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 This is a forum about anime characters who deserve new starts to change there ways in life, so what you must do is find another anime and put that character in there hands until they're grown up. some characters just need some love from a family to change the way they live there lives. so who can come up with new beginnings for some characters? for example ill do Lucy and from Elfen Lied, the place ill put her: in One Piece with Luffy and Ace(post Sabo's death) she will be the same age as Luffy meaning 7 y/o. 
Luffy, Ace and Lucy 
Lucy loses so much control of her power that she opens a portal to another world and is sucked in. Luffy and Ace find her lying on the ground and wonder who she is and how she got there. she is unable to use her vectors because of the universe jump and just sits there even though Luffy and Ace are right there. Luffy decides to try and cheer her up and become her friend but Ace is more reluctant to this feeling a strange vibe coming from her, but Luffy thinks shes alright. when Luffy reaches out his hand she turns away not trusting either of them. luffy doesn't give up and every day that passes he comes to try and talk to her, seeing this Ace decides to try as well. this goes on for weeks and Luffy and Ace haven't given up. finally she begins to trust them and gives them her other name, Lucy(since her names kaede) and the boys are both happy to see a reaction and gradually after time become closer. after a while they make her they're sister the way they became brothers. will she be a better person growing up with Ace and Luffy? what will she do if she gets her vectors back? can she learn to love these two like brothers? 
this is what your story should look like. you can also respond to other stories and rate and/or comment on them. was mine good enough? i hope so 
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