Jigoku_Hasaiki (Level 4)

It is not my body that destroys my opponents it is my fighting spirit
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  • Name: Jigoku Hasaiki

  • Aliases: Warlord Of Flames, The Flurry Of Echoes, The Shadow Demon, Hells Eternal Fighter, Raging Tiger, One Thousand Scars Jigoku, Taurus, The Salvage Bull. (Younger Days) The Hermit, The Aura Sage, One Who Follows The Saint Fist (Older Years)
  • Age: 120
  • Age Appearance: 40's (Due to inhuman ki control and excellent conditioning)
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: White
  • Height: 6"4
  • Weight: 355lbs
  • Build: Muscular/Athletic
  • Occupation: None (Life dedicated towards training and raising his son)
  • Former Occupation: Soldier, Assassin.
  • Birthplace: Kiri no Shima (Island of Mist) Japan
  • Nationality: Japanese/Chinese
  • Parents: Daer Long (Father) Mikumo Hasaiki (Mother)
  • Family: Pepper (Wife) Seishiro (Son)


In his early days as a youth of The Mist Clan, Jigoku was a rather hot headed yet extremely talented youngster. All he wanted to do was train to become strong and learn new and exiting techniques. Never seeing the advantages in patience and meditation. He was reckless and allowed his heart to overthrow his mind. Through this his masters would often stop his training or discipline him, but the young Jigoku would often find away to escape and train. He was also curious about the world and would go on many adventures across the mist island, finding many secrets. A trait which has passed to his own son.
As he got older, Jigoku still remained stubborn and followed a quest to become the worlds greatest fighter, but he was much more relaxed, He began to notice the values of meditation and clearing ones mind before entering a battle. Though Jigoku was known as a devil who rarley showed mercy to his opponents, he was salvage and had a dark side, due to the Akuma gene which lay inside him. All Jigoku wanted was to become stronger than everyone else. Still Jigoku even then had an incredible sense of honour. He never picked fights unless it was against an opponent he found worthy. He would also not fight against an injured or sick opponent, preferring to fight someone at full strength. He would also not fight children or in the presence of a child.
As he got older Jigoku began to calm much more, after his fight against Gyll and discovering the Saint Fist, Jigoku was able to do what no one else has done, supress the Akuma gene and turn it into an aura of good. Since metting his wife and the birth of his son, Jigoku no longer scares people, instead he emits an aura which draws nature towards him. He loves to drink and acts goofy, especially around Shiro. Still in battle and during training he emits a frightening aura.


Youth Saga
Jigoku_Hasaiki Stats
Date Joined: May 20, 2010
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #9299 of 46,735
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