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Battles » Yamcha (end of Z) vs Gohan (Start of Cell Saga)

@mypasswordis12345: id say ur right, because yamcha was just pathetic the whole show

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General Discussion » One Piece world has higher gravity than Earth

@ImDictatorBowDown: if there were ever multiple moons, then that means something destroyed them, and that means the moons will be mentioned sometime in the future, now whether or not this affects the gravity he probably wont mention that either, and as DHK said, the world is probably much larger than ours

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Battles » Musubi vs Iron Fist

This is a very random fight, but I was wondering how far Rand would be able to go against the Sekirei verse, so I'm making this battle.

battle takes place on top of city building

Musubi from Sekirei

I'm not sure how the whole kissing seal thing works so I'm making two rounds for this fight

1st round: No kiss from minato

2nd round: kiss

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Battles » Goku vs Thanos and Darkseid (like what the hell?)

@SMXLR8: whoever said that is a REALLY naive fanboy

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Battles » Ranma vs Iron Fist

@SpeedForceSpider: really? didnt know that, i heard ranma was really popular, but i didnt hear anything about his strength

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Battles » Ranma vs Iron Fist

I dont know much about Ranma, so this is an attempt to see if he could measure up to or even beat Iron Fist

Battle takes place on a grassy plane

morals on

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General Discussion » Vice Pit Question Thread

It seems that the HST is going to lose two of it's top manga's very soon and it begs the question: Who do you think can replace the first HST when all are finally gone?

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General Discussion » Who will become the next HST?

After seeing the end of the Bleach anime, i realized bleach's time in the manga must be coming to an end very soon, or they would have just put in a large ass filler. Naruto's time is about to end as well as we all know, its end is just around the corner. While One Piece still has ten years in the range (THANK GOD!) it got me wondering, who will take the reigns as supreme anime/manga? while many would think either Toriko or Fairy Tail would be on the list, I'm not so sure. Toriko has a very differnt art type which was part of the thing that kept me away, and it is deep into the series already, and I havent even picked it up yet! Fairy Tail has grown in popularity over the years, but its continuous talk of the power of friendship and its overuse of FANSERVICE are definitely what I think will keep it down, but what do you all think? What anime/mangas have what it takes to become the next HST?

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General Discussion » Vice Pit Question Thread

What American comics and/or movies do you believe would be the best transformed into anime/manga?

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Battles » FGT Ichigo vs Whitebeard

hes faster than whitebeard, physically stronger? no, power wise? yes, but he could possibly stop it with a quake, but still a little shaky. so he couldnt beat him in a sword fight, but he could use his FGT to win, thats pretty much it

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Battles » How much damage can DBZ/GTverse do to the Marvelverse and the DCverse?(Not together) not a verse vs verse fight

they would not be able to reach the amount of damage a skyfather in marvel could reach, or in DC's case, not as much as Superboy Prime

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Fan-Fic » Key of the Fairies Prologue


Terra was once a good man and warrior of the Keyblade. He along with his two friends Aqua and Ventus were the protectors of the seven pure lights. They were destined for greatness… until one day, another Keyblade master, Xehanort, changed their destinies forever.

Ventus was supposed to become the powerful X-blade, but instead defeated his dark side and shattered the X-blade, which in turn shattered his heart. His heart found a place in the heart of a small boy, where he would heal until the day of his return.

Terra had succumbed to darkness in his heart after the dark manipulation from Xehanort. His body became a vessel to the mad man, while his mind separated into his armor to forever hold anger towards Xehanort, and regret at the loss of his friends.

Aqua had sacrificed herself for Terra, sending him out of the dark realm so that he may escape. At the time it was Xehanort who inhabited the body, but Aqua would not let her friend be taken by darkness fully. She walks the realm of darkness, hoping one day to find a way out and back to her friends.

Terra was now floating in darkness. With the defeat of Xemnas and Ansem, Xehanort had separated from his previous host. He now drifted in the dark realm, without hope or reason to want to return. He felt he deserved this, having failed his friends and succumbing to darkness… he had failed as a Keyblade master.

It is time to return

Terra's eyes snapped open, hearing this new voice now.

"I don't have anything to return to…"

You will begin anew.

"I don't deserve to get a new start… I failed my friends."

And do you wish to be able to see them again? To be able to rectify your mistakes?

Terra remained silent this time. He honestly did want to return, but felt too ashamed to ever see his friends again. He suddenly felt something in his hand. He raised it so he could see it, and found his good luck charm that Aqua had given him.

"Aqua… Ven…"

"Alright, I'll do it. What do I have to do?"

It may be a very long time before you see your friends again… for with this new chance, you must take on a new form.

"So I'm going to get a new body?"

A new form and change is needed, but your body will still be yours. You shall come into a different world than you have known. You will unlock your powers all over again… but I warn you, the darkness still holds you… it is up to you on how it is used.

"I knew it wouldn't be that easy to get rid of it…" Terra said sadly.

You must learn to lock the darkness away, to become immune to its hold. Another wielder of the Keyblade has done it, and has walked the road to dawn. Now the decision is yours on which road you shall walk. Go and discover new powers for your Keyblade, and find the road on which you walk through new friends.

A bright light shined down on Terra, forcing him to cover his eyes. Suddenly his mind went blank and his sight became dark once again…

Terra suddenly felt an annoying nudge on his head. Something was repeatedly poking him. His body felt too weak to resist, and he couldn't quite open his eyes yet.

"I wonder if this guy is dead."

"Hey flame brain stop doing that!"

"What was that ice stripper?!"

The Keyblader was now confused. He tried to focus less on the people and more on moving. He could hear the boys had broken out into a fight for no reason, so they most likely didn't see him begin to stir. He sat up slightly shaking his head, looking to the boys who had found him. Both were small, probably four or five years younger than Ven was (the last time he saw him). The first boy had pink hair and a white scarf around his neck, while the other one had dark black/bluish hair and wore only boxers. He was going to question them until a harsh sounding woman yelled loudly.

"NATSU, GRAY! Are you two still fighting?!" Said a red haired girl. She looked maybe two or three years older than the two boys. They suddenly tensed up and pretended to hug each other.

"H-hey Erza, we were j-just looking at this dead guy." The blue haired one said, pointing at Terra, and the other boy shouting "Aye sir!" The two boys looked at him in shock when they finally noticed he was awake.

"Oh crap he's alive!" The boys shouted; with Terra only sweat dropping in response. The girl named Erza shook her head and hit the boys.

"I apologize for these two and how they act. Are you alright?" She asked.

"Thanks, I'm ok. I just have a slight-

He stopped himself after hearing his own voice. It sounded high pitch like when he was a kid. He looked around for some sort of mirror or reflection, and found a puddle of water. He rushed to it and looked at himself in shock… He was no older than thirteen! He had de-aged by at least 7 years! He knew that he said a new form, but hadn't guessed this. He was wearing a gray t-shirt; his armored shoulder was still there though. He looked down to see blue jeans and black sneakers. He was speechless to say the least. Erza approached him from behind and tapped his shoulder.

"Are you alright? Supposedly these boys found you unconscious. If it turns out they did it, I can gladly punish them for you." She said, giving a cold stare to Natsu and Gray, who sweated profusely.

"I-I'm ok just… a little tired. They didn't do anything." He said shaking his head. The boys sighed in relaxation.

"So what happened to you?"

"Nothing bad I guess… in fact you could probably say it was good." He said smiling. He stood up and stretched his body.

"What are you going to do from here?" She asked again, he only shrugged.

"I guess just look around. I'm not from around these parts, so I have to find a place to stay. Thank you for your concern." He said, but this made the three frown.

"That will not do, we can't just leave you like that." Erza said sternly, surprising him.

"That's alright; I don't want to impose-

"You will come with us to Fairy Tail, so we can ask Master about an arrangement for you." Erza commanded more than asked. Terra sweat dropped and looked to the boys who shook their heads, telling him he didn't really have a choice in the matter.

"Well if you say so." He said rubbing his head. She nodded and turned away, motioning for him to follow her. The other two boys, still locked in a hug, followed after. Terra let out a small chuckle as he watched them.

"By the way, I'm Natsu!" Said the pink haired boy who smiled brightly.

"That's right, we never introduced ourselves. I'm Erza."

"I'm Gray."

"Terra." He said happily. He wasn't sure what he was getting himself into following them, but he would soon find out.

To be continued in…

Key of the Fairies

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Battles » The Spectre Vs Lelouch (Special OP)

theres a difference between gods and God. now I'm not sure linking a comic book God to the real God is ok, but if thats who he is supposed to be the force of, then lelouch is going to die painfully

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Monkey D. Luffy » Nami or Boa?

neither, not nami because its like a brother and sister thing, not boa because... well i in general just dont believe luffy would be good in a relationship. i honestly like it that he doesnt pay attention to women like that, a lot of characters become annoying when they act like A. Love struck fools or B. big perverts. its usually one or the other, with a small middle ground. i feel as if his character just belongs to the single party, his nakama are the only family he really needs

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Battles » Team Word of God vs Franklin Richards

@taichokage: im talking about the recent one who took on the celestials

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Battles » Team Word of God vs Franklin Richards


Kurogiri Satsuki

Aureolus Izzard

Eucliwood Hellscythe

Jesse Custer

Adult Franklin

apparently the team is a bunch of reality warpers, so lets see them up against one of the ultimate reality warpers

battle takes place on desolate planet

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Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai » Genryuusai has just become this threads Future!

and just when you think his powers couldnt change anymore, he goes and summons the F**KING DEAD!

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Battles » Madara Uchiha vs Riku

@Stingerrain: as strong as riku is, he hasnt shown that kind of power, madaras got a lot in his arsenal

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Battles » zoro vs kenpachi (stamina fight)

kenpachi can take some shit, so im not underestimating him in this but id say zoro wins by a small margin, because we've seen him tank much more damage than kenpachi has been shown to take in blunt and cutting damage, not much energy attacks save for the laser from kizaru he tanked once

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Battles » Kenpachi and Yamamoto vs Toriko

@SpeedForceSpider: im not in this conversation but when i saw that pic i literally LOL'D XD but yeah he is dead weight, and on the small amount of info we do know about yammamotos bankai is pretty much all we need to know for it to be enough to beat toriko

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