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Nobodys ON here anymore...did they die, or is it because of the time I get on here?
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Ah, we all remember Glitter, right? With the talented Mariah *married to a guy named cannon* Carrie playing as a girl from a foster home who wants to be a famous singer.Too bad that movie is kinda...... off. The acting is a little bit horrendous, but it the singing is great, since Mariah Carrie is a talented singer with a strong voice, but I kind of feel like I dunno, that it was an excuse for her to sing her lungs out. The performances fall flat, the plot is kinda cliche, but just alittle bit , and I feel like I was wasting my time and dying at the same time. Basically the only good thing about this is the singing and for the guys, the hot outfits. This movie gets quarter of a half of five stars and gets a fifteen percent on the MovieRadar.  
Basically what i'm trying to say: When you see this movie, avoid eye contact or else you will feel dead inside. (Or at least I did) Gimme some feed back.
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