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Nobodys ON here anymore...did they die, or is it because of the time I get on here?
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Last night, I made a big decision that probably might change my life. I was laying in bed thinking about all the groups and catergories of christianity, and how people say how it's so uneeded and I agree. NOT saying that I'm an atheist, I'm saying, that I refuse to place myself under a catergory under christianity. Because well, the bible doesn't say to be a christian or be a catholic, it just simply says "believe in God, serve him, praise and worship him". It does not exactly say to follow christianity. In, the bible days, before people invented "religion", you were just a saint, as far as I know. And besides, christianity already has a bad name. It does. Like seriously, it does.  
The reason for this decision is because, 
1. I want to live LIKE I'm supposed to 
2. AND I want to live for christ seriously. 
Another thing is, the EXTREME-ism.  
I swear, if I see another DUMBASS comment.... 
I might post more, but I gotta go. AND SHARE THIS. I wanna see other peoples opinion. 
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A few months ago, things were not going well for me and I fell into a deep depression. I was starting to cut myself, I almost wnet on the verge on taking pills, wich I've done before at 11. I decided that i was going to take my own life, when my friend, Emily, came up to me with a smile. She asked me what was wrong, like I looked depressed. I was silent for a moment. Then I broke down and told her. She sat there and listened to me and never critizized me. In fact she went through the same thing. Except she stuck needles in her arm. She left her friends, sat alone. She was basically was going through the same fazes. No one ever talked to her about it, and she felt quite alone. She said she didn't want to see a friend go through what she did, and that comforted me. You know it's pretty relieving to know that someone actually knows where your going. It's way better than sitting through guidance. They know nothing about what your saying
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Ah, we all remember Glitter, right? With the talented Mariah *married to a guy named cannon* Carrie playing as a girl from a foster home who wants to be a famous singer.Too bad that movie is kinda...... off. The acting is a little bit horrendous, but it the singing is great, since Mariah Carrie is a talented singer with a strong voice, but I kind of feel like I dunno, that it was an excuse for her to sing her lungs out. The performances fall flat, the plot is kinda cliche, but just alittle bit , and I feel like I was wasting my time and dying at the same time. Basically the only good thing about this is the singing and for the guys, the hot outfits. This movie gets quarter of a half of five stars and gets a fifteen percent on the MovieRadar.  
Basically what i'm trying to say: When you see this movie, avoid eye contact or else you will feel dead inside. (Or at least I did) Gimme some feed back.
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I am pretty sure many of you do not know her or remember but this is my favorite singer. She first came out before I was born, but i recomend you watch this then tell me what ya think!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


RIP BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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