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Nobodys ON here anymore...did they die, or is it because of the time I get on here?
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Last night, I made a big decision that probably might change my life. I was laying in bed thinking about all the groups and catergories of christianity, and how people say how it's so uneeded and I agree. NOT saying that I'm an atheist, I'm saying, that I refuse to place myself under a catergory under christianity. Because well, the bible doesn't say to be a christian or be a catholic, it just simply says "believe in God, serve him, praise and worship him". It does not exactly say to follow christianity. In, the bible days, before people invented "religion", you were just a saint, as far as I know. And besides, christianity already has a bad name. It does. Like seriously, it does.  
The reason for this decision is because, 
1. I want to live LIKE I'm supposed to 
2. AND I want to live for christ seriously. 
Another thing is, the EXTREME-ism.  
I swear, if I see another DUMBASS comment.... 
I might post more, but I gotta go. AND SHARE THIS. I wanna see other peoples opinion. 
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