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Lucy Heartfilia » Is Lucy a Mary Sue Character?

I usually dont give Lucy much thought, finding her to be a stereotypical anime heroin that only tends to get on my nerves. But after reading some chapters I gave the mage a bit of thought and... almost EVERYTHING about her screams Mary Sue, an unoriginal, weak girl who will (most likely) fall in love with the main character of the story... She lost a lot of points with me when I thought about this thoroughly. At least with Nami's case she has more character, sure she's got the whole weak thing going on, but she's been much more useful in One Piece than Lucy has in FT. Her character is much less stereotypical than Lucy's, it was also the reason I didnt like Vivi at all, but i digress

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@ohgodwhy: i know it was an accident, but the moderators dont seem to want to move it haha

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damn... I dont care what kind of durability feats somebody has, you get stabbed in the heart you are dead... poor monet :I I thought she would last longer
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Battles » Pain vs Barragan

barragan stomps, his hax beats pain hax

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Battles » Kizaru vs Ulqiuorra

@Stingerrain: it wouldnt because it turns out that even an island busting explosion doesnt affect his intangibility, as seen in film Z

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Battles » Kizaru vs Ulqiuorra

Battle takes place in marine ford,

intangibility on

ulqy in his final form

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Fan-Fic » Protector of Monsters Chapter 1

Fitting in

Skaar was not happy.

Not. At. All.

The first thing he gets when arriving is a red headed woman barking off his ear about a little comment he made. Vampires must have been very petty. She went on about how her race was superior to all, she was royalty, and many other things Skaar really didn't care about. He had been growling quietly in anger for the whole time she talked, but obviously she hadn't heard him. She stopped after a while, for reasons Skaar neither knew nor cared for, only happy that she was quiet.

"So… why are you gray?" Kokoa asked curiously, finally wondering about the hulk himself.

"I was born that way, got a problem with that?" Skaar said rudely, in no mood to make small talk.

"Geez so touchy." She said pushing her hair out of her eyes.

"You're saying that to me?" Skaar mentally growled.

"Fine then, why is your hair so long?" She questioned to change subjects.

"Because it reminds me of home." Skaar said plainly, trying to walk ahead of her. She wondered what he meant, but before she could question again he was already far ahead of her.

"Hey where are you going, wait up!" Kokoa said jogging to catch up to him. Skaar groaned in frustration.

"Why do you keep following me?" Skaar asked bluntly, getting tired of her.

"Hey is that anyway to act around someone who's trying to be friendly?" Kokoa said in anger taking a step in front of him and getting in his face. Skaar tried to step by her but she blocked him.

"Do you wanna move or do I have to make you?" Skaar said menacingly.

"I'd like to see you try." Kokoa sneered.

"Trust me, no you don't." Skaar said narrowing his eyes. Suddenly the two heard someone screaming, turning to see a brown haired boy being chased around by a porcupine like animal.

"Heeeeelp!" He screamed. Suddenly it jumped on his head and was about to clamp onto the boys head. Kokoa ran to go help him, as was Skaar for a moment before stopping and smirking. It was the perfect chance to lose the red haired annoyance. He began to walk away towards the school, now having a chance to take it in. It was larger than he expected, but then again he didn't know what most schools looked like.

"So you're finally here huh bub?" He heard a voice from behind, revealing to be Logan.

"At least someone has to suffer here with me." Skaar said smirking. Logan rolled his eyes.

"I'm a teacher already, this isn't gonna be so foreign for me." Logan said taking a sip of coffee.

"Yeah well good for you, while I'm stuck playing school kid with a bunch of morons." Skaar said with a lot of venom in his voice.

"Will it kill you to try and get along with some other kids?" Logan said with a raised eyebrow.

"It might. I'd rather be in the savage land where I'm allowed to smash whatever I want." Skaar said deadpanning.

"Yeah well here you can actually socialize with something that isn't a dinosaur." Logan said trying to get him used to the idea. "Look kid, complaining about it won't make it any easier. Stick through it, we'll find whatever it is Rogers is having us look for, and then we're gone."

Skaar was silent for a moment before grunting in acceptance.

"Good, now here's your schedule and room key. You'll need these to get through the school." Logan said handing him the paper and key. Skaar nodded silently, getting ready to go to the first year ceremony.

"By the way, I got you a little present in your room." Logan said smirking at the young hulk. Skaar raised an eyebrow in question but was suddenly hit in the head by a bag.

"Hey you jerk, ditching me like that!" Kokoa said in anger. He glared at her almost ready to change into his hulk form. Logan's amused smile wasn't helping the situation.

"Maybe if you didn't keep barking my ear off, I wouldn't have." Skaar said growling.

"Maybe if you weren't so damn rude, I wouldn't!" Kokoa returned. The two came face to face, growling at each other. Suddenly the school bell rang, telling them the ceremony was about to start. Kokoa made a "hmph" sound as she turned away.

"Just hurry up and come on before we're late!" Kokoa said running ahead of him. Logan walked up to Skaar and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm impressed, only here for two minutes and you got a cute girlfriend." Logan said teasingly.

"Shut up or I'll rip your arms off, and she's not my girlfriend." Skaar hissed out. Logan chuckled and began to leave.

"I'll see you around bub; you've got me for your homeroom." Logan said waving to him as he left. Skaar scoffed and shook his head. This was going to be a long year.

Skaar sat bored in the ceremony, waiting to get out as soon as possible. Kokoa hadn't said much when he arrived, but she had saved him a seat. When it was all over the two walked the halls headed to class, although Kokoa had other plans.

"So… I wanted to go see someone first so I'm not going to class." Kokoa said quietly. Skaar was uninterested.

"Then go ahead."

"Ok then… later." She said beginning to leave slowly.

"See you."

"You're still here."

"I know shut up!"

"So go."

"What is it?" Skaar growled, knowing she was waiting for him to say something.

"Do you wanna go with me?"


"Ok then…"

"Alright then. Goodbye."

"Just come on."

"What? No!"

"Shut up and come on!" Kokoa said grabbing his arm and tugging him along. He groaned in annoyance, pulling his arm out of her grip. He decided to just go along with it so she would stop annoying him.

"Whatever, this better not be a waste of time." Skaar muttered.

"It won't kill you to go along Skippy." Kokoa teased at his name.

"Shut up chocolate girl." He said rolling his eyes. She growled but ignored his words. Finally they came to a stop in front of a class.

"She has this class." Kokoa said quietly as she opened the door. Inside were some older people, mostly girls. A blue haired girl walked up to the two.

"Hi there! Are you guys lost in the school?"

"No, we're just looking around. I know someone in this class but I don't think they're here yet." Kokoa said, acting like a sweet girl. Skaar raised an eyebrow at her sudden change in personality.

"Oh well you can stay here until they get here! I'm Kurumu, nice to meet you!"

"Oh thank you. I was looking forward to meeting her soon." Kokoa said, striking up a conversation with the succubus. Skaar smirked at her, finding her acting quite amusing.

"She sure knows how to play someone."

Suddenly he felt a cold presence behind him. He turned around to see a purple haired woman staring at him.

"Something wrong?" Skaar asked with a suspicious glare. She shook her head and looked at Kokoa.

"You both are first years right?" She asked quietly.


"Is she your girlfriend?"


"I see." She said twirling a lollipop in her mouth. He found her to be quite… eerie. Another girl came from behind her. She was smaller and younger than Skaar was and was dressed in a ridiculous outfit.

"Hi there, I'm Yukari! What's your name desu?" She introduced herself.

"Skip." Skaar said, still getting mentally used to the name. Suddenly the door opened with a slam, and a pink haired girl and the boy from earlier walking through.

"Moka, Tsukune! Look at these first years that came to our class!" Kurumu said pointing at Kokoa and Skaar. He saw Kokoa smirk and stand up.

"I can't believe you're here Moka. It must be destiny, ne?" Kokoa said approaching the girl.

"You knew she'd be here though." Skaar thought as he scoffed, smelling the lie. The girl, Moka, took a step in front of the boy as to protect him.

"Don't be in such a hurry, but don't worry. I won't hurt the meal from earlier." Kokoa said, picking up a table, something Skaar raised an eyebrow to. Suddenly Kokoa jumped at Moka attacking her with it.

"Now please DIIIIEEEE Moka!" Kokoa shouted as she tried to hit Moka with the table. Skaar widened his eyes in surprise but smirked.

"At least there's a little action after all." Skaar said watching her tear the place apart. He figured that he should do something, but really didn't want to. Might as well enjoy the show. He really wished he had some popcorn.

"What is she doing?! Can you stop her?" Yukari shouted, looking at Skaar who shook his head.

"Nah, don't want to." Skaar said simply, making the girls fall over comically.

"I'll beat you Moka, because I'm the best!" Kokoa shouted happily, continuing her attack. Tsukune pushed Moka out of the way, getting hit in the head by the table. Blood covered his head, making Skaar chuckle slightly.

"I think he's dead." Skaar said nonchalantly.

"Tsukune!" The girls yelled, ignoring his words. Kokoa bent over Tsukune to examine him.

"Are you ok?" She asked, but then sniffed his blood and went down to lick it. Kurumu acted out in anger, picking up a table and hitting Kokoa with it, making Skaar laugh again and smile teasingly at Kokoa.

"You got owned." He said smirking at her. She growled as she rose up, ignoring Skaar's comment.

"How dare you." Kokoa growled out, preparing to fight again. Kurumu was about ready to fight again, but Moka stopped her.

"Wait please don't hurt her, she's my sister!" Moka screamed out; shocking all of those in the room, save for Skaar who merely raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Kokoa chuckled, picking up her bag and her bat pet landing on her shoulder.

"There are too many hindrances here; we'll continue this another time. Make sure to release your true self so we can fight. See ya sis." Kokoa said, beginning to leave. "Let's go Skippy."

"Don't tell me what to do." Skaar said back to his irritated state as she ordered him. He followed her out, keeping quiet as they went.

"At least it wasn't a complete waste of time." Skaar said, making Kokoa turn back to him in question.

"I got to see a cool fight. And here I thought you were all bark. Guess you got a little bite." Skaar said smirking. She had a slight blush she shook off before turning her head.

"Sh-shut up."

"You're still annoying though."

"And you're still very rude." She said with a huff. Skaar rolled his eyes, letting the conversation die.

"But thanks for coming with me…" Kokoa said quietly.

"Not like I really had a choice." He said quietly. She let his words pass, now still focusing on the fight ahead.

Yet again Kokoa had dragged the young Sakaarian along to where she wanted. Moka had reached out to her sister, saying that she was ready to fight. Skaar could tell she was very weak, and didn't know why she would bother taking Kokoa's challenge. At the moment, he could tell that Kokoa had quite some strength, even though compared to his other self she was weak. It was even worse for her sister.

"Do you really think she'll come?" Skaar asked, getting bored of waiting.

"Yeah, she's no coward…" Kokoa said quietly. Skaar looked at her in wonder for a moment, trying to figure out what she was thinking before giving up and leaning against his hand. After some time they saw Moka arrive.

"Well she showed up, now hurry up and beat her before I decide to leave." Skaar said, making the younger vampire growl at him.

"Just you wait and see, I'll make her come out." Kokoa said, more to herself than Skaar.

"Make her come out?" Skaar thought with a raised eyebrow. He watched as the two began to fight, it was very well stacked in Kokoa's favor. She had morphed her bat into a giant mace, surprising Skaar slightly.

"Oh no, she actually might kill Moka!" Tsukune said, arriving at Skaar's side.

"I figured since it's her sister she wouldn't try to kill her at least." Kurumu said in fear for her friend.

"Hah, yeah right." Skaar said scoffing at their claims. They all looked to him in question.

"What do you mean?" Yukari asked.

"She doesn't have it in her to kill her sister, no matter how much she throws that mace around like an untrained monkey." Skaar said keeping his eyes on the fight.

"How do you know that?" Mizore asked him quietly.

"She doesn't have the eyes of a killer." Skaar answered simply. Kurumu rolled her eyes.

"You can tell if she can kill by her eyes?" Kurumu said doubtfully.

"Yes. Killers have a look to them, no matter how they act. There is no disguise that can hide that look." Skaar answered them. They all began to sweat, finding Skaar to be a little scary. Finally Kokoa had Moka on the ground, the mace over her head.

"It looks like you win Kokoa…" Moka said, sweating from the close encounter. Kokoa was quiet for a moment until a tear began to fall from her eyes.

"Why… why are you holding back Moka?" Kokoa said sadly, her eyes welling up. Skaar groaned in frustration. He knew all along she had some sort of complex for her sister.

He watched as the group of friends gave a large speech about how Kokoa was after Moka for leaving her when she was little. For some reason, Skaar had a feeling that wasn't right, but couldn't place why. Suddenly Skaar's suspicions were confirmed when Kokoa lashed out at them.

"I knew it, you don't understand! None of you understand!" Kokoa shouted, swinging her mace at the group.

"Geez at least when I tried to kill my father, I didn't cry like a brat about it." Skaar said boredly.

"Friends?! You think I want to be friends with you all? I hate people like you!" Kokoa said, getting ready to bury Moka into the ground with her mace. Suddenly Skaar saw a pink light radiate off of Moka before the mace hit, and it stopped in mid air.

"Do you really hate me like that Kokoa?" They all heard a voice, one similar to Moka's but much deeper than before. Skaar's eyes widened in surprise as he saw that Moka had changed now, her hair now silver instead of pink and her eyes red and slitted. He chuckled lowly as he looked at her.

"This must be what that annoying vampire was waiting for.

"Know your place!" Moka shouted as she kicked Kokoa hard into the air and landing hard into the ground. Skaar was shocked by her sudden change in strength, and assumed that it was similar to how he changed into his hulk form.

"… I'd still tear her apart." Skaar thought with a scoff. Kokoa rose from where she had fallen, an aura seeming to come off of her.

"I knew she wouldn't go down with that." Moka said preparing herself. Kokoa approached her slowly.

"Ooo…one-chan!" Kokoa shouted as she happily jumped on Moka and into a hug. Skaar, Tsukune and everyone else were dumbfounded.

"Whaaaat?" They shouted. Skaar jumped to his feet, terribly disappointed by this.

"How pathetic, I'm leaving." Skaar said, leaving the group who were still too confused to say anything to him. He found his room, finally able to get some rest and peace away from Kokoa. He opened the door with a sigh, finding a nice little room. He didn't really care for it, but it would do for a living space.

"Finally…" He said lying down on the bed and sighing. He looked around the room slowly, and found something large covered in cloth and a piece of paper on top labeled 'For Skaar'. He got up and went over and smiled to see that it was his favorite sword. He took the note and opened it.

'Figured you would want something you're familiar with, bub. Don't kill the students with it. Logan.'

"Heh thanks fur ball." He said quietly as he picked up his sword and looked it over. This year might not be as bad as he thought.

To be continued…

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Obito Uchiha » Wow Obito you are so... lame!

@Toxin45: that wasnt the point though, the point is that once his intangibility has been neutralized, he cant take crap for damage. kakashi doesnt even have superstrength and he was getting aired out by his punches. if kakashi was smart he would have done a lightning blade to finish him off.

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Battles » Sanji & Natsu Dragneel Vs Gray Fullbuster & Roronoa Zoro

natsu and gray get stomped no matter what version we use, its pretty much a sanji vs zoro fight in which we all know zoro wins.

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Battles » Hollow Ichigo vs Priscilla

this seems like a much fairer fight.

hollow ichigo who fought ulquiorra

current priscilla

battle is in hueco mundo

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Battles » White Beard (One Piece) vs Hideyoshi Toyotomi

toyotomi is pretty strong, in fact I'd say he is on level with WB, but whitebeard has more destructive power. sure hideyoshi can tank his first few quakes but whitebeard would get more than a few in. they have similar strength if not WB stronger (deflected a giants blow with one arm and threw another with one arm) the problem would be how long the battle takes. if WB is in his old state he might not be able to finish him off, if its in his prime he can win it

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Battles » Raikage Vs Vergo

@Haofan123: thats diamond, and you have to hit it in the right place. while it has the hardness of diamond, it has the substance of stone so its not in the same category as it

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Battles » Raikage Vs Vergo

@othus12: damn, then vergo hella strong haha!

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Battles » Raikage Vs Vergo

@othus12: its not really stronger than diamond is it? I never heard that

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Battles » Raikage Vs Vergo

vergo i think

@MisterShin: im pretty sure the whole thing is, he smacked luffy with it and brused him during the war saga

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Battles » Jellal vs. Jura

@GIRUGAMESH: i think he was more dissapointed that it didnt even get used, confused at what happened lol but still im not sure who would win. technically we havent seen him all out yet, and he was beating jellal most of the fight

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Fan-Fic » Protector of Monsters Prologue


Skaar stared out of the window of the bus, sighing at his current predicament. Sent on a mission to protect… a school? Is that really Avenger business? Well if they were sending him, apparently it was.

Earlier that day…

"You want me to do what?" Skaar asked, unbelieving of the words that came from Captain America himself. He had been called to Avengers Tower by Steve Rogers. When he arrived there, his father Bruce Banner and Logan, aka Wolverine had been waiting for him.

"I know this sound a little… farfetched, son. But this is a serious matter. We need someone on the inside and… you fit the bill." Steve Rogers said trying to work it out for the young hulk.

"You won't be going alone; I'll be going in with you to help out bub." Wolverine said, although didn't sound very excited himself.

"What is it there that's so important?" Skaar asked still indifferent about the situation.

"The owner and headmaster of the school, Mikogami, 'the Exorcist', have asked us to send someone to help in case contact with Fairy Tale, a monster extremist group, and help defend his school."

"What do the Avengers care about one school, even if it is for monsters?" Skaar said speaking the truth.

"While the safety of the school is a concern, it's more about taking down Fairy Tale. They've become a global threat, but we've lost track of them lately. We trust that you and Logan have what it takes to get us the information we need on them." Rogers explained, being more frank about their agenda.

"And until we get this information you want me too…?" Skaar said, much more impatient now as he knew the answer. Rogers sighed.

"We would like you to attend the school and keep a low profile while there."

"I'm a hulk; you really think the other guy cares about keeping a low profile?" Skaar said scoffing at the thought.

"That's why we want you to stay in human form as much as you can unless it's unavoidable."

Skaar growled in frustration.

"Why me specifically? You have other teen 'heroes' you can send." Skaar said unconvinced with why he was picked.

"Your father and Logan recommended you over our other team members because you can act smartly on your own, and can handle any threat thrown at you while there." Rogers said. Skaar sniffed the air and narrowed his eyes.

"That may not be a lie, but it's not the whole truth." Skaar said suspicious. Logan chuckled and looked at Bruce. "You're kids as intuitive as ever, Bruce. I'll leave the rest to you fella's. I gotta go in early, I'll see you there bub." Logan said saluting them as he left. Rogers looked at Banner and nodded, and taking his leave himself. "I'll leave you two to it then."

"What's going on dad?" Skaar asked bluntly looking at his father. Bruce sighed and took a knee next to Skaar.

"I figured that a mission to a school might make things easier for you to accept but… I'll be straight with you. I want you to have a life outside of… well being a hulk. To be normal for once. Easiest way to do that is to attend school." Bruce explained, making Skaar scoff.

"A school for monsters doesn't really sound like a 'normal' life if you ask me." Skaar said with the roll of his eyes.

"It's the closest to normal you our family can get." Bruce said with a sad smile. "Look son… after what happened to Lyra at her school, I knew that putting you in regular school was never going to work. This was a rare chance to seize."

"I'd rather be here, working on a mission, not wasting my time at some school for miscreants." Skaar said indifferently.

"I know you would, but technically it is a mission. Just give it a chance, make some friends. Try to make something good out of it." Bruce said. Skaar sighed deeply and gave a small smile.

"Ok dad."


Skaar, to say the least, was still not happy about going. Mission or not, this was going to be a waste of time. Maybe while he's there, he would find a challenge for a fight, but then again… He was Skaar, son of Hulk. What monsters could stand up to him?

Suddenly the bus stopped, and Skaar looked around.

"Are we here?" He asked the bus driver, who shook his head. Skaar thought that the driver was trying to ne intimidating, but of course that wouldn't work with him.

"Nope, we got another kid to pick up." He said tapping his cigar. The bus doors opened, and a red haired girl with pig tails walked in. She took a seat a couple rows in front of Skaar. He looked at her with one eye lazily, but then turned his attention back to the outside window. The bus started up again and began to move.

It was silent in the bus again, something Skaar was happy about. He didn't feel like socializing, despite what his father asked him.

"So… are you a freshman too?" He heard the girl say, and realized the question was directed at him. He sighed and turned his eyes to the girl, who was now only a seat away after moving.

"Yeah." He said shortly. She waited for him to say more, to ask her something at least. Instead he remained silent.

"Me too, I'm Kokoa Shuzen." She said introducing herself. Skaar knew he was supposed to introduce himself now, making him inwardly groan.

"I'm Ska- I mean… Skip. Skip Banner." He said. The red head stared for a moment before chuckling.

"Wow really, Skip? That's a funny name." She said continuing to chuckle. Skaar narrowed his eyes and growled, turning back to the window.

"Says the girl named off of chocolate." Skaar said with a smug smirk. She stopped laughing and puffed up her cheeks in anger.

"Hey, don't make fun of my name! I come from a noble blood line of vampires, show some respect!" Kokoa said with a huff. Skaar chuckled again.

"Whatever you say coco." Skaar said with a smug smirk once again.

"It's Kokoa! Say it right!" She said nearly shouting at him. He merely rolled his eyes.

"Stupid vampire." He muttered, making her growl in anger.

"Hey you two, we've arrived." The bus rider said, chuckling at their little conversation. Kokoa looked at Skaar with puffed cheeks, but then turned away with a huff. The son of hulk rolled his eyes and began to walk out towards the door.

"Fair warning kid, this school can be a dangerous and scary place." The bus driver said to the two, making them pause for a moment. Kokoa raised an eyebrow, but then Skaar began to chuckle darkly.

"Trust me, I'm the most dangerous thing at this school from now on." He said smirking confidently. Kokoa gulped for a moment, thinking she was looking at someone terribly scary. She shook it off and scoffed.

"Coming from the kid named Skip." She muttered, smirking smugly at him from the side. He frowned and walked in front of her.

"Shut up chocolate girl."

"Hey what did you just call me?!" Kokoa shouted from his back, but Skaar decided to ignore her and kept walking.

"This is gonna be one annoying year." Skaar growled mentally as he kept on walking, with the vampire following behind.

To be continued…

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Battles » will goku battle real gods in movie?

@SpeedForceSpider: after watching that, should we consider enel on DBZ level?? xD

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Battles » Redbird's Swordsman Tournament

@redbird3rdboywonder: Well he still retains his natural super strength... but if it takes that away then not sure lol! also when you said murumasa blade i was thinking of the marvel one which stops healing factors xD

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader

soooo basically everyone who sucks are allowed everyone else isnt? lol!

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