes Unite! Prologue

alright so I write for Fanfictionbut thought I might as well post one of ny stories here. and yes i know, jinbei did not join the crew but I dont care, he will become one in the future I believe but I wanted him to be in the story anyways. everything after this point will be copy and pasted.

On the Grand Line…

On Fishman Island, the Straw Hat Pirates were celebrating their victory over Hody Jones and his crew's plans to take over the island, but they were also celebrating their new nakama… Jinbei, Knight of the Sea. Luffy was overjoyed when the former Shichibukai said yes to his invitation into the crew, and almost immediately a party broke out. Brook was playing songs; Sanji was already cooking food, Zoro started on the sake and the rest were either dancing or sitting and talking to Jinbei.

Jinbei had already become good friends with Nami and Robin, who were the most normal of the crew in retrospect. The three had been chatting for awhile during the party.

"So what were you thinking when you joined our crew? I hope you know what kind of ride you're in for." Nami said jokingly, with Robin giggled at her statement, knowing full well it was true. Jinbei only shook his head and smiled.

"I heard about his craziness from Ace-san, his older brother. I have a pretty good idea of what lies ahead. I also saw a bit of you all during our fight with Hody. " He said as he took a sip of sake. The two women smiled brightly at the fish man, the two thought he might be the first normal male crew member they've had, and nodded. Zoro walked over to the table and sat to talk as well.

"I still don't think you understand what we're totally like; you only saw a glimpse of it yesterday during the battle." Zoro stated chugging down a large cup of Sake.

"Must you always be drinking?"

"Shut up devil woman!"

"Hey Jinbei, come celebrate with us, this party's for you!" Luffy yelled as he was running around the area singing with Chopper and Usopp doing the same. Jinbei chuckled at his new Captain. He began to stand from his seat, until a swirl of light appeared in the middle of the room. All the Straw hats stopped where they were and looked at it.

"What is that?" Nami shouted in surprise, but none answered. Finally Luffy spoke up

"It's a mystery light!" He shouted with sparkles in his eyes, Chopper mirrored his movements, but Usopp looked afraid (as usual).

"Don't go near that thing guys, it could kill you! I've got that don't-go-near-the-strange-light-disease coming on!" Usopp protested but of course, Luffy's curiosity got the better of him as he got close enough to touch it.

"Luffy-kun, wait! You don't know what will-", Jinbei started but was too late, and the rubber boy reached out and touched it, only to be sucked inside of it.

"Luffy!" The Straw Hats shouted in unison, but then found themselves being sucked in as well.

"What the hell's happening?" Zoro shouted, but was pulled in, followed by the rest of the crew. After the swirl disappeared, King Neptune and his sons searched everywhere for the Straw hats but found nothing…

In Kankura Town…

Ichigo and his friends had finally finished doing battle with Ginjo and his group from Execution, now he, Orihime, Chad, Uryu, Rukia and Renji sat upon the grass field where the battles had taken place. The captains (and Ikkaku) had all departed back to Soul Society. Rukia and Ichigo were explaining exactly what had happened with Ginjo and Tsukishima. Orihime and Chad felt ashamed of themselves, finding it hard to look at Ichigo.

"Kurosaki-kun, I'm so sorry I wouldn't have- I should not have…" Orihime began, but started to cry, being unable to contain her feelings.

"I'm sorry Ichigo; I can't believe I let that happen." Chad spoke up, hanging his head. Ichigo looked at the two and felt sorry himself, he didn't mean to guilt them over what had happened.

"Guys don't worry about it, if it wasn't for Tsukishima, neither of you would have done it, I know that, so don't sweat it." He said scratching his head, trying to put it in the best way he could. The two seemed to brighten up a bit.

"Thank you Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime said as she jumped on him, hugging him tightly. Ichigo blushed as a pair of pillows was nearly suffocating him.

"Th-that's ok Orihime, you don't have to do that." Ichigo said trying to calm her down. Chad nodded at him in thanks. Suddenly Renji began to laugh, although trying to hide it. Ichigo scowled at him

"What are you laughing at?" He asked annoyed, but Renji kept going.

"Oh no-nothing j-just thinking ab-bout earlier." Renji said between laughs. Ichigo was confused now, wondering what he was talking about.

"Has not having powers made you a crybaby, Ichigo?" Renji said, settling down but smiling slyly at the substitute Shinigami. Finally Ichigo understood what he was talking about and turned red.

"Shut up Renji, you don't know anything!" Ichigo said getting in the red haired man's face.

"Eh, you got something to say?" Renji said, not backing down. Everyone else sweat dropped at the two's bickering.

"Humph, those two will never change will they?" Uryu said pushing up his glasses. Suddenly a swirl of light appeared before them, stopping the fight between friends.

"Uh did you guys open up a portal?" Ichigo asked looking to Rukia and Renji, who nodded 'no' in response. Suddenly it started to pull the group in.

"What the hell, it's sucking us in!" Ichigo yelled, grabbing Orihime and pushing her behind him, but to no avail as he was sucked in first.



They yelled after their friend, but were soon consumed by it as well. Soul Society had sense that the group was no longer in the human world… or in Soul Society.

On the Battlefield of Konoha…

Naruto and Killer Bee walked to the lifeless body of their fallen foe, the fake Madara. The two were tired, having spent almost all their chakra while fighting the masked man. Even the powers received from the tailed beast inside of them had spent a great deal of chakra to finish him off. They were huffing now, tired as one can be, but Bee raised his fist toward Naruto.

"Good job little bro, together the two of us best our foe!" He said in his usual way of talking, which was rapping. Naruto huffed again and smiled at the Hachibi.

"Thanks Bee, I couldn't have done it without you." He said as they fist bumped, but seem to take the rest of their energy, as they fell to the ground in exhaustion. They laid there just staring up into the sky.

"Now that the fake Madara's down… its time I saved Sasuke." Naruto said, thinking out loud, Bee heard him and smiled.

"Don't worry little brotha, I'll be there to help save that sucka!" He said with a weakly raised fist, Naruto smiled and laughed.

"Thanks Bee, but-"


Suddenly Sakura, Hinata, Sai and Kakashi came from the trees, having rushed to the area he had fought.

Naruto you're safe!" Hinata shouted in happiness while blushing, Sakura showed slight signs of jealousy but quickly shook them off.

"You idiot, you exerted yourself to much again." She said smiling, Naruto smiled back.

"Looks like you two were able to do it huh?" Kakashi said as he looked at the masked man. "Great job you two, the Kages were able to defeat the real Madara, although they are badly injured."

"Is granny Tsunade ok?" Naruto said concerned.

"Don't worry, she's alright, hurt but she will heal."

Sai looked on at his friend happily although he said nothing. Suddenly a swirl of light appeared before them. The group looked at it in surprise.

"What is that?" Naruto said, until he was suddenly pulled into it.

"Naruto!" They all shouted, but as Luffy and Ichigo's groups had been, they were sucked in. The Kage's sent ninja's to find the group, but none were found…

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Battles » Rune King Thor vs Thanatos

@PunkMastaFlex: yeah, I had found that out but never got around to updating the picture :P lol

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Battles » Acnologia vs Nine Tail Fox

battle of the great beasts, who will win? battle takes place in Konoha
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Battles » Thor vs Ichigo

what the heck, I thought this woulda been locked a long time ago haha
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Battles » Monkey D Luffy (one piece) vs. Natsu Dragneel (fairy tail)

this is waaay to easy for post time skip luffy but even pre time skip smashes natsu, i like fairy tail and all but this is almost a stomp
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If things go the way I REALLY hope they do, Jinbei will be a bonafied Strawhat this time next week :)
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Battles » Classic Thor vs Mystic Gohan

Alright, let me make some things clear, first off its been awhile, and its nice to be back :) and now to the discussion. In the past I would have said Thor wins a hard match but... My mind has been changed of that. I do think Thor could beat SSJ2 Goku in a long, hard fight, but I realized the power of SSJ3 Goku, and knew that Thor would lose. And supposedly (although I do think them equal for the most part) Mystic Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 Goku, meaning yeah, Thor loses this fight, I mean he would put up a battle to the end, but sadly loses
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Battles » The strongest Sailor Moon Characters the DBZ fighters can beat?

@MisterShin: right, ill be sure to add them
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Battles » The strongest Sailor Moon Characters the DBZ fighters can beat?

since it is said that in general, the Sailor Moon series is even more powerful than DBZ, how high in power could these DBZ characters take on? 
Goku in SSJ3 
Vegeta in SSJ2 with Majin boost 
Piccolo End of DBZ 
Future Trunks in SSJ2  
Kid Buu

SSJ3 Gotenks 
SSJ Vegito 
Mystic Gohan 
and for fun... 
Broly at his strongest 
so who is the strongest this list can take on(individually) in the sailor moon verse? battle shall take place on New Namek, and for those who wanna get technical, i grant all DBZ characters the power to breath in space if need be 

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General Discussion » Where would anime be without Dragonball/Z?

one piece, naruto and bleach probably woouldnt exist  and therefore manga would not be as popular, sure some would come out but the HST were all inspired by DBZ(Im pretty sure)
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Fan-Fic » The "Stories to Come" Thread

oh yeah now for my second story that i may come out with(when ive got time) 
Roronoa Zoro: The Yoma Hunter 
After his two year training, zoro heads back to the rally spot to meet his friends, but before he gets there, a mysterious portal sucks in the swordsman. when he recovers, he finds himself in a small vilage saved by some local people. What he finds out later is that this village also has a problem with mnsters called the Yoma! Roronoa Zoro has come to the Claymore verse, and it seems trouble still has a way of finding him, even in a different world, for Yomas may become the least of his problems when the "Organization" begins to take interest in him...
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Battles » Who is the strongest Dragon Ball character Jio Freed can beat?

@MrASSH0LE: if thats all then maybe goku when he was a kid but that a maybe still
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Fan-Fic » The "Stories to Come" Thread

@Fire Star
hey thanks!
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Fan-Fic » The "Stories to Come" Thread

@Superevil225: ooh that sounds cool, have you ever posted fan fics on comic vine?
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Fan-Fic » The "Stories to Come" Thread

This is a thread for those who are planning to make a new Fan-Fic and want to post a summary of it and wish for peoples opinions on the story. I've noticed the many other threads where its for that single story, well might as well not bother with a new topic if you can come here! I'll start it off with a story I was thinking of myself 
The Berry, the Monkey and the Fox OR The Soul Reaper, The Pirate and The Ninja(Gay names i know, but its just for now ill change it later if anyones got ideas for a name do tell) 
Its the crossover we al want! Naruto, One Piece and Bleach! Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo are brought together with there friends from their universes by an unknown power to help stop a force that threatens all three of the worlds! The heroes must do everything in their strength and join forces to save their homes, but will they be enough? 
I'll give a better summary laterbut this is good for now. so post away future fan fic'ers!

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Just Anime » Top 10 most amazing Will-power in an anime?

luffy and zoro have the most epic will power, thats a given 
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Battles » Wargreymon vs the HST

@rein: i would say thats pretty accurate
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Battles » Android 19 vs Freeza

alright so this is how it goes down, freeza in final form, battle is on namek (pre desttruction) 
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Battles » Vulcan vs The Z fighters

Goku is SSJ3, Vegeta is Majin SSJ 2, Gohan is in Mystic Form, Goten and Trunks are fused the rest at full power reached 
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General Discussion » Why my sister thinks Harems would almost NEVER work

Alright so last time i talked about how she didnt like One Piece, well now, after showing her a romantic harem(Clannad) she saids something that i actually agree with. Harems, in real life, would most likely not work. At first I asked why? Her annswer was that in real life, if a dudes only friends were girls(or mostly) they tend to turn gay., I always say that the girls are all attracted to the guy in the harem, well her answer to that was a lot of girls are attracted to gay guys, which is also true. so I thought about it and I tend to agree with this one, I mean there is an off chance it could work, but then again it ha a higher chance of failing. So what are yur thoughts on the matter? do you agree or disagree? 
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